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Built-in ceiling acoustics in the apartment.

Built-in ceiling acoustics in the apartment.

Ceiling acoustics – these are modern components of audio systems that reproduce sound, which are designed for flush mounting in the ceiling structure, allowing you to organize effective sounding of premises (sub-sound), while remaining invisible, without taking up useful space.

For quite a long time, ceiling speakers have been used in the sounding of sales areas in shops and office premises, which, as is commonly believed, increases sales and helps to increase labor productivity..

Background music accompanies us in boutiques, grocery stores and even in the parking lot where we left our car. Most often, in such cases, it is the ceiling acoustics that are built into suspended ceilings, whether they are plasterboard ceilings, “Armstrong” or others..

The use of ceiling acoustics in residential apartments or houses has not been a popular solution until recently. And there are a number of reasons for this, the main one of which is most likely the fact that to replace the speakers familiar to everyone – hi-fi speakers, they cannot.

The thing is that a person can determine the position in space of the sound source quite accurately, even with closed eyes, this applies to most of the audible sound range – high and medium frequencies.

By placing the speakers in the ceiling, we automatically offset «sound stage» up above you. Agree, it is not very pleasant to watch a film on the screen in front of you, but to hear the dialogues of the characters from the ceiling, or listen to a symphony concert with the feeling that you are under the stage with musicians.

But do we always need impeccable sound quality, precise positioning, ideal frequency response (frequency response) and other characteristics? Often we just want to be accompanied by our favorite music from the player, so that an interesting radio broadcast is not interrupted in case of moving from room to room, and someone loves to sing while taking a shower or washing dishes in the kitchen. All these pleasures can be provided by built-in ceiling acoustics, invisible in the interior, but most effective in sounding rooms..

Ceiling acoustics in apartments and houses became especially widespread with the development of components «smart home». In particular, modern multiroom systems allow you to place many ceiling speakers in all the necessary rooms of an apartment or house, while you have the ability to completely control everything from your mobile phone: change sound sources, listen to Internet radio, music from an mp3 player , cd player, etc. , turn on music and adjust the volume in each room separately.

Such innovations open up truly endless possibilities for the use of built-in speakers in apartments. I will say more, based on my practice, nowadays my clients quite often install built-in ceiling acoustics in apartments and houses during renovation, especially in dressing rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and many other rooms..

In addition, indirectly, the great potential of using ceiling acoustics is evidenced by the fact that such well-deserved giants of the audio equipment market are engaged

in the production of such components of media systems as: B&W, Klipsch, Bose, Focal-JMlab, Jamo, etc. Having installed ceiling acoustics of these manufacturers in your apartment, you can be sure that you will be surrounded by high-quality and pleasant sound, of course, only on condition that the rest of the musical path is appropriate.

The main types of ceiling acoustics.

Built-in ceiling acoustics are available – open-type – uncased, and closed-case. In the first case, the speaker is open on both sides and is designed to use the entire volume of the ceiling space when playing music, the ceiling itself acts as an acoustic design. In the second, the speakers and crossovers are installed in an enclosure with a specific, specially calculated volume..

In addition, built-in speakers (acoustic systems) are divided into:

– broadband (One dynamic head – speaker, reproduces the entire spectrum of sound frequencies)

– coaxial (Consists of a crossover and several speakers, each of which reproduces only certain frequencies, while usually the tweeter is located on the same axis with the midrange / woofer)

– two or more way, (Like coaxial, it consists of a crossover and several dynamic heads, only located separately from each other)

The choice of one or another device for built-in ceiling acoustics depends on many factors, most often, for the main tasks solved by such systems, coaxial ones are chosen, and more demanding sound connoisseurs take two-, three- or more-way speakers.

Thanks to a well-thought-out mounting system, installing ceiling acoustics is easy. Taking into account the fact that quite often suspended or suspended ceilings are made in apartments during repairs, the use of built-in ceiling speakers becomes the only way to correctly fit the components of audio systems into the interior. They are not striking, you will not stumble about them, dust will not accumulate on them, you can install them where it would be impossible to put conventional speakers – in a passage, a narrow corridor, a children’s room, etc..

How easy it is to install a recessed ceiling speaker yourself, using speaker B as an example&W, I will explain in detail and show in the next article .

If you still have questions about the use of ceiling speakers in an apartment, leave them here, I will definitely answer everyone!

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