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The bra is perhaps the most sophisticated and, let’s not be afraid of the word, the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe. As a humble superhero, the right bra stays in the shadows, while helping its wearer create a graceful, seductive silhouette that attracts the looks of men and makes women envy..

However, modern bras are not so modest. — some just ask to flirt through a translucent blouse, or even under the bright light of spotlights or on a glossy cover. Such a bodice must definitely get into the collection of an uninhibited fashionista and, by the way, he is not alone.!

Bras «Jasmine»: a short guide to cuts and styles.

Let’s start with the ageless classics — comfortable bras with a molded cup. Such an instance perfectly supports the chest, and a dense cup hides possible figure flaws. Suitable for everyday wear under closed clothing or blouses with a small V-neck.

Of course, for complete happiness, one such bra is not enough for us, because we want to buy several at once:

white — under light clothing; the black — under the dark; bodily — for all occasions; with colorful stylish print — for a mischievous mood; model with smooth cups — under tight knee socks and T-shirts; — under light blouses.

Curvy girls should pay attention to bras with soft or semi-soft cups. And if you want to visually increase the volume and slightly lift the chest — at your service push-up models with sealing inserts.

By the way, push-up can also be different: with a duplicated or molded cup, with removable or sewn-in liners, with foam or gel inserts. In the catalog «Jasmine» there are inexpensive push-up bras that can visually increase breasts by one or even two sizes.


Have you chosen a classic bra? Why not try on a flirty balconette? It can be identified by the special shape and fit of the cups, vaguely reminiscent of a French balcony. The balconette cups are lower than those of the classic models and form a straight line at the top.

Such bras are sewn, as a rule, on supporting underwires, and can be equipped with push-up inserts..

Like the classics, the balconette can be worn every day under any clothes. And for lovers of blouses with a deep D-neck and a seductive neckline, it is absolutely irreplaceable. So, at least one, such a bra is still worth buying in your collection.


The most popular bra of recent seasons. Lightweight, playful, absolutely free of movement, the bralette is ideal for romantic summer looks, under a light sundress or a blouse with a deep cut on the back. Unlike other models, it is not customary to completely hide a bralette under clothes: an elegant curly back, intricately intertwined harnesses, a piece of lace frill – even the smallest, – should be in sight.

A distinctive feature of these bras — light lace cup without a seal. Maximum — padded gusset and underwired support. The calyx is usually triangular, blending smoothly into straps.

In the catalog «Jasmine» there are models with a thin and elongated belt, like fashionable bustiers, intricate lace and smooth bodices with a translucent mesh.

Choosing the perfect bra «Jasmine»

Agree that women’s bras – delicate thing. Knowing that someone has worn it before you is at least unpleasant. Not to mention the hygiene rules. We respect our customers, which is why we do not provide linen exchange and return services.

When buying a bra from Jasmine, you can be sure — you are the first and only one who put it on!

Of course, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase and are ready to help you with the choice of your particular model. To buy a beautiful bra that will perform 100% of its function, you need a little preparation. First you need to determine your size:

measure the girth under the bust, always with hands down; measure the bust over a comfortable classic bra without padding or push-up inserts.

Helpful Hint from Jasmine: Even If You Know Your Size – re-measure before purchasing. Our volumes change from year

to year, you just need to gain or lose a couple of kilograms – and old standards can no longer be trusted. To make measurements as accurate as possible, do not take them yourself. — ask someone to help you.

Remember, the perfect bra should fit snugly around your body. The bones should be located strictly under the breast, the cups — fit snugly without forming wrinkles and folds. Raise your arms to make sure the bra fits. — the cups should stay in place.

The chest should not jump out, neither from the top, nor from the bottom, nor from the side..

During the fitting, the belt should be fastened to the extreme loop, it should lie on the back strictly horizontally and in no case dig into the skin and not jump up. No more than two fingers should fit between the belt and the back. Even with the straps down, the bra must remain in place.

The cups may come off slightly, but the belt should not slide down.

Be sure to admire yourself in the mirror. Check out the side view. If the bra is fitted correctly, the protruding part of the chest will be in the middle between the shoulder and elbow.

Adjust the straps to achieve the desired fit, but do not overtighten them. — they should not squeeze the skin.

If you are in doubt about the size — contact our consultants for help. We will be happy to help you find the right model. You can contact us in any convenient way: by phone, via online chat or «Telegram».

You can also buy women’s bras «Jasmine» in one of our offline stores, where an experienced consultant will help you find the optimal size.

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