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13 Japanese cars that Russians don’t need.

Firstly, here are the five most unclaimed cars in the SUV segment at the end of the year.

The Infiniti QX60 is not initially a bestseller. The car is expensive and with ambiguous design, and here also the renewal has come in the middle of the year. In case of niche models it is a difficult situation: dealers should sell old cars and get new ones. Therefore 848 sales are not such a bad result.

We shall mention that restyled QX60 has received upgraded 3.5-liter petrol V6 and all-wheel drive. The crossover costs from 3,420,000 to 4,050,000 roubles.

Next up is the Subaru Outback, which has 795 sales. This crossover has also been updated in mid-2019, but here we are talking more about a revision of the equipment packages. Two body colours have been added, with lacquered inserts in the cabin.

The design and engine line-up hasn’t changed.

The base is 2.5 litre engine, producing 175 hp. Also available is 3.6 litre power unit, developing 260 hp. Both work with a variator and permanent four-wheel drive.

Prices speak volumes: from 2,719,000 to 3,699,900 roubles.

The Lexus GX crossover has sold 621 units. The luxury version of the Prado is infinitely far from the results of the Toyota SUV. And first of all, because of the price – from 4,565,000 to 5,061,000 roubles for the car with 296-hp 4.6-litre V8 engine and six-speed "automatic;.

The situation may be tweaked a little bit by the model’s year-end update.

Legendary Suzuki Jimny was the second from the end of this anti-rating. It was on sale till March with restyled model, but since July – already updated. The model received new engine K15B, 102 hp 1,5 litre capacity, which is offered in combination with two gearboxes at choice: 5-speed "manual " or modernized 4-range "automatic Aisin. At the launch of the new Jimny, the company said it planned to sell 600 cars by the end of the year, but all stopped at 557.

That’s up from 466 sales in 2018, though. old cars

The Suzuki Jimny and Honda Pilot are also in the top 10 most unnecessary for the Russians "Japanese" irrespective of the body type, taking there tenth and eighth places respectively. The frame pickup D-Max with 285 sales is placed between them.

This year, a new generation of the model has appeared on the global market, while we got only a restyled version of the previous generation. The car is equipped with a 3-liter turbodiesel engine capacity of 177 hp and has all-wheel drive with front hard-switching. The price of 2,145,000 roubles for a car with a semi-cab and 2,245,000 roubles for a double cab, taking into account the poorly developed dealer network, apparently, does not help sales.

In seventh position – understandably from the end – is the Subaru Legacy business sedan. As of March 2019, dealers for the brand have started taking orders for the updated model, but the changes have been imperceptible – in every sense. Given the competition in this segment from the Toyota Camry and Korean four-doors, the "Japanese" with an unalternative 2.5 engine at 175 hp and a variator for 2,279,000 – 2,429,000 rubles had little chance initially.

The 207 sales for the year are proof of that.

Two more sedans with not more than 150 new owners are below in the list. They are Lexus LS (140) and Infiniti Q50 (132). Everything is clear with the first one.

One shouldn’t expect more from a car priced from 5,947,000 to 9,778,000 roubles. The second one is much cheaper – from 2,215,000 up to 3,635,000 roubles, but there are much more interesting and clear variants in this niche.

Well then, there are models with less than 50 sales per year. They are a coupe Infiniti Q60 priced from 3,470,000 roubles (46 units), another sedan Lexus IS which ended up at dealers in August (39), and a niche sports sedan with an opposition turbo engine Subaru WRX (37).

Most unclaimed was the genuine Nissan GT-R sports car, capable of accelerating to a hundred in 2.8 seconds thanks to its 570bhp 3.8-litre V6 turbo engine. For such specific car worth 7,262,000 roubles circulation of 16 copies is, perhaps, even quite good result.

Note that our anti-rating took into account only models that sold for at least six months during the year.

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