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Dodge Neon II & mdash; the force of opposition.

Dodge neon ii — resistance force.

The end of the 90s of the last century was marked by the fact that the North American market was attacked by Japanese compact cars, which had not only an affordable price, but also good driving properties, as well as an acceptable level of equipment. All this forced American automakers to use previously unused reserves in order to counter Japanese expansion and maintain positions on the domestic trading floor. The Dodge concern was the fastest to navigate and presented a decent answer in the form of the Neon model.

What is the memory of this car?

The official debut of the second generation Dodge Neon took place at the Detroit Motor Show in 1999. In the same year, the model went on sale and had a huge success in its homeland..

The car was positioned in the C segment, which at that time was gaining momentum and actively developing — mainly due to the models of Japanese automakers. Moreover, the latter offered their customers reliable, unpretentious cars with economical engines, acceptable levels of comfort and price..

If we talk about Dodge Neon, then it successfully fit into this company and became proof that America is also capable of creating inexpensive, but functional cars that are not inferior in their consumer properties to Asian opponents..

It is worth noting that Daimler Chrysler produced the Neon under three brands:

Dodge, Plymouth (until 2001) — for the domestic market. Chrysler ̶ for Europe.

Four-door sedan. Two-door coupe.

The equipment of the Dodge Neon could be called quite worthy, given the class affiliation of the model and its focus on representatives of the poor:

Fog lights. Air conditioning. Adjustable steering column.

Power windows for the front doors. Servos and heated side view mirrors. OEM audio system with CD-reading capability and six speakers.

Airbags for the driver and front passenger. On-board computer. Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Light-alloy wheels.

Backlight for front passenger. Traction control system.

The starting price of the new Dodge Neon was $ 12,500. In the Russian car market, the average cost of a used copy of a model is 200 thousand rubles.


The power range of the American compact consisted of gasoline units:

2.0 liter engine. Power is equal to 133 horsepower (152 — after restyling in 2003). 2.4 liter engine (SRT-4).

Able to generate 215 forces (230 — after 2003 update).

The basic power unit was completed with 5MKP or 4AKP. As for the motor for the SRT-4 version, it was combined exclusively with a five-speed manual transmission with assemblies and elements adapted for high loads..

Basic characteristics of the model:

Body type.

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Wheelbase size (mm)

The car’s suspension is fully multi-link. As for the braking system, disc brakes are installed only on the front axle, while the rear ones are archaic drums..

Owner review.

Dodge Neon is quite common in the market. Therefore, you can find numerous reviews of the owners about it, which reveal the features of this car from the side of consumer use..

Air conditioning compressor. Shock absorbers (in a circle). Headlights, since the reflector of their reflectors was in a deplorable state and could not provide effective illumination of the roadway. Radiator.

Attachment belt. Clutch discs. Synchronizer for 2nd gear in manual gearbox.

Backstage MKP.

Test Drive.

External appearance.

Dodge Neon looks quite ordinary, there is nothing unusual in its exterior design. At the same time, the little car looks nice thanks to the calm body lines, rounded lighting optics, smooth transitions of body parts.

The moldings on the side doors, fog lights, alloy wheels and a bumper painted in body color give some gloss to the model, so its appearance cannot be called budget.

Interior decoration.

But the Dodge interior trim is the most budgetary. In particular, the plastic is extremely tough, and the fabric of the seat upholstery is not the most presentable. However, the interior is assembled quite neatly, and all the panels fit together exactly.

The dashboard with a white background and black digitization hints at the sporty ambitions of the model. It can be read without problems under any conditions, although it is not very informative..

On the center console, the focus is on the climate

control. It is regulated by means of four rotary toggle switches — the controls are intuitive, so you won’t have to be distracted from the road too much. As for the standard audio system, it can be seen only in rich configurations, but it produces high-quality sound: the bass is rich and goes well with high frequencies..

The driver’s seat with dense side bolsters is comfortable. Its high seating position provides excellent visibility, although an overly vertical back can be annoying when actively riding.

On the second row sofa, only two riders of average height will feel comfortable. The third passenger will also be able to fit between them, but the convex middle part of the seat does not contribute to the adoption of a comfortable body position.

The luggage compartment is 371 liters. This indicator cannot be called outstanding, but for trips to the grocery market, the capabilities of such a compartment will be enough..

Driving qualities.

When updated in 2003, the Dodge Neon received a modified two-liter engine with 152 horsepower. And we must admit that the power plant has shown itself on the positive side. It has solid low-end traction while still showing a perky pickup at mid-range.

It is a pity that the manual transmission does not have a high definition of switching, and when choosing an automatic transmission, there is a high probability of being disappointed in its slow shifting..

The chassis has atypical settings for an American car. — the engineers focused on handling, while comfort faded into the background. Therefore, the steering wheel has a clear informational content and acceptable sensitivity, and the rolls are moderate in corners. The suspension is distinguished by its elasticity, which makes it possible to overcome irregularities without strong shocks and vibrations..

Results: Dodge Neon of the second generation is one of the most outstanding representatives of the C segment. The main advantages of this car over competitors — it is an affordable price, good equipment and excellent driving properties. The disadvantages are not critical, and they can be attributed to the class of the car..

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