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All owner reviews about Nissan Maxima IV.

All owner reviews about Nissan Maxima IV.

I will not write what it felt when I moved from the nine.

In 2010 he bought Maxim, supplied Euro-4 gas. Of course, all sorts of oil seals, oil change are of the highest priority. I chose the oil for a very long time.

Kill such an engine — it’s like losing your car. But, as it turned out, it eats GM 5-w30 (too liquid and after it the engine oil seals began to snot), but settled on ELF 5-w40 and 10-w40. I ate 1.5-2 liters for 12-14 thousand.

But I noticed that if you drive at a speed of 160 kilometers 10-30, then the level significantly decreases.

6 ignition coils, now I’m afraid of one Timing chain Excellent hydraulic booster Economy / power Almost all systems and mechanisms work With spare parts (and with the Internet) not strained.

Rear fenders, arches, sills — rot, but it is worth transferring to the top ten or Lanos — and ready to fight it.

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 3.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1998.

Hello everybody. I will share a little my impressions for 1 year of operation by Maxima) Before that I owned 99, 15 and Renault Symbol. I will say this, if I invested money in all of these previous cars and enjoyed driving a little bit, then the investments here are the same, and the pleasure is full of pants. When I bought, I was looking for the maxim, I wanted 2 liters on the handle, but after a long search, I found only a 3 liter automatic machine)) After acquiring, I did not regret a single drop) 3 liters is a beast, there is silence in the car, nothing blurts, everything works, abs, climate, cruise control, everything)

Since I tried to repair the previous cars on my own, there was nothing terrible here, the car is maintainable. If you changed grenades and gaskets on the four, then you can here too. If repaired in a service, the price tag will be high.

So, for a year of operation I changed: stabilizer struts (not original 350 rubles. Pcs.), A grenade (2000 rubles.), Oil of course and all consumables (Nissan oil 1200 rubles., Original candles 450 rubles. Per piece, and all filters came out at 800 rubles.) ), a shock absorber support (350r.), I changed the ball one, then I lit a little light, since the levers are not collapsible and, in theory, you need to change it assembled (origanal 5000r.), at the same time I found the ball one for this car on Exist and changed it safely ), changed the headlight, as it was cracked (1100r. not originalal without a hydrocorrector), also changed the valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, as they snotted a little (2000r. about all the gaskets).

And now I have a front bumper in painting (bumper 2000 + painting 5000r.), This winter I broke — drove into a snowdrift) The following trend is clearly visible — that the prices for spare parts are ridiculous, only the body panels are expensive, and of course expensive engine and gearbox repairs.

Acceleration dynamics and engine sound Comfort Safety Inexpensive spare parts.

Old Fuel consumption 15-20l. / 100km. (the flow rate is adequate for such a motor, but I would like less)

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 2.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1998 Part 2.

Greetings to the readers of the site! That turned out to be a free day, I decided to write a continuation of my review about Maxim. Six months have passed since the purchase, drove about 15 thousand km… you can make more objective conclusions.

During this time, namely over the last 2 months, it so happened that I had a chance to skate for several days on different cars, so now there is something to compare with, although before that I had a lot of pleasure to move around. In general, I traveled on the Galenvagen 500, the Legendary 140 body 3 liters, the Porsche Caen 3.6 liters, the Cruiser 200 diesel, the Tuarege diesel and a bit on the jaguar))) Each car is good in its own way and, of course, objectively better and more modern than my maxim…. well, the segment is different, and the price, and the year, what to do)) However, after all the above premium, I always gladly got into Maximus and was not disappointed with him… good car and it’s true.

I was especially pleased with the fuel consumption after Galenvagenovskih 32 liters in the city))) Perhaps now they eat less (I had 200 onwards), that is, wood like an UAZ and gluttonous like a pig)) Although the car left an indelible impression on me more than others … Yes — tight, roll, heavy brakes, gidrach buzzing like on the Volga… but this is the only classic that has survived to this day.

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 2.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1999 Part 3.

Greetings, dear motorists, potential and real. Having studied a large number of articles, tests and reviews on different machines, I have only one conclusion — every sandpiper praises his swamp! This is a prologue) I will praise, but I will not regret the tar…

The national rating of a car at a car market gives Maxim as much as 4.75 points out of 10 possible. It’s offensive and untrue. Let’s say that Renault Megan of the same years of release has this rating of 5.25))) Just an observation.

