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All about roller shutters (review article from the company “Estok”)

All about roller shutters (review article from the company “Estok”)

Roller shutters are modern and reliable protection of windows, entrance and exit groups, shop windows, offices.

It is worth saying that roller shutters on the territory of Russia are called differently – roller shutters and shutters, roller shutters and shutters, protective blinds and protective roller shutters – all these are synonyms for the common word roller shutters. .

However, roller shutters have many types, which can be classified according to a number of characteristics:

● By the degree of protection;

● By material of manufacture;

● By type of management;

● By type of installation;

● By the location of the box (top, bottom);

For your convenience, we have compiled several key theses that will help you decide on the choice of roller shutters..

1. All roller shutters are protective. The question of the degree of protection.

● Aluminum and steel roller shutters (extrusion) have increased protective properties.

● Aluminum roller shutters (foam-filled) made by roller rolling have high noise and heat insulation.

2. There are several types of drive.

● Automatic roller shutters are roller shutters equipped with an electric drive.

● Roller shutters with manual drive – mechanical control is used.

3. Mounting options.

● Built-in installation – roller shutters are mounted inside the opening.

● Surface-mounted installation – roller shutters are installed on the facade of the building.

Safety shutters (roller shutters)

This category includes aluminum and steel roller shutters (extrusion). Roller shutters of this class are certified according to anti-burglar resistance class P2-P4 .

It is advisable to install protective shutters on the windows of the lower floors of cottages and buildings, administrative structures, entrance and entrance groups, large-width showcases .

Armored roller shutters should be included in a separate group. Armored roller shutters are used to close the entrance and window groups of banks, private residences, jewelry stores, etc..

Aluminum roller shutters (foam filled)

Aluminum roller shutters (foam-filled) are mainly used for noise and heat insulation, while having average strength characteristics.

Most often they are used for equipping windows of cottages, doorways, office buildings, offices, shop windows.

Automatic roller shutters.

Roller shutters equipped with electric drives and operating from a remote control or a button are called automatic .

The use of an electric drive in roller shutters, in addition to remote control, has a number of advantages over a manual drive. .

First, it becomes possible to use sensors for light, rain, wind. By installing such sensors, you can adjust the operation of the roller shutters to suit your needs. Thus, in case of rain or wind, the roller shutters can automatically close, and when the sun is shining, they can be opened..

Secondly, automatic roller shutters can be integrated into the general security system, i.e. when the alarm is triggered, the roller shutters will automatically close, preventing entry into the house. .

In the event of a fire alarm, the automatic roller shutters will automatically open without interfering with the possibility of evacuation through the windows .

Also, a lot depends on the choice of the remote control. Using one remote control, you can control your roller shutters, awnings and sun blinds, as well as different gates: individually or all of them at the same time.

It depends on how many channels the console supports. The channel is the radio frequency to which the drive is tuned. In other words, each channel can control one roller shutter or a whole group..

Remotes can be single-channel, dual-channel and multi-channel (up to 24 channels).

Installation of roller shutters.

Roller shutters can be installed directly into window openings or mounted on the outer surface of the walls.

Installation of roller shutters includes the choice of the type of design solution and installation of roller shutters in a window or doorway .

Installing roller shutters “in the opening” (surface-mounted installation) is most often decided if the roller shutters being installed are designed for burglary protection .

If the most important thing is to preserve unhindered access to sunlight, it is better to install the roller shutters by surface mounting..

Only professionals can install roller shutters .

The fact is that the installation of roller shutters requires special equipment, tools and, of course, special skills, therefore it is not recommended to install roller shutters on your own. .

Where to buy roller shutters? How to order roller shutters?

Despite the great demand for roller shutters, the price for them is quite affordable for residents of the capital and regions. If you decide to order roller shutters, then many companies are ready to manufacture roller shutters of various design and functional characteristics, which can be bought at reasonable prices..

The sale of roller shutters is carried out taking into account the interests of customers, therefore, custom-made roller shutters will be a

good purchase for you. You will be convinced that the roller shutters offered on the market have more than acceptable prices.

Roller shutters are used in various fields, you can order roller shutters of a suitable configuration for any window opening. The prices for protective shutters correspond to the quality, and the customer does not have to worry about the safety of his property.

Roller shutters for windows.

Despite the fact that window shutters are a fairly new invention, they have already firmly entered our life. Automatic roller shutters are especially popular. .

This is not surprising: such roller shutters are valued for their neat appearance, reliability and ease of use. In addition, roller shutters transform windows even in old rooms. Today roller shutters are positioned as the best way to protect windows..

If you install roller shutters on the windows, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Automatic roller shutters are used all year round, which is especially important given the changing seasonal conditions in our country..

In addition to the direct protection of windows, roller shutters are also distinguished by high rates of thermal resistance. If roller shutters are installed, the windows receive an additional layer that retains heat. Aluminum roller shutters, popular today, will protect windows from all adverse influences..

Automatic roller shutters can also provide protection against intrusion. Modern roller shutters for windows can be supplemented with an alarm. By purchasing roller shutters, you can protect your windows in the best possible way.

An additional plus: roller shutters on the windows allow you to create suitable lighting in the room.

If you install roller shutters, the windows will let in as much light as you need .

Due to its presentable appearance, the roller shutters offered to your attention will make the windows more beautiful and the room protected. It doesn’t matter which roller shutter you choose – the windows of your house will look stylish.

Note that roller shutters for windows are a simple but effective design. Due to the ease of operation, roller shutters for windows are purchased even by those who do not have sufficient technical knowledge..

How and where to order.

Tel. : + 7-495-589-8676, + 7-925-514-6896, + 7-925-514-6897. E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Here you can always order installation and really inexpensively buy ready-made roller shutters .

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