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📖 60 best YouTube book bloggers. Results of 2020.

Recently we have collected and presented to the world a rating

Yes, yes, today we will talk about YouTube bloggers, all those who ask us to subscribe to the bell and put a thumbs up. But we love them, as usual, not at all for this. And for the fact that they give us a sea of ​​positive emotions and useful information about books.

Let’s see who is in the TOP 60 this time.

How did we count?

First of all, we took a bowl of Olivier and uncorked a bottle of champagne. Then blast, wave of the magic wand and the rating is ready. In the intermediate stage, there was also a separate file into which we uploaded all the YouTube accounts we know about books, then enriched the data with information about subscribers, the number of videos in 2020, activities under videos, you know.

While chewing a tangerine, the data processed the script according to the given formula and gave us a list of 60 accounts.

Like, subscription, bell

The channel regularly (according to our idea of ​​regularity) publishes reviews of non-fiction literature in two formats:

1. Podcast

Such is the channel. Now let’s go to the really cool participants in our rating.

TOP 60 book YouTube bloggers.

On YouTube you can find many interesting channels about literature, which will be a real find for true book lovers and book lovers.

The channel broadcasts 3 interesting book shows: “Book People”, “Masters” and “Terminal Reading”.

Nice blog about book purchases, read books. Filed under: bookshelves, reviews, marathons, and more. magic wand

Don’t have time to read? Channel “Bukich. A Book in 30 Minutes ”offers useful extracts from non-fiction.

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