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Diesel engines Perkins (Perkins, England)

Diesel engines Perkins (Perkins, England)

Diesel engines Perkins (Perkins, UK) – high-tech, reliable diesel power units, excellent for consistently high loads.

Perkins is one of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturers with over 80 years of history. Since the second half of the 90s, it has been a subsidiary of the world famous Caterpillar Inc.

Perkins manufactures more than 100 types of diesel engines for almost any field of activity – for completing power generating plants, agricultural, transport, construction, handling equipment, various industrial equipment, etc..

Our company uses Perkins diesel engines with a working volume of 1.5 to 61 litas in the production of Perkins diesel power plants (generators) of the DPP Premium product line. All engines used are manufactured in factories in Northern Ireland (UK).

The range of Perkins industrial diesel engines:

Advantages of Perkins diesel engines:

Trustworthy reputation.

Perkins diesel engines have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable powertrains in the world for power generation. It is no coincidence that they are installed in diesel power plants manufactured by FG ​​Wilson, Olympian (Caterpillar), Gesan, Pramac, Onis Visa, Atlas Copco, etc..

Increased load capacity.

Perkins industrial diesel engines are designed specifically for operation in diesel power plants and are distinguished by an increased average daily load factor – 80% of the diesel power plant’s rated power. This is one of the best indicators in the world market. For reference, the standard ISO 8528-1 daily average load factor is 70%.

Therefore, diesel generator sets based on Perkins diesel engines are an excellent choice for consistently high loads.!

Impressive power range.

Perkins offers a truly wide range of engine capacities to cover virtually any customer power requirement – from small Perkins diesel generators with a few kilowatts to huge megawatt Perkins “monsters” capable of powering impressive

industrial and commercial facilities..

Fuel efficiency.

Extensive design and manufacturing experience and continuous improvement in engine technology have resulted in very good fuel efficiency indicators for Perkins, especially when it comes to high power engines..

High durability.

The service life of Perkins industrial engines before overhaul is 30,000 hours. This is 3 years of continuous operation of a diesel power plant! And with an operating mode of 8 hours a day, a diesel power plant with a Perkins engine will work for about 10 years without the need for overhaul.

Extended service interval.

The standard maintenance interval for diesel generators based on Perkins diesel engines is 500 hours. This is a minimum of interruptions in the operation of Perkins diesel generator sets and savings on maintenance..

Interchangeability of spare parts.

If you already own a fleet of road-building, agricultural, industrial or other machinery, which is quite popular in Russia, powered by Perkins diesel engines, then self-maintenance of a diesel power plant of the Perkins series will not cause any problems for you, and thanks to the interchangeability of many “consumables” and spare parts between different series diesel engines Perkins, you can maximize their stock for maintenance and repair of the entire fleet of equipment in use.

Available service support.

In addition to trained, highly qualified technical specialists of the Diesel Company, at your service is the Perkins service network (more than 4000 divisions around the world). You will not have any problems with purchasing original “consumables”, spare parts, maintenance or consulting when operating a diesel generator set based on a Perkins engine.

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