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Diagnostic multibrand autoscanners OBD2.

Diagnostic multibrand autoscanners OBD2.

Delphi DS150E is a universal multibrand scanner for diagnostics of cars, trucks, buses. The device is similar in its capabilities to professional autoscanners Delphi and Autocom CDP+.

Diagnostic OBDII scanner with CAN bus support, specially designed for self-diagnosis of a car.

Autel MaxiScan MS309 – universal automotive scanner. The device works under OBDII / EOBD protocols and is able to diagnose cars of American, Asian and European production since 1996.

Universal car autoscanner ELM327 version 1.5 for car diagnostics via bluetooth.

ELM327 WiFi 1.5 – diagnostic autoscanner working with devices on Android, iOS and Windows.

USB ELM 327 autoscanner for autodiagnostics of most modern cars.

New generation universal OBD2 autoscanner supporting CAN diagnostic protocol. This model supports all OBD2 protocols and provides compatibility with many new car models..

Standalone fault code scanner for VAG cars. Car diagnostics for Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi since 1990. with support for CAN, SAE and old Vag protocol.

A scanner designed for diagnostics, testing of internal systems and viewing sensor readings of VAG cars (Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda) since 1990, without using a computer.

Autel MaxiScan MS300 – universal automotive scanner. The device works under the OBDII protocol and is able to diagnose cars of American, Asian and European production since 1996.

Autoscanner Autolink AL301 – is an affordable OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) scanner.

Autel Autolink AL619 – OBD-II diagnostic car scanner.

Autel Autolink AL539B – a specialized automotive scanner for testing systems both via the OBDII protocol and using a multimeter.

Multidiag Pro + for Cars / Trucks – universal multibrand diagnostic scanner for trucks and cars.

Compact autoscanner for European, Asian and American cars. It allows you to diagnose vehicles with OBD2 / JOBD / EOBD protocol support, including those equipped with a CAN bus, including right-hand drive vehicles using the JOBD protocol.

Professional multibrand autoscanner for diagnostics on cars, trucks and commercial vehicles of most world manufacturers. The device is similar in its capabilities to professional autoscanners Delphi and Autocom CDP+.

iCarsoft Scanner i908 –diagnostic scanner for servicing cars of the VAG concern (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda).

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 – universal OBDII scanner for American, European and Asian cars with CAN bus support.

USB ELM 327 – a specialized autoscanner with a switch between the High Speed ​​CAN and Middle Speed ​​CAN buses.

Autoscanner Autolink AL319 – is an affordable OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) scanner.

Autoscanner Autolink AL419 – is an affordable OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) scanner.

Super TOYOTA K + CAN 2.0 – universal adapter for diagnostics of Toyota and

Lexus cars, as well as for programming keys.

Universal ELM327 adapter for car diagnostics.

Universal ELM327 Bluetooth adapter for diagnostics of most modern cars.

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Diagnostic multibrand OBDII car scanners allow every car owner to diagnose their car without having to pay for expensive procedures at service stations. By purchasing such a device, you can at any time connect it to the OBDII connector and read error codes of electronic control units, view data from sensors, as well as many other maintenance operations, depending on the model of the purchased auto scanner and vehicle..

Universal OBDII autoscanners support a wide range of car brands and models:

· American market – the OBDII standard has become mandatory since 1996, but there are some 1994 and 1995 models that support this protocol; · European market – OBDII standard became mandatory in 2001 for gasoline engines and since 2004 for diesel engines, but many automakers have introduced partial or full support for this protocol since 1996. · Japanese market – OBDII has been mandatory since 2004, but as with other markets, many pre-2004 models support the OBDII protocol.

OBDII automotive scanners can be divided into two large groups:

1. Standalone scanners – devices with a built-in screen for displaying diagnostic information. No extraneous devices are required for their operation, just connect to the car, and you can carry out a full-fledged diagnosis. The advantages of this type of device – complete mobility, put the device in the glove compartment or door pocket and at any time you will be aware of the technical condition of the vehicle.

2. Diagnostic adapters – devices that require a laptop, tablet or smartphone to work with. The software must be installed on one of these optional devices, depending on the type of adapter used. The advantages include great information content – a huge amount of information is displayed on the screen of a mobile gadget. Also, a plus is the absence of the need to remove the adapter from the diagnostic connector, it is compact and does not interfere at all, and you will constantly be aware of the technical condition of the car.

Communication interfaces with mobile devices are most often wireless – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but there are also USB versions.

In our online store you can choose and buy your favorite autoscanner at an attractive price. Car diagnostics are becoming more accessible and simple every day..

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