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Choosing Magnesium. Admission courses and daily rates.

Choosing Magnesium. Admission courses and daily rates.

Magnesium – it is an essential mineral that is essential for the full and healthy functioning of all organ systems in the human body. Scientific facts and research have proven that this trace element takes part in most biological processes in the body. So, it helps to produce hormones, ensures the correct transmission of impulses, controls muscle contractions.

In 2010, the German Medical Society conducted a large-scale study aimed at studying the behavior of the body in conditions of lack and deficiency of minerals. As it turned out, the topic of the importance of magnesium – very serious and relevant, since 33.7 percent of the working-age population in Germany had a serious lack of a trace element in the body.

Next, we will consider in detail how important magnesium is and what role it plays in ensuring the healthy functioning of the body, what the consequences of its deficiency may be, and from what food to get it. We will also pay attention to natural supplements with magnesium and the peculiarities of taking such dietary supplements..

Why magnesium is necessary for the human body.

About 60 percent of the total volume of the mineral is contained in bone tissue, and the rest is in muscles, blood and other working fluid, as well as soft tissues.

Among the main functions of a trace element, it is important to note the following:

helps generate cellular energy through the formation of ATP molecules; takes part in the metabolic reactions of vitamin C and B-groups, otherwise, without magnesium, these nutrients are useless for the human body; accelerates the recovery reactions of the affected tissues, in particular the epithelium.

In addition, magnesium is important for health in the following aspects of action:

enhances the strength and durability of cell walls; interacts with calcium, thereby regulating vascular and muscle tone, is responsible for improving coordination of movements; helps insulin to enter cells faster; prevents extraordinary contractions of the myocardium; promotes healthy teeth and bones.

What happens in the body with a lack of magnesium.

Turning to modern medicine, there is a specific list of symptoms that indicate a chronic lack of the mineral:

in the morning, bouts of nausea followed by vomiting; normal appetite is disturbed, you do not want to eat more than one small amount of food during the day; permanent fatigue for no apparent reason, which has no connection with lack of sleep, physical exertion or stress. Explained how «just tired»; muscle twitching of the fingers, eyelids, frequent cramps in the hands and shoulder girdle are observed; there is numbness of the limbs, a state of trembling throughout the body, the feeling of warmth and cold in the body changes dramatically; coordination is impaired, in particular, fine motor skills of the hands suffer.


If convulsive spasms in the calf muscles often occur, this is the first and clear sign of magnesium deficiency in the body. At first, these symptoms may occur after physical activity, for example, long walking, swimming or running, and then they appear in a calm state of the limbs. – this is an advanced stage of mineral deficiency.

When contacting a specialist, the first step is to prescribe a course of calcium-based supplements. But this therapeutic method only helps partially, directly eliminating the cramps. It is important to regulate magnesium metabolism and make up for its lack in the body, for which complex treatment is carried out.

Magnesium for the female body.

As statistics show, women tend to experience micronutrient deficiencies 20-30 percent more often than men. This is due to the specifics of the body and the production of the hormone aldosterone, which accumulates water. The mineral from the blood gradually migrates into the water reserves concentrated outside the cells, subsequently it is simply excreted from the body in a natural way.

During menstrual bleeding, additional magnesium loss is observed as aldosterone is produced in large quantities. In case of hemorrhage due to trauma and wounds, the loss of mineral also occurs.

With prolonged use of oral contraceptives in women, over time, a decrease in the amount of vitamin B6 in the body is observed. This microelement is the most enriched with magnesium in our body, since after the decomposition reaction the mineral is not excreted, but is used for internal needs..

Magnesium for the male body.

Men are also prone to a lack of magnesium, which is manifested by characteristic symptoms. Despite the fact that they account for fewer cases compared to the female audience, in men with high blood pressure, when the reading is above 140 mm Hg, a large amount of the mineral is excreted through the urinary tract..


The amount of magnesium in the human body fluctuates due to the influence of various factors, and the mineral balance is undermined if you are sensitive to stress. When you are exposed to such factors, it provokes an abundant loss of the micronutrient. It is not for nothing that they say that magnesium deficiency is a disease of successful people, since businessmen are always in the pursuit of profit, successful contracts and planning for the development of their enterprise, they always experience severe stress..

To take care of your body’s health, you need to get enough nutrients and maintain optimal mineralization through proper nutrition and following healthy recommendations..

Natural sources of magnesium.

In the bowels of the Earth, magnesium inorganic compounds are present, and scientists have also discovered large accumulations in plants and seawater. The mineral is characterized by a low degree of assimilation, which is why it is important to regularly consume foods with its content, as well as exclude spicy and fatty foods from the diet.

Magnesium is found in popular foods such as:

walnuts; spinach; soy; cocoa beans; arugula; anise; bananas; sage; coriander.

