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A rather big house.

Big house.

The biggest MINI of our time – the six-door Cooper S Clubman – spent almost a month in the Motor’s garage, but all good things come to an end sooner or later. It’s time to take stock, deal with the cost of ownership, and look at the competition. Is the 192-horsepower Clubman worth the $ 1.7 million asking for it, or will the three-cylinder Cooper be just as good?

Let’s tell you now.

1025 km – this is how much our MINI Cooper S Clubman drove in a month of our test.

There are cars that you get used to in a month of virtual “ownership” so much that you stop paying attention to them – well, a car and a car. Convenient, comfortable, economical (probably). A car that you can advise your friends with a clear conscience, because it definitely has no frankly weak points.

As, probably, there are no bright.

The MINI Cooper S Clubman is a completely different story. Of course, I am also ready to recommend this car to my friends, but with a bunch of reservations. “Yes, it is fast and tough to handle, but … you might find it harsh, go for a test drive, try it yourself.” Or “she’s not small, she’s enough for my eyes, but… you better go, see for yourself, you never know”. And so – on almost any point.

Because MINI still doesn’t make cars for everyone, no matter how pretentious it may sound.

And not everyone is ready to pay for a small station wagon-hatchback the amount for which you can buy a cool sedan, a large crossover or an apartment without finishing. Am I ready? Difficult question.

The “Clubman” in the Cooper S version is fast, agile and diligently involves the driver in the driving process. Buzz!

I like Clubman. Every day, leaving the house, I fell with anticipation into the arms of his deep seats, started the rumbling turbo engine and chose a longer route. It’s tough, yes – like all Run Flat cars, but that’s not a problem for me.

I prefer cars that take a blow to those that are good at smoothing out cracks and minor defects, but beg for mercy on something more serious. In addition, the Cooper S Clubman on adaptive suspension feels noticeably more comfortable than any other MINI in the line – the lengthened base, slightly increased weight, and the retuned (compared to the five-door) chassis have also benefited..

The motor is cool. At first, he demanded almost 10 liters of 95th for every hundred kilometers, but as soon as I played enough with the modes of the mechatronic chassis and the sports mode of the eight-speed “automatic”, and stopped starting from each traffic light as the last time, the consumption dropped to 9.1 and did not rise higher. Not bad for a 192-horsepower car with acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.1 seconds, isn’t it?

9.1 liters – this fuel consumption was recorded during the month of the MINI Cooper S Clubman test.

By the way, I got tired of the sports mode of the “automatic” quickly – why do we need it if the box does it anyway? With a smooth ride, the transmission quickly climbs higher and saves fuel, and when it is active, it deftly juggles steps and keeps the turbo engine in constant tone. And “sport” is when you need to very quickly, quickly.

That is, very rarely.

Practicality? The trunk of 360 liters (10 liters more than that of my home Ford Fiesta) is enough for a family with two children in everyday life for shopping trips, and for trips to the park with scooters and even a stroller. And for long marches, you can buy a roof rack – with it “Clubman” will look even more romantic.

“Clubman” attracts attention – either by its unusual body, or by the cool gray non-metallic in which it is painted. Moreover, not only female.

What’s the cost? Traditionally, we calculate the costs for the first year of operation for a driver over 22 years of age with more than three years of experience, who lives in Moscow and drives 20 thousand kilometers per year. Insurance premiums – average for the market among companies rated A + and above.

The on-board computer informs the driver about the need to visit the TO – on average, this happens once every 15,000 kilometers. The cost of routine maintenance on TO-1 and TO-2 is the same – about 17,000 rubles.

MINI Cooper S Clubman owner’s expenses in the first year of operation.

– OSAGO 10 982 p. CASCO 185 000 rub. Transport tax 9 600 rub. TO 17,000 r. Fuel 67 340 rub.

Total: 289,922 p. Kilometer mileage (fuel only): 3.4 r. Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, including hull insurance): 14.5 rubles. Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, except for hull insurance): 5.2 r.

And yet – 1.7 million for the base Cooper S Clubman and almost 2.8 million for a fancy test car is not cheap. Therefore, at the end of the test, I exchanged

192-horsepower gray fury for a week for a 136-horsepower Cooper with a 1.5-liter turbo engine in rich green color and a cheerful light interior. In the “base” such a six-car costs 350 thousand cheaper (1.3 million) and, as it turned out, it is not particularly worse than the “eski”.

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