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All owner reviews about Opel Astra G.

All owner reviews about Opel Astra G.

Hello, I will start my review with the fact that I am a driver with little experience, and I don’t know much about hardware, up to an asterisk (Astra from Latin – star) I had a Mazda 323f BG blind, a super car, it had almost no flaws (just it was very rotten, old, and too low for our roads).

After the sale of Mazda, I spent a long time choosing what is better to buy, and held out until Kazakhstan in May 2011 decided to introduce a ban on the import of cars older than 7 years. Hot April 2011, on sites with private ads, prices soared sharply, on car markets for weeks «meal» — dealers hid everything. I counted on a car no more expensive than $ 8500, so that it was not small, but a small displacement, always freshly priced, not quite a dinosaur, I also wanted it to be an SUV)), it could be diesel. I entered all this into Internet search engines, from SUVs only Hyundai Galloper and it was only to order, again thought for a long time, did not dare, was afraid of not going through customs, and then there will be sea problems, TV only showed on the news poor people who took the risk, but did not have time to go through customs (the excitement was huge).

The SUV is canceled, for cars with my requests there were several Japs with solid mileage, minicars like Nissan Micra and a lot «Opel», and almost the entire lineup. After rereading the entire Internet, a bunch of reviews, video reviews, I decided to buy «Opel» (although everyone discouraged it), I decided that it would be an Opel Astra G with an eight-valve 1.4 or 1.6 engine, and there must be an F13 manual transmission, only this combination is the most optimal in terms of reliability. I scored my requirements again into the search engines, chose, phoned, looked, thought)), the next day I forced the driver (who only deals with Opels) to take a ride on it through the STOs, checked the compression — perfect, almost all spare parts are original on the way, threw off 50 buckets for a slightly tired engine mount, shook hands and for $ 8550 it is already mine.

Registered, drove home with a smile from ear to ear — pleasant control, the manual transmission switches easily and clearly, the brakes are super, and the engine, by the way Z16SE, 1.6 is a beast, the traction is simply excellent. Mileage 94000, fresh look, interior like a new car.

But I was not happy for a long time, in the morning I decided to check the oil, but alas, it was not on the dipstick)), it turns out that when checking the compression, it is impossible to check that the oil of the removable rings is stuck. Having received a salary, I changed all fluids and oils. Having traveled for about a month or a little more, the oil consumption began to anger me, it was almost a liter per thousand km, then the catalyst died, we knocked it out and sold it (by the way, expensive). familiar master), I tried to put all the original spare parts, not cheap — rings, liners, at the same time changed all belts, pump, removable oil caps, a couple of oil seals.

And hurray! The oil burner passed, but returned after half a year, at first 200 grams, then half a liter, and again 700 grams, 900 grams ran away. Scored, began to fill in cheaper semi-synthetic oil — Valvoline 10w40, consumption remains.

Later they began to tap the stabilizer struts, then a strong vibration appeared on the body, in cold weather it was already simply unbearable, I went to the chassis diagnostics, the verdict: two dead pillows, stabilizer struts, ball. After the replacement, I drove about ten meters and the vibration became simply unbearable — the Chinese pillow fell apart (I tried to put everything original, but it was not). Later I found the original one and replaced it (both Chinese and original are not very cheap).

We go further, when starting off, a split began, then it passed itself, then then it began again, (and sold it). Then the problem began with a set of revs during acceleration, but was cured by switching to 95 gasoline. year everything was OK, added oil, antifreeze, too, little by little, changed consumables (even ahead of schedule). Before the cold weather, the stove did not heat up, the temperature did not rise, problems with vibration began again, this time another pillow broke

, and the one that was next to it was torn off the fastener. I replaced the thermostat, when replacing, I noticed antifreeze leak from the drain hole in the pump, I had to fork out again.

Then, although the leak passed, the antifreeze began to run from the junction of the pipe and the radiator, put a worm clamp next to the main one, it seemed to help, later the plastic tube of the radiator tore right on the go (probably pulled it). I connected the pipe to what was left of the pipe, ran into the pharmacy for distilled water. I went on my own, checking the temperature and the presence of coolant.

