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Detailing the invoice.

Account detail.

Do you want to be aware of all the costs of mobile communications? Love stories in detail? Or are you just wondering where the money went?

Use the service «Account detail», and you will always have complete information about what the funds are spent on from your account balance.

From this video you can learn about the service «Account detail».

The easiest way is to order online bill detailing via the Internet in your personal account or a free mobile application «My Beeline».

Keep track of your expenses wherever it suits you. You can find out how much was spent on communication and analyze your expenses anytime, anywhere – it is enough to have a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet at hand.

You can also order detailing by e-mail. Just send an SMS with your email address to 1401. You will receive a report for the last month by email. As always, you can take detail at the Beeline office.

To get detailed calls on paper, contact any of the Beeline offices with a passport or passport and a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the number under a subscription agreement to receive «Details of communication services». If you need to know the history of the last calls, you can order an incoming SMS with a list of the last five paid charges. The service is called «Easy control».

Is it possible to find out the details of calls to someone else’s number?

Yes, if you are using family plans «All is mine!». Add other numbers and numbers of your loved ones to the main number and control the costs of all numbers connected to your tariff in your personal account.

Cost and features.

With a prepaid settlement system, the cost of settlement periods is as follows:

in one day — 5 rubles (when ordering details not exceeding the limitation period of 8 months); from 9 months to 3 years — 1000 rubles per month.

With a

postpaid settlement system, detailing is available for any period of up to 3 years, for which the invoice is issued.

1 copy «Account details» on paper – 150 rubles for the billing period.

SMS detail.

A report with information about the numbers of incoming SMS is available only in the office «Beeline» and is provided for a period of up to 3 months.

1 copy of detailing on paper – 150 rubles per month.

In the report with information about incoming SMS, the actual subscriber number of the message sender is indicated. If the SMS came from the Internet, then the detail will display either the number indicated by the sender, or arbitrary characters that were substituted by the sending system through the site.

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