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BrandScience’s monthly marketing hype review.

BrandScience’s Monthly Marketing HYIP Review.

We are glad to share with you the first summer selection! It is especially pleasant to have COVID free reasons in it. Go!

Instagram and Tik Tok almost simultaneously announced the imminent launch of dating services inside their own applications.

So, a new feature has already been launched for some Chinese Tik Tok users (Douyin).

What is the peculiarity of Connection implemented in Tik Tok: · the algorithm selects people who, in its opinion, should be suitable for each other; A video chat opens, in which they are invited to guess riddles together (while on the screen, in addition to the face, only the city, age and zodiac sign are displayed – everything else is hidden for privacy purposes).

After several riddles solved, Tik Tok disconnects the callers and offers them to rate each other – are they ready to continue the conversation or not. Only then a chat appears with their real names and all other data.

As for Facebook Dating, it is already operating in 19 countries and should soon be launched worldwide. When working, the data of profiles in Instagram and Facebook are used, while the account in the dating service is autonomous and hidden both from colleagues on Facebook and from friends on Instagram. Interestingly, the service has one killer feature “Secret Crush”.

You can choose from your Instagram followers who you are secretly in love with.

If this is mutual – and only in this case – both of you will receive a notification and a secret crush dialog will open.

A huge user base gives a clear competitive advantage to both social networks – you just have to wait and see how convenient these services will be, and whether they will be able to switch a significant share of users of existing dating market players.

MegaFon launched a new tariff together with one of the most popular Russian bloggers – Wylsacom (Valentin Petukhov).

It seems that this is the first case in the world when an operator does not attract bloggers to promote its tariff, but initially creates a

tariff in collaboration with a blogger, and takes into account the peculiarities of its audience.

Petukhov became a full participant in the project – in addition to the fact that his YouTube account will become the main promotion channel (Wylsacom has more than 9.2 million subscribers), it is reported that he participated in the development of tariff conditions together with the operator.

The main focus of the author’s tariff “Internet. Wylsacom Edition “is made, of course, on the Internet: unlimited use of YouTube, social networks and messengers, as well as 25 gigabytes of traffic per month for everything else and protection from connecting paid mobile subscriptions.

During the pandemic, not only the state provided assistance to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. So, brands and individual media persons launched various activities in support of SMB: they created charitable foundations, provided free access to products and advertising in their own media, inspired businesses with their creativity..

For example, at the very beginning of self-isolation, Tochka Bank launched a creative project with real entrepreneurs who found themselves in forced isolation with their business. After a while, he also launched the Business Assistance Fund, which was replenished by voluntary contributions from the bank’s clients. Within the framework of the fund, the bank also organized the sale of the Say It by Deed Hoodie collection and organized an online demonstration of entrepreneurs on the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship.

Among the competitors, Sberbank also distinguished itself by launching the “Business at a Distance” YouTube show; Alfa-Bank with a free account for business, and Bank Otkrytie, which, together with NMG, OMD Media Direction and FUSE Media Direction Group, placed commercials of entrepreneurs on TV for free. In addition, the bonus advertising budget was provided to the business by Yandex.Direct, VK and Odnoklassniki, and Burger King advertised the affected business in its application..

During self-isolation, some entrepreneurs were also rescued by the initiative of MTS – an interactive map “Close to me”, which showed operating companies (mainly cafes that work for take-out and delivery). Individual bloggers also launched their charity project, so Anastasia Ivleeva launched the project “Business will live”.

Also Forbes Woman and Mercury announced the creation of an award for women who managed to save their business during the pandemic..

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