What is a car? This is a four-wheel trolley with a body, motor, wheels and transmission / drive mechanisms. What is a modern car — the same, but more comfortable, faster, more economical, more environmentally friendly… more technological.

Why I love HER:

It is large, comfortable, goes confidently, softly, quietly. There is enough space in the cabin Reliable and hardy, you are sure that after coming down from the apartment you will start your cart and go. Exactly unpretentious — I pour 92 gasoline and drive on cheap candles, I repair at regular (not branded) service stations.

My complaints to Maxim:

Why doesn’t the back sofa fold back? Where is the soundproofing of the arches? Why not do 2.0 Turbo?

Why are there no models with some «Scandinavian» kit? Why is there an ignition coil for each spark plug? When will the Japanese finally start galvanizing cars??

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 2.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1998.

Good day to you)) Night is on the way, in the morning to work, so the review will be short and to the point. So the time has come to sell me my 13 model Zhiguli, the budget was within 400 rubles with a little, in general, the idea to change the car was born spontaneously, one might say in 10 minutes. After 2 hours I found Maxim, the next day I removed my 13 from the register, gave it to outbid, finished off with money and took Nissan. I’ve moved around a lot in my life — from oki to 911 Porsches, so I can compare cars of different years in terms

of comfort and price-quality ratio.

In principle, I was especially indifferent to what I was driving, I never had any special show-off and desires to take possession of a dream car. I drove and drove, but this does not mean that I am a rider, I just don’t attach primary importance to the car in my life and don’t wear my underpants while paying for a car loan. Well, okay, it’s all lyrics, let’s get down to business.

Initially, I considered 3 options, or rather 4 car purchases — Mercedes in 124 body (the best and most reliable of the Mercians), 5th generation Sonata (fresh, spacious and well-equipped), Priora from the salon (poor, simple, but bearable and the machine is fresh, besides, it’s no stranger to Zhiguli familiar from and to ) and Maxim (32-33 body).

Money appeared, drove and looked at everything that we have in Tyumen, within 400 rubles. From what I wanted, there was nothing worthwhile, upset I go home and oops — on the. Here it is: the outbids have Maxim in the 32 body, as I wanted.

2 liters, mechanics, top of the range, not zakolhozhennaya and not killed, for 250 thousand. I wait for the morning, I go looking at the market, start it, feel it, turn it on. Everything is working.

Although it was possible to take 33 body, but subjectively I like it less. It is more clumsy, similar to everything that Japan does, plus I understood perfectly well that I would take 33 body, whatever one may say, even though the year will be fresher (2001-2003), and investing in repairs will cost exactly the same as in the 32 body. Therefore, I decided to take 32, because it is better to bring to mind an older car than to drive a fresher, but dead one.

In addition, I like 32 because it is absolutely not eye-catching car… faceless, boring, but classic, austere and noble. In a word — what I need. Her salon is prettier than 33 bodies and she is closer to my soul to everyone, except that hatches are very rare (((

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 3.0 V6 5MKPP (Nissan Maxima) 1998 Part 3.

…And the final one because after two years and two accidents he sold Max and returned to the good old Toyota. Compared to previous reviews, the tone will be more negative. — some moments are disappointing… But first things first.

So, two years have passed and more than 60,000 mileage has passed, the cost of maintaining the car (excluding MOT, OSAGO, gasoline, but taking into account special stages such as new tires and a new battery and the first accident (no more than 40K)) came close to the amount for which I bought it. I wrote down all my expenses in the expense journal, you can familiarize yourself with it if you are interested. In short — changed the radiator, condenser, generator, compressor bearing, drive belt tensioner, front levers, tie rods with tips, wheel bearing, brake discs, filler pipe (rotted)… like, everything is large.

I did it for the most part on the service (quite cheap), spare parts for the most part were unoriginal. What to say… I was not ready for such expenses, Toyota cost (and continues to cost) several times cheaper, and I expected similar behavior from Nissan.

As a result, they never got around to fighting corrosion, and as more and more foci were discovered, the desire disappeared. Wherever you go — rust everywhere: under the outside mirror, under the door trim, under the rear seat in the cabin… generally keep quiet about the bottom. Plus, I saw on the analysis what the front wing looks like from the inside, from the outside it seems flawless… in general, I realized that it is too late to invest in the body — only if you disassemble it to a screw and do it in full with painting and replacing a heap of everything that in Moscow will result in at least 100-120 thousand. At the same time, there are still no guarantees that they will do it efficiently. And any local intervention is useless. — I did it in one place, I got out in another… I heard about people who managed to find not a rotten 32nd Max, but such a few.

