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Dr. Tommy Lee Osborne is one of the greatest soul winners of the 20th century. Quotes from books.

Dr. Tommy Lee Osborne is one of the greatest soul winners of the 20th century. Quotes from books.

Dr. Tommy Lee Osborne (December 23, 1923 – February 14, 2013) is known throughout the world as a missionary, evangelist, speaker, teacher, book author, linguist and administrator. However, not everyone knows that he was also a talented pianist..

He is considered one of the greatest soul winners of the twentieth century..

Together with his wife Daisy, they have preached the Good News to millions of unsaved people in over 90 countries for half a century. They preached daily to congregations, the number of which could reach from 20 to 300 thousand people..

Tommy Lee and Daisy Osborne published gospel literature in 132 languages ​​and dialects. Ministers also produced documentaries and audiotapes for public evangelism in nearly 80 major languages. They sent large shipments of soul winning materials to evangelical missions and laborers around the world..

The Osborns equipped vehicles equipped with films, movie projectors, screens, generators, tape recorders and cassettes, as well as a large amount of literature for evangelism abroad.

Dr. Osborne was the first evangelical missionary to preach in open areas and parks in non-Christian countries, proclaiming the name of Christ and praying for miracles.

After Tommy Lee Osborne departed to the Lord in 2013, his daughter La Donna Osborne continued his ministry. Today, Osborn Ministries International is actively developing, bringing the Good News to those in need..

The books written by Dr. Tommy Lee Osborne have given impetus to the development of international evangelism and revival in developing countries. His book “Healing the Sick” is considered a modern classic on Divine healing, recognized worldwide since 1951, has sold over 1 million copies, and this is in English only..

Topical quotes from Tommy Lee Osborne from his books:

Soul Conquest:

“Millions of needy, desperate, lonely, frightened and forsaken people will respond and accept Christ if there are those who will go to them.”.

“For many years, Christians have preferred to hide behind the walls of their sanctuaries, avoiding contact with the outside world. The impression was that believers were not very interested in what happens to the unconverted. “.

“Submit your feelings to the Lord so that His feelings can manifest in you.”.

“Today the Lord works through believers who allow Him to use their bodies, souls and minds. Jesus Christ

can serve people only if the believers allow Him to do it. “.

“While some Christians flaunt their spiritual gifts and extraordinary manifestations, tens of thousands of believers around the world who want to serve unconverted people are discovering the secrets of personal evangelism.”.

“Biblical Christianity is Christ living in and working through ordinary people like you and me.”.

“Sincere Christians will never deliberately confine Christ to homes, sanctuaries, and people. But if they do not allow Him to speak with people and carry the Good News, the Lord has no opportunity to show His love for the suffering world. “.

“Christ’s atonement was complete and final, and therefore He was now able to give us strength, commissioning us to continue the ministry that He began.”.

“Christians should adapt to the rhythm of modern life, using all the advances in technology: television, radio, film, audio and video tapes, photocopiers, the Internet, e-mail and much more to spread the message of Christ.”.

“Healing the sick”

“Christ healed not only to prove His divinity, as some believe. He did this by fulfilling His commission – fulfilling the will of God “.

“We must not tolerate sin in our lives because Jesus bore our sins. Likewise, we must not tolerate sickness in our bodies because Jesus bore our sickness. “.

“Salvation from sin and salvation from sickness, or healing from sin and healing from sickness are blessings that are part of our redemption.”.

“He wants us to be healed, healthy, and strong in Christ. This is our right and our privilege in Him “.

“We must know the will of God. Then we must accept by faith what He has promised in His Word, not doubting that when we ask, we receive. “.

“When you believe, you have the right to be healed, just as you have the right to be forgiven.”.

“Where the teaching of God’s provision for everyone is taught, faith is always born of people and they are always healed. This method never fails. Faith never loses “.

“When we do what depends on us, God is always faithful to do what depends on Him.”.

“Christians do not need to be sick, just as they do not need to live in sin. God always wants to heal you “.

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