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Compact IP fisheye cameras for panoramic video filming without blind spots.

FishEye network cameras are designed to capture the entire scene from 360 ° / 180 ° for ceiling / wall mounting. In parallel with the general panoramic view, using digital functions, they allow you to zoom and adjust the angle of video filming of areas of interest both during “live” broadcasting and during playback of archived video files. The main advantages of a fisheye IP camera in comparison with PTZ models are the ability to “look” in all directions at the same time, an attractive price, miniature dimensions and high reliability due to the absence of moving parts.

Depending on the size of the protected object and the specifics of the video surveillance conditions, you can choose a panoramic camera with the required resolution, climatic and anti-vandal protection, a microphone and built-in IR illumination.

Unlike the bulkier, more expensive, and bandwidth-hungry multisensor models, panoramic fisheye cameras use one sensor and one fixed focal length lens with ultra-wide viewing angles. Depending on the required image detail, a fisheye IP camera with a resolution of 2 to 12 megapixels can be selected. For video monitoring of outdoor objects, devices with a thermal casing of at least IP66 class and an operating temperature range from -40 / -30 to 50/60 ° C are produced, and models with IK10 shock resistance are reliably protected from vandals. A number of cameras have adaptive infrared illumination, enabling video surveillance in complete darkness.

In addition to the functions of motion detection, video and audio analytics, the presence of interfaces for external security sensors and actuators, some fisheye models support user notification of alarms via SIP telephony.

Various video display options One-touch panoramic IP cameras are capable of displaying several video streams with a number of preset parameters. The Global View mode displays the original unprocessed “circular” or “elliptical” image with fisheye distortion. Panorama is an unfolded 360-degree circular panorama, while Dual Panorama displays two halves of a 360-degree unfolded panorama, allowing you to use screen space more efficiently.

When you activate the “Quad” function, the fisheye IP camera works as 4 virtual cameras. In this case, images of four independent areas are transmitted, for each of which you can select a viewing angle and the required digital zoom. oneywell

Elimination of distortions “on board” the camera Due to the strong distortion caused by the use of ultra-wide-angle fisheye lenses, the resulting panoramic image in its original form is practically inapplicable for visual monitoring. With the “onboard” implementation of the Dewarping function, the fisheye camera has a preinstalled software application that provides video “straightening”, decomposition into streams and transmission for viewing and saving in the required form. The benefits of this solution include reduced load on client equipment, the ability to record ready-to-view video to a memory card or NAS, and simplified integration of fisheye IP devices with third-party control software and mobile applications.

Client Side Curvature Correction With this approach, the fisheye camera transmits the original panoramic image with distortions, which are “straightened” by software installed on the server or client workstation. This allows you to customize any display formats of the recorded video and apply PTZ functions to the archive (when viewing saved video files, the angle can be changed regardless of the angle from which the live view was carried out). At the same time, due to the reduced load on the processor, the fisheye IP camera can broadcast the image with maximum detail without reducing the frame rate.

Also, server-side video processing makes more viewing options available (for example, in the tracking mode of moving objects).

Spectrum of application of IP fisheye cameras Panoramic devices of this type can replace several standard fixed cameras and are an effective solution for video surveillance in open, well-viewed rooms or outdoor facilities with a medium-sized area. When mounted on a ceiling or hanging bracket, one Fisheye IP camera allows you to keep an Open Space office, a customer area of ​​a store, a gym, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, an intersection of two corridors, a parking lot or a courtyard under full video control without dead zones. Wall mounting is suitable for filming the entire space of a corridor or tunnel from edge to edge.

Models with a fisheye lens, a relatively low resolution and a budget price can be used in a video surveillance complex, being responsible for a general overview, while in critical places (for example, at cash registers and at the counters of jewelry stores) they will shoot with a high detailing “ordinary” dome or cylindrical cameras.

Guaranteed safety of video data Most modern IP cameras support offline operation with long-term, reliable and uninterrupted video recording to an embedded SD or microSD memory card. This can be useful both in an emergency situation when a communication channel fails or an IP video server or video recorder fails, as well as when a fisheye camera is used as part of a small budget video surveillance system that does not imply the allocation of PCs and server capacities for video archives. In many models with fisheye optics, the loop recording mode is implemented, which is activated automatically when the available memory card is full, and access to viewing the local video archive is possible through the control software, web interface or mobile application.

For more information on IP fisheye cameras and other devices for IP video surveillance systems, please contact the central or regional offices of ARMO-Systems, which is the official Russian distributor of Avigilon, AXIS, Bosch, GANZ, Honeywell, Pelco, Smartec equipment , Sony, Wisenet and other brands.

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