With a balanced diet, you can satisfy the body’s needs for mineralization for up to 25 years. As you get older and your body changes with age, you need to consume more magnesium. In this case, it is useful to use natural dietary supplements..

A nutrient tracker helps you find the magnesium you need.

If you want to quickly and easily find out the top magnesium products, or want to know the entire composition of your meal, then try the PREPRO mobile app. .

In addition to making meal plans and checking which vitamins and minerals are lacking in your diet, there is a wonderful feature that looks for anything among foods and supplements that, for example, contains magnesium..

You can get acquainted with the application on the website.

How to choose the right magnesium supplements.

Each person needs their own individual dose of the mineral, which is due to the influence of various factors, in particular:

sports activity; level of physical labor; the quality of night sleep, whether there is a deficit; cases of intoxication; periods of increased mental activity; frequency of infectious diseases.

It is enough for an adult and completely healthy person to receive 400-600 milligrams of magnesium during the day..

If symptoms of a micronutrient deficiency appear, it is recommended to undergo a preventive course

to replenish the body’s needs, using the following nutritional supplements:

– is a combination of a trace element with citric acid. This product has high bioavailability and digestibility, which allows you to take it in small dosages and saturate the body with the necessary nutrients; – represents a special magnesium form, since the mineral itself is in the structure of amino acids, thus, the body completely absorbs the additive and no additional synthesis reactions are required. Due to the large size of the molecule, one cannot be limited to only one capsule of administration, however, it is important to follow the instructions with the rules for taking this drug; Magnesium chloride – it is a salt of easy assimilation, absorbed by the walls of the small intestine, after which it is rapidly distributed in the body.

However, you cannot use this supplement if you have chronic diseases of the urinary system; – this supplement is based on a combination of magnesium salt with aspartic acid, thus it is characterized by a high degree of absorption; – is considered the simplest form of the mineral and is available for purchase at any pharmacy. Combines a favorable price and good properties to saturate the body with a microelement.

Supplements are often prescribed when magnesium and vitamin B6 are taken at the same time, since each component complements the other.

All dietary supplements based on minerals are produced in tablet or capsule form. In addition, you can apply magnesium-enriched creams and masks to the skin. This approach will improve the health of the dermis, but is powerless to solve the whole problem of mineral deficiency in the body..

Magnesium intake rules.

By adhering to the following rules, you can always use supplements safely and effectively for your health:

divide the daily dose into several doses, take them evenly throughout the day. At least two receptions – in the morning and evening; magnesium is well absorbed if taken 15 minutes before meals; you can not use the supplement on an empty stomach or if you do not eat, otherwise it will provoke nausea and pain in the stomach; it is better to avoid combining magnesium supplements with tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, and should not be combined with foods and dishes that increase diuresis, otherwise it will contribute to the rapid removal of the mineral from the body in a natural way; for the body to receive the required amount of magnesium, it is important to provide it with other nutrients, nutrients, in particular calcium. Scientists were able to establish that with an imbalance of the latter, magnesium is absorbed worsens..

Our entire body is filled with micronutrients, and magnesium plays an important role among them. Without it, biochemical reactions in the nervous system will not proceed correctly, and brain activity will also be disrupted..

This substance is one of the seven key macronutrients required by the body every day and in relatively large quantities (at least 100 milligrams). Next, take a look at the best magnesium supplements on the market..

Comparison of popular magnesium brands.

Minerals are an essential part of our body. They are necessary for a number of important functions, which is why their consumption is so important for maintaining health. One of these minerals is magnesium.

Approximately 60 percent of this macronutrient is found in bones, and the other 40 percent of its volume is used by muscles, circulatory system and soft tissues. The most significant functions of this substance are:

synthesis of ATP molecules that provide cells with energy; assimilation of B vitamins and vitamin C (without magnesium, these trace elements are considered useless); acceleration of the process of tissue regeneration; increased tone of muscle fibers and blood vessels; strengthening of bone tissue; reducing the risk of heart disease; lowering the level of insulin resistance.

Unfortunately, today many people do not receive this mineral from food for one reason or another. Therefore, the most effective way to meet the body’s magnesium needs is through the use of dietary supplements. Let’s consider which of them are more effective and which have the best value for money..


American company Solgar, with 65 years of experience in the production of dietary supplements, offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of all segments of the population. These include:

– a special complex containing an additional 25 milligrams of vitamin B6, which improves the absorption of magnesium and the use of the mineral by the body; – a highly bioavailable supplement that maximizes the absorption of the substance and avoids the need to use the product in large volumes.

It is worth noting that each of these products is free of gluten and other substances that can cause an allergic reaction. What’s more, Solgar supplements are free from animal sources and can be used by vegetarians..

Now Foods.

The Now Foods brand, which has production facilities in the United States, offers consumers no less quality products. In their production, a special NOW technology is used, which guarantees the bioavailability of the active components of the supplements and their safety for the human body..

