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Japanese bio-disc AXIQUANT.

Japanese bio-disc AXIQUANT. “When I first started using AXIQUANT in July 2009 during training, I easily surpassed my own running record. It was amazing! Then I used it while running and practically could not work“ bad ”, I am in great shape all the time. I recover faster and I run with more confidence and […]Read More

Me and the shadow of my trunk.

Me and the shadow of my trunk. “And then he got drunk and started insulting me in front of his friends,” says a woman’s voice in the subway behind me. I turn around and see quite a pretty girl who complains to her friend about her life. I don’t know why the unknown hero of […]Read More

Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. University of Moscow – the oldest classical university in Russia. Its professors and graduates have made an invaluable contribution to the development of national science, education and culture. MSU today – it is a complex of 40 faculties that train personnel in various fields. The Faculty of Economics […]Read More

Eyes wide shut.

Eyes wide shut. I would like to start with a pretentious address: “Stop comparing Eclipse Cross with Aztec”. But, having said this, I, of course, twist my soul. Because every time I approached Mitsubishi from the side or from behind, I remembered Pontiac. And, if I had not been the only one among all my […]Read More

Blank sheet.

Blank sheet. Two tents behind the cordon in Luzhniki and three cars, around which a small group of journalists gathered – this is how quietly and imperceptibly the first driving presentation of the serial electric car Nissan Leaf took place in our country. Meanwhile, the world community has already appreciated the importance of the very […]Read More

Black syrup (molasses)

Black syrup (molasses) In this section, we talk about raw materials for perfumery – methods of obtaining them, olfactory characteristics, typical arrangement in an olfactory pyramid and characteristic features. A note of black syrup (molasses) in perfumery. The note of black syrup (molasses) belongs to the group of notes “Sweet” and is part of 47 […]Read More

Slalom champion.

Slalom champion. MINI’s Russian office makes its cash register on Countryman crossovers: in 2012, this model accounted for almost two-thirds of sales! During the year 1600 Countrymen were sold in Russia – more than all Jaguars combined, for example. To figure out why the Russians fell in love with the little British five-door, “Motor” settled […]Read More

Brake pads: how not to be captured by the “pirates”

Brake pads: how not to be captured by the “pirates” As it turned out, unlike the times of “wild capitalism”, the problem of fake spare parts has practically disappeared – the market is saturated with competitive supply, and it has become simply unprofitable to import knowingly fake brake pads under the guise of branded ones, […]Read More

Old checked grapes Ladies finger.

Old checked grapes Ladies finger. Despite the fact that today a huge number of new grape varieties have appeared, many summer residents still prefer to grow Ladies Finger grapes.. Such people are usually not stopped either by the difficulties in care, or by possible plant diseases. They are willing to go to great lengths in […]Read More

Ask an expert. Can nail vitamins strengthen nails?

Ask an expert. Vitamins for nails can strengthen nails? Friends, I am opening a new section on the blog “Ask the Expert” as you ask more questions. Today about vitamins for nails and the rules of the new heading. Let’s take a look at one of the most common questions about “beauty vitamins”. We know […]Read More

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