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Drilling water wells in the Moscow region.

Drilling water wells in the Moscow region.

We know what bothers you, so we answer your questions right away..

The place

for the work is selected based on the following factors:

Possibility to drive a drilling machine; Lack of power lines, underground communications. As close as possible to the point of entry of the drinking pipe into the house (this will save you money on earthwork and materials laid in the trench).

As close as the equipment will allow you to drive. If the place of drilling a well for water is located close to buildings, we recommend that you take measures in advance to protect the walls from dirt. About the possibility of using a small-sized installation for work, check with the company’s manager by phone.

3 vehicles on the basis of ZIL-131 leave for the drilling site:

Provides water (since the drilling process takes place with flushing, we need water)

For accommodation of working personnel.

Our teams are completely autonomous and do not need housing.

To drive in the drilling rig, the gate width must be at least 3 meters, provided that the machine will drive into the area at a right angle. If the race will be carried out at an angle, then the minimum gate width should already be from 3.5 meters. If the gate is smaller, it doesn’t matter!

With your active assistance, our team will prompt and help you to remove the section of the fence. The width of the drilling rig based on the ZIL vehicle is 2.5 meters, the length is 7 meters, and the height is 3.4 meters. The minimum size of the site for drilling operations is 4×12 meters.

If you need a small-sized installation, check by phone about the possibility of departure.

On average, the drilling time is 2-3 days, in the winter period the work time increases.

The depth depends on the exact location, geology, the aquifer in the given area. You can independently find out the depth on our map, or get all the necessary information from a technical specialist by calling the phones indicated on the website.

It is technically impossible to complete this complex process without a check-in – the equipment on the car is not removable.

The concept of siltation means that fine sand particles seep into the interior of the well, which settles inside, clogging the filter part, thereby preventing water inflow. This issue is relevant for sand wells using metal pipes. The correct choice of pipes and filter is very important.

We offer the best solution – a high-quality filter with a three-layer dusting made of food-grade polyethylene, which will not miss a grain of sand.!

We guarantee that our wells are not silted!

Let’s count: usually a person spends from 100 to 450 liters of water per day: this is taking a morning shower, an evening bath, washing dishes, food, hands three times a day, a one-time visit to the toilet and running a washing machine (excluding water consumption for the garden, etc.).

It turns out that for a family of 3-5 people, at a maximum flow rate, from 1350 to 2250 liters per day will be required. Based on the above data and the necessary needs, you yourself can choose the most suitable version of the autonomous water supply system.

Yes, always. If water is not found, you have nothing to pay for!

10. What are the options for water wells?

In Moscow and the Moscow region, two options are available:

It is drilled into limestone – natural stone has porosity, the presence of faults and cavities, which create a natural reservoir for the movement of groundwater. Limestones are common throughout Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Water is extracted from aquiferous sedimentary rocks of sand and sandstone, formed as a result of the destruction of solid rocks. Water-bearing sands that will delight you with a large amount of water are not found everywhere. In our experience, water-rich horizons are located in the Odintsovsky, Istra, Solnechnogorsky, Dmitrovsky, Sergiev Posad, Pushkinsky and Mytishinsky districts..

How much water do these sources give?

From 2 to 5 m³ / hour, which equals 2000-5000 liters per hour.

From 1 to 3 m³ / hour, which is 1000-3000 liters per hour.

Online cost calculator.

Depth map of water wells in the Moscow region.

Deep sand well. Limestone well (artesian).

By clicking on the icon, you can find out the probable depth at a given location.

The depth map is for informational purposes only, it is important to understand that each well has its own characteristics..

The cost of 1 meter of water well drilling in the Moscow region is from 2800 rubles.

The cost of work includes:

PVC plastic pipe Ø125 mm.

They meet all the necessary sanitary standards, do not have odors, and are resistant to environmental influences; The PVC-U pipe is not subject to corrosion; The pipe material does not support combustion; Does not pollute and does not violate the ecology of the source; High physical and mechanical performance (resistant to internal and external influences); The service life of a well made of PVC-U pipes is more than 50 years; Delivery of equipment, drilling to water, installation of pipes into the well and its pumping.

Our work.

Drilling of wells for water in the Moscow region: turnkey prices and per meter.

How to order water well drilling?

Drilling and development work is done in 2 stages!

After drilling, you receive a certificate for the well, which:

Contains all the characteristics of the well; It is necessary for the correct selection of the required equipment; Very useful in case of sale of a plot.

What is included in the warranty?

The Vodny Arsenal company gives a 5-year warranty. This means that for 5 years, visually clear water will flow on your site while maintaining depth..

We provide a full list of necessary related services and services, for the quality of which our company is also responsible. Regardless of what service you need – drilling a well for water, construction works or installation of a water treatment system – you can be sure that it will be performed by professionals.

The most common questions our clients ask.

Answer: Of course, artesian is better, but there is an excellent alternative solution – drilling a well into deep sand. Since, fine sand is not durable.

Answer: Casing is called the reinforcement of a well from the inside with a steel or plastic pipe. Casing pipes support the wellbore, so it does not crumble.

Answer: It all depends on your funds. It is best to start drilling work before building a house..

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