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Built-in acoustics for bathroom and kitchen (comparative review of models)

Built-in acoustics for bathroom and kitchen (comparative review of models)

Recessed speakers are usually ceiling or wall mounted. Thanks to the special moisture-resistant material of the diffusers, they can be placed not only in the bedroom, hallway and living room, but also in the kitchen and bathroom. Today we will talk about various models of such equipment that are suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity..

One of the features of built-in acoustics is a minimum of occupied space without loss of sound quality. Do you want music in the kitchen, but there is not enough space to install even a regular Bluetooth speaker? Then this solution is perfect for you..

Another area where there is often no place for music systems is the bathroom. Ceiling recessed speakers are ideal for her. Why exactly are they?

Everything is very simple. The bathroom is a damp room, but the ceiling speakers will not get wet and the occasional splash of water will not harm the moisture resistant diffusers..

Bathroom speaker systems are the ideal solution for listening to music or radio while enjoying your water treatment. Specialized ceiling and wall speakers are popular because the environment in such rooms is not always favorable for conventional acoustics. Active models with built-in amplifiers are available, as well as passive models requiring external amplification.

Single stereo speakers are often chosen for bathrooms because room space is limited..

Sauna speakers can be installed in the relaxation room or directly in the steam room, but care must be taken when installing acoustics for a bath or sauna. It is best to choose a cooler place for the device you decide to install in the steam room, for example, install the sauna speakers under the benches at floor level. So you will always have the opportunity to create musical accompaniment in all rooms of the bath. In addition, you can safely install pool speakers in the washroom or by the hot tub.

Waterproof ceiling speakers create a great musical atmosphere in any room.

Install recessed ceiling speakers in the stretch ceiling of the kitchen, hollow walls (not forgetting the correct heat and moisture insulation) of baths or saunas: they will not take up too much space and will be invisible, and you will surprise your friends and loved ones with music anywhere in the house. These ceiling speakers can be installed in hotels, restaurants and business centers for a unified musical accompaniment of all rooms, as well as to convey important information to guests and employees, regardless of their location..

Thus, waterproof ceiling speakers are used in bathrooms, swimming pools, lounges, steam rooms and other wet areas, and in some cases outside under eaves or covered structures. They are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand steam and moisture, but they must not be completely submerged in water. The back of the device must be in a waterproof location, so when installing outside, you must have a waterproof roof on top of the speaker.

Is it possible to build in acoustics after repair?

If you are renovating, then it’s time to think about built-in acoustics for your kitchen or bathroom. So you can plan not only the location of the ceiling or wall speakers, but also think over the installation of built-in media players, and you can also discreetly conduct all the necessary wiring. However, do not be upset if the repair has already been made, and the built-in speakers have not yet been installed.

If you have a suspended, suspended or slatted ceiling, you can still integrate the speakers into the ceiling. It is also quite easy to install built-in acoustics in the walls and ceiling made of plasterboard, however, with the finished repair, you will have to think about the wiring separately..

Ceiling speakers and recessed amplifiers with radio.

For passive ceiling speakers you will need an amplifier, and since we mean space saving by recessed speakers, recessed players are the best choice. There are two models of embedded media players with radio in the AVEL online store catalog.

The AVS135 built-in player is a

stylish solution. The built-in AVS135 player has a color display, USB and SD connectors for connecting external media, Bluetooth for connecting a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the built-in player is equipped with an FM tuner that allows you to listen to your favorite radio channels. Convenient touch control buttons allow you to quickly switch device functions.

The player is built into the wall using a socket, which is included with the device. The built-in amplifier has a power of 2×25 W.

The second model of the AVS130 built-in player is a simplified version with a monochrome display. Just like the previous model, this built-in player has USB and SD connectors for listening to your favorite tracks from external media, Bluetooth for quickly connecting a smartphone and FM radio. The player is built in using the included socket.

The amplifier in this model has a power of 2x15W.

Built-in players will perfectly fit into any interior. The amplifiers are controlled not only with the help of touch buttons located on the body, but also with remote controls, which are included in the package of devices. These built-in players have proven their worth and are fully compatible with ceiling speakers.

Ceiling speakers.

The next model I would like to present is the AVS125 ceiling speaker with built-in amplifier and Bluetooth. This model will best fit into a small kitchen or bathroom. The 6.5 ”, 10W recessed ceiling speaker is designed for comfortable listening in small spaces.

This device will require a 220 V power supply, and this is another plus, since you never have to think about charging the battery..

The 6.5 “AVS650CS and 8” AVS800CS ceiling speaker models are best paired. The speaker power of the AVS650CS is 10W, while in the AVS800CS model it is 20W. Thus, a built-in amplifier from the AVEL catalog can be easily matched to each model.

Speakers are built into the ceiling in pre-drilled holes.

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