On the club forum, you can see how, after the 32nd, 33i of the first years of release begin to actively rot. In short, from the point of view of the body, I will not hesitate to name Maxim «Japanese Opel».

Appearance Dynamics.

Rotting Mediocre handling and brakes Could be more comfortable for its class.

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 2.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1995.

Recently I bought a Nissan Maxima Kuiks V6, 2 liters. As soon as I saw her on the set, I immediately fell in love, and not because there were only Matiz and budget Chevrolets nearby. It’s just that she’s very good))

Decent appearance, cherry color, no problems on the body. Got behind the wheel… very comfortably. I am a tall girl, there is room for my legs, without prejudice to my fellow travelers from behind))

Nice Convenient Fast.

Electrician… but again, maybe it’s just me…

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 3.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1997 Part 2.

There was a free minute, I decided to continue the story about Nissan Maxim. So, 3 liters, Arabic version, 193 hp, in some sources I met the indication of 225 hp. — I think it’s a mistake, at least I didn’t get the feeling of such a herd — maybe the gypsies stole :))). The package is the simplest — subsequently appreciated — the content is inexpensive. There was not even ABS, not to mention heating (in the UAE they don’t know about frost), I had to «Emelya to buy». Cruise control would also be useful, there is no cabin filter (helps to preserve the health of the air conditioner and keeps it from dust).… well, generally poor equipment — sometimes I wondered what kind of audience such a package would be for — fantasies did not move beyond the visiting cleaners from European countries and the African environment… Anyway.

In 1997, I think in Russia it was a crediting apparatus, at least for me at that time.

So, the suspension. Front: Mac Pherson, levers with installed silent blocks changed by the first owner — old 3 pieces were given. (to the question about the fourth, he turned the conversation to something else). Rear Traction Panhard — changed silent blocks: 2 front, one lower in the center. Racks (old ones were also given with the car) — original in the region of 8500 rubles. — I put Kayabu on them and sold them.

Didn’t change the springs — as far as I know, the first owner too, — pretty reliable. A friend had a Camry «hippopotamus» (comfortable car, rode about 2 thousand on it) — put the springs duplicate — one burst, changed to old — mileage was about 250 thousand. Corrugation with «pants» I changed the muffler, welded the muffler – rusted – a new one was offered for 9500 rubles, the toad crushed.

In December 2009 he started from the pusher (the battery sat down), drove home – the next day he could not start. They diagnosed for a long time – at first they sinned on candles, changed, no… (does not start in any way). In three. weeks of using different methods (scientific poke including) the reason was revealed – the brains burned out. We found this out by opening the brain and seeing the melting and smelling the microcircuit.

I was looking for a brain for a long time. I brought the first one on the second day. The second was expelled from Krasnodar.

Both did not fit. The third (from Krasnogorsk) with a telephone discussion and a verbal consultation and retelling how many exits on «mom dad», what color is the plastic of the case and the description of the letter code the verdict was displayed: WZ 2371047 U 03 MEC – Z 123 A 1 713. It would be better for me never to know this terrible combination of letters and numbers – that is, not to know where and what code this part has… I must say right away that the cost of this block is not one tens of thousands of denominations. Well, okay, money, because you still have to move around while waiting for delivery. For these purposes, a VAZ 21099 was taken from my sister for free use.

For two and a half months of Maximus’s downtime, 099 was replaced: engine oil, air and oil filters, starter, whether it was wrong, generator, fuel pump. Well, okay, I waited 3 weeks, came with a dent, after it turned out that it was not working. I sent it back, I’m waiting for the next one. Another 3 weeks.

I came. STARTED. Pants full of joy.

Reliable auto Inexpensive content.

It is very difficult to find a decent specimen without rust..

Review of Nissan Maxima QX 3.0 V6 (Nissan Maxima) 1999.

Most recently, I bought a 1999 Nissan Maxima, although I originally planned to take the MBM W210 or BMW E39, E38. Machine with a volume of 3.0 automatic transmission. The option has everything that was installed in this car.

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