With grief in half, but found a new, albeit Chinese radiator (I was looking for a month).

Not a hint of corrosion of the body Brakes are very good, ABS saved many times Acceleration dynamics, like that of a trolleybus Fuel consumption.

Oil consumption (the piston is not structurally modified, because of this the oil scraper rings are poorly washed, which leads to their coking) Lack of service, there are few original spare parts or to order Glasses in the cabin fog up Forever tearing engine mountings The thermostat dies quickly (tried wahler and febi)

Review of Opel Astra 1.6i-16V (Opel Astra) 2001.

After the forced sale of Scenic (subjectively I will compare with him, even though cars are of different classes), there was no thought or money to buy a car. But life turned sharply and the budget allowed to buy a car in the range of 250-260 thousand rubles. I liked the Astra for a long time, it was the 5D hatch. I reviewed about 10 cars from private traders, drove some of them to the service for diagnostics, because I myself don’t really rummage. As a result, the choice fell on the silver aster 2001.

I had to add 86000 km of run, for 275 thousand, but she is older than the Scenic that I had before, but it was worth it. No regrets.

So, Astra hatchback 5D, 1.6i-16V, 100hp. From nishtyakov: condo, 4 windows, warm up, heated mirrors, headlights washer, steering angle and extension, standard places for trunk arches, split rear seat back, mega-hatch for long items in the rear backrest. Later I installed my own multitronics on-board computer instead of the standard clock in the center. It turned out organically, does not violate harmony.

The main thing is to think over everything in advance and do it carefully..

For almost 2 years I hit 43000 km.

Comfort Operating cost Fuel consumption.

The problem with the rear arches started and I.

Review of Opel Astra 1.6i-16V (Opel Astra) 1998.

Good day to all!

I bought my ASTRA immediately after the sale of Honda (civic 1997) and immediately felt the difference between a Japanese and a German. Sat in the salon… everything is done soundly, the plastic is of good quality (does not creak, does not crack), I easily adjusted the seat for myself, the visibility is super, there is generally a fire on the body (of course the car of this year was painted, but painted with high quality), all the buttons work, the bulbs are all glowing, the condo works, what else is needed ?! I gave the money, put the pedal on the floor and drove off… first through the city, then along the highway. I got used to the control of this car quickly, the Opel is controlled very easily, responds well to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, it was a pleasure to change gears, it was good coasting.

On the track I felt confident: I easily walked to overtake, kept the speed of 110-120, while it was very quiet in the cabin (on a Honda, at a speed of 100 km / h, it was already rattling in the cabin).

In the future, I used the car every day: I went to work, to nature, to the dacha, and just to drive around the city in the evening)). Periodically «gave her under the tail», if the car was not easily loaded with a traffic light did a car of this class)). tried to overclock my OPEL to maximum speed — as a result, I squeezed 170 km / h, I was more afraid (the car had already begun to shake, possibly cheap rubber). In winter, the car starts up without problems, always the first time!

During the operation, my OPEL let me down only once, when it did not start. This malfunction was quickly fixed for me for only $ 15 (lubricated the starter).

Reliable Practical Cheap spare parts Suspension Not interesting to hijackers.

Review of Opel Astra 1.6i-16V (Opel Astra) 2001 Part 4.

In this 2013, the Opel was tinted, the timing was changed, the throttle valve was cleaned and the upper cushions of the front shock absorbers had to be changed again. Now the mileage is 171,000 km, the flight is normal. The cost of the car in the Israeli market is 2-3 thousand.


The car is 12 years old, the condition of the car is excellent, the machine works without failures and remarks, the suspension (except for the shock absorber cushions) is original. The engine, after changing the timing and cleaning the damper, works like new. In general, the aster completely refutes the assertion that all cars ever turn into OPEL.

There is only one drawback so far — these are the same shock absorber cushions. Spare parts were supplied original, but nevertheless they only lasted for four years! The disadvantages include the very layout of the engine, in which a water pump is installed on the timing belt (timing), this is a very problematic place in the design!

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