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Board game Everything in the palm of your hand.

Board game Everything in the palm of your hand.

• Courier delivery – 179 rubles, free in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 7000 rubles. • Delivery across Russia: pick-up points and checkpoints from 249 rubles. Across Moscow, Mosk. region and St. Petersburg -179 rubles. before December 7 – 99 rubles. ->, over 7000 rubles. is free.

Until April 28, delivery through PeakPoint with a 50% discount for an order of 1500 rubles. Details on the promotion page.

And you will guess the symbol in the palm of a friend?!

Availability for delivery:

Type of delivery Availability by Russian Post (5–14 days) Yes ADD TO CART At the parcel terminals (1–3 days) Yes ADD TO CART Courier in Moscow Yes ADD TO CART Courier in St. Petersburg


Availability in stores in Moscow (pickup):

Store address Availability Belorusskaya Few ADDED TO CART Novokuznetskaya Few ADDED TO CART Chkalovskaya Available IN CART.

Availability in stores in St. Petersburg (pickup):

Store address Availability Gostiny Dvor Yes ADD TO CART Komendantsky prospect Yes ADD TO CART.

Description of the game.

Publisher: Lifestyle Author: Jonathan Bittner, Andrew Cedotal.

Components of the board game Everything in the palm of your hand (Palm Reader) The board game “Everything in the Palm” is one of the variants of the well-known game “Spoiled Phone”, which is often used not only for entertainment, but also in various trainings.

Everything in the Palm of Your Hand is a tactile cooperative game in which only one player knows the symbol on the map and everyone else has to guess it. The leading player draws this symbol with his index finger on the palm of his neighbor on the left, who in turn draws it on the palm of his neighbor, and so on …

However, no player should be able to see the actual drawing process. Each player must guess which symbol is conceived, relying solely on his tactile sensations. Together, the players try to earn as many points as possible..

The game was recommended by the famous child psychologist Valentina Paevskaya .

The board game “Everything in the palm of your hand” includes: 96 double-sided cards measuring 120 * 79 mm; 1 cube; 1 box for the dice (so that the result of the throw is not visible to other players); Scoring notebook; rules of the game.


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