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10 sports books that will make you better. Books and motivation.

Spanish writer Alessandro Bararyko said: “The book looks like a refrigerator – you open it and enjoy that it is complete. And you need to consume the contents of the book, respectively – at night, in pajamas, in full solitude! “. It is not important for us where and how you will read our selection, but we are exactly sure that you will find something suitable for yourself.

Magic morning. How the beginning of the day can change your whole life. trophies

The easiest way to transform life is to take control of your morning. Only one hour before breakfast can help you lose weight, pump up the press, write a book or learn a foreign language. In the “magic morning”, an expert for personal effectiveness and management of Laura Vantsov, analyzed the routine of the day of many successful people and wrote a book in which it tells in detail what habits help to achieve success. This book is for those who:

– Infinitely translates the alarm “for another five minutes”;

– Can not find time on really important things;

– I would like to do more and better;

– looking for a balance between work and personal life.

Chicken broth for the soul. Create yourself anew.

Nothing motivates so much as real success stories. And it does not matter what we say: Financial well-being, a healthy lifestyle or some other personal achievements. No trainings and workshops are not able to give such a push forward, like unreasonable biographies of other people who managed!

After all, when you see how many people could change themselves and their world, faith wakes up in their own strength.

100 stories about the fight against overweight in the book are told by ordinary people: everything they experienced, trying to bring themselves in shape. Small motivational secrets from other people’s lives have already helped millions of people around the world take a step towards a healthy, taut and beautiful body.

You can move to this gradually, small steps, like Douglas Brown. He was denied life insurance because of 40 kilograms of excess weight. This made him act. He began with simple: every day climbed the stairs to the fourth floor to his workplace.

Gradually, he managed to make serious changes to the system, add to this workout, so now his health and well-being is much better than at the beginning of the way.

It is possible to discharge and indulge in their weaknesses like Rebecca Hill. She participated once in the video of the fitness exercises, which was held in the Hawaiian Islands. Other participants, touched and slender, were advocates of a healthy lifestyle, and Rebecca was terribly shy for the fact that in the evenings, she orders themselves in the Chizburger Room.

Therefore, in the morning, she slowly put an empty tray to someone else’s doors. And always after that – to return “in a king”, to understand your own mistakes and forgive them as Kimberly Hatmacher. She describes how in the last couple of years she lost ten kilograms: “Every time I put very modest tasks in front of me, and it helped me calmly, we move forward forward without jerks and regularly defeat little victories for a long time.” Forward, to victories over yourself!

Football in comics.

“Championship of contrasts” – so nicknamed foreign media over the World Cup. “He ruined the textbook of football traditions, when some of the favorites, Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina, flew out at an early stage,” writes CNBC. To understand the essence and scale of the latest events, it is useful to contact the origins and trace exactly how football has become the phenomenal force that for a while united people from all over the world and forced them to forget about politics? “Football in comics” is stories about heroes and villains, victories and lesions, won trophies and stolen cups, about leaders – both ingenious and mediocre. It is thanks to them with football looks like we know him.

Trended through comics in the spirit of the 90s Football Story will hit you no less than the final match France – Croatia!

Here you will find answers to questions that did not even think to ask before: What did Garrinchi dog? Why Peter Birdsley did not change the hairstyle for more than 30 years? What would be the world if the goal of Jeffrey Hirst was recognized as invalid?

How much would you get pleasure by spending a weekend in a house on wheels with ROOM CINE? Why did China and Japan wondered with football? Discover the football world from an unexpected side!

45 shades of green.

Who are these people that choose coconut milk instead of a cow, burger from a movie prefer a steak, and morning begin with a smoothie from Kiwi and avocado? Where do they take protein? How are they with hemoglobin levels?

Does their skin and hair suffer from the deficiency of vitamins? Alya Samokhina, Vegetarian with 13 years of experience, a master chef of vegan cafes and restaurants and the author of bestseller “Go to Green” are responsible for these complex issues. ⠀ She calls her book “Collection of Hyuggé recipes” for Vegan

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