Some of the brand’s most popular high-magnesium dietary supplements include:

– supplement in the form of capsules containing the active form of the mineral (citrate) in a volume of 400 milligrams, which is enough to meet the daily needs of the body; – a product presented in the form of capsules, which contains magnesium aspartate, which improves the process of transporting the mineral to the cells of the body; – a supplement with a relatively low concentration of macronutrient, which allows you to minimize the risk of oversaturation; – pure powder containing 317 milligrams of magnesium per serving, simplifying the process of consuming the product due to the possibility of its dissolution in water or juice; – a unique complex of magnesium and potassium, formed from L-aspartic acid, providing many additional benefits in the form of improving the functioning of the heart muscle and nervous system.

All of the above additives have a high safety profile, which is confirmed by the presence of a GMP certificate and a number of laboratory tests..

Doppel herz.

The German company Doppel Herz, founded back in 1897, offers a special complex called « Aktiv Magnesium + Potassium ». In addition to the components indicated in the name that can have a positive effect on health, it also contains:

vitamins B6 and B12; chromium; zinc; iron.

This makes this product a universal supplement that allows you to saturate the body with useful vitamins and minerals necessary to normalize the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as muscle fibers. In addition, it is worth noting that the Aktiv Magnesium + Potassium supplement has a high safety profile and can be used by children over 14 years of age without health risks..

The brand also offers a more convenient form of this supplement in the form of water-soluble tablets with lemon and grapefruit flavor. Convenient packaging and method of use allow the body to be saturated with useful vitamins and minerals anywhere and at any time..

Doctor’s Best.

Another American brand Doctor’s Best offers supplements in capsule form called Magnesium 100% Chelated. This product contains a form of a mineral called magnesium chelate. Its features are in combination with amino acids, which ensures more efficient absorption of the mineral.

In addition to the main component, the supplement contains compounds such as glycine and lysine. The first improves the process of assimilation of nutrients in the digestive tract, takes part in collagen synthesis and a number of other processes. The second is an irreplaceable acid used by the human body to normalize metabolic processes..

Founded in the USA in 1932, KAL is now known not only in Europe, but also in the CIS countries. Its products have gained high popularity due to their high efficiency, which is achieved through the use of innovative solutions in the world of pharmacology. According to the issued USP certificate, its supplements are absorbed by the body within 30 minutes after ingestion, which ensures timely satisfaction of the body’s needs..

The brand is currently offering the consumer several high-magnesium supplements. These include:

– Contains magnesium stearate, which increases the effectiveness of the macronutrient; – made from magnesium malate, which ensures a better metabolism and, as a result, the absorption of the mineral.

Both products are vegan and do not contain allergic substances.

Puritan’s Pride.

Over the years of the existence of the Puritan company’s Pride her supplements have become quite popular. Magnesium 250 mg is no exception. This product has been shown to be highly effective in strengthening bone tissue, improving muscle fiber function and transmission of nerve impulses..

The main active ingredient Magnesium 250 mg is vegetable magnesium stearate. It has a fairly high level of assimilation and an indicator of safety for human health. But, in addition, the supplement also contains dicalcium phosphate, which is one of the most important elements necessary for strengthening teeth and bones..

Nature’s Way.

Nature brand’s Way offers Magnesium Complex supplement with one of the highest concentrations of the mineral – 500 milligrams. This product uses highly absorbable magnesium citrate derived exclusively from natural plant sources..

In addition, the composition of the supplement includes gelatin, which helps to strengthen bones and teeth, as well as cellulose, which has a positive effect on the quality of nails, hair and skin. All of these ingredients are contained in moderate amounts and may not have a negative effect on the human body or lead to oversaturation..


Solaray – is a renowned American brand that creates quality and affordable nutritional supplements. One of them is Magnesium Glycinate, which is a convenient and effective way to saturate the body with the mineral of the same name..

The main component of this additive is a form of a substance called glycinate. It is distinguished by a high degree of assimilation and a positive effect on the work of muscle fibers. In addition, Magnesium Glycinate contains:

magnesium stearate; cellulose; stearic acid; silica.

This ensures the high efficiency of the product and a wide range of its influence on the functioning of all body systems..

Source Naturals.

An equally effective complex called Magnesium Malate is offered to the consumer by the American company Source Naturals, in whose production processes only high-quality natural products are used. This supplement, in addition to magnesium malate (425 milligrams), also contains sodium and maleic acid.

Particular attention should be paid to the last element here. According to research data, maleic acid, which is produced from fresh apples, is used by the human body to synthesize ATP molecules and generate additional amounts of energy, which further enhances the effects of magnesium..

Which supplement is the best.

Due to the fact that each of the additives described above has certain features, it is rather difficult to choose which one is the best. Therefore, we will conduct a comparative analysis of all products in the table below..

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