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Experiencing the city kid Peugeot 1007.

Peugeot 1007 invariably attracts attention with its unusual design and original sliding doors.

The Peugeot 1007 was doomed to become an outstanding road user from birth. Frivolous appearance and unique sliding doors – everything is different from others. But we would never have thought that on the road they would react to him that way. “-but!

I want the same! ” – this is one of the most frequent phrases that we have heard about “fawn”.

Wherever he appears, he causes a real sensation – almost no one remains indifferent! Gas stations, car washes, parking lots – all these places became platforms for his performances. We were constantly approached to “get acquainted”, asked what kind of animal and how much it cost. This little car not only knows how, but also loves to attract attention. Do you think that a little awkward design is a mistake of designers, but the fact that an open driver’s door blocks the neck of the gas tank is a “puncture” of engineers?

No matter how it is – this is another opportunity to show yourself.

Peugeot doesn’t complain about lack of attention anyway, but loves to shock the audience. You get out of the car, with a careless movement press the button on the key – and the built-in electric motor slowly closes the door, and the magnet attracts the eyes of others. “The highlight of the program” is to drive straight ahead, with the doors open. Expressions of faces of neighbors in the stream cannot be described in words. But, as it turned out later, sliding doors and an interesting design are not the only things that “fawn” captivated us with.

He is alive – we made such a conclusion after several hours of acquaintance. This is a small city car – like a pet. Sweetheart, but capricious and wayward.

“Fawn” is trying with all his might to seem grown-up. It looks like he was listening carefully to what the “grown-up” cars were boasting about, and decided that he should have everything the same. Dual-zone climate control, glass, excellent audio system, “folding” key, parktonic – he has all this. But all the same, the age cannot be hidden, and why is it? Having sat in the salon, we, first of all, paid attention to the plastic – it looks and feels like a real one.

Plastic! In an era where every plastic panel tries to look “like leather,” this is quite unusual. Moreover, the plastic itself is one hundred percent tough, but – what is surprising! – is perceived not as cheap, but rather as frivolity.

In general, the Peugeot 1007 is a very frivolous car. It coexists with a package that will be the envy of other cars of several classes higher, and a style that does not correspond to this configuration at all. “Pyzhik” loves to dress up very much. Let’s say the fabric inserts on the chairs are zipped, so if you get bored with the red ones, you can replace them with yellow ones. The same can be done with air duct rims.

You can create an interior to match your mood or clothes! In addition to this, the car has just a bunch of all sorts of useful and not very drawers and shelves. But the ergonomics of the car is far from ideal.

Although the steering wheel has pronounced tides for the correct grip, it is not very convenient to use them. The “handbrake” is too low, and in order to tighten it, you literally have to reach down.

But that’s not what gets in the way of driving the car. Its so-called robotic gearbox interferes. In fact, this is an ordinary “mechanic”, but it squeezes the clutch pedal itself, and changes gears too. In theory, if the algorithm of its work is good, then there should be no inconvenience. But problems arose with the algorithm of its work – the box often switches as it wants and when it wants.

You press the gas “to the floor” at two thousand revolutions, and in response – almost no acceleration. And only after a couple of seconds, the “fawn” realizes what they want from him, and switches to the gear down. But it happens that it’s too late. Well, at least there are paddle shifters with which you can always “tweak” its work without switching to manual mode.

But it’s okay to ride only with them. faw

But if you drive at the speed of the flow, then the big cars start to offend the “fawn”. They won’t let you in there, they’ll cut you down here. Most drivers consider the Peugeot 1007 to be a purely female car, and when they see it on the road, they subconsciously think that a girl is driving it.

And it is not customary to respect the fair sex on the road. And, having driven a small Peugeot, we can say: “Gentlemen, men, you are chauvinists, as we have seen on our own skin.” However, it cannot be said that this was very disturbing – the difference in the attitude of other drivers towards Peugeot was, though tangible, but not so significant.

And when the car stops, then everyone’s attitude towards it suddenly changes to the opposite. Not only girls, but also men come up to ask about the car. Even one “Volgar”, standing behind us in line for the wash, could not resist. When he saw that there was only slightly less space in this insect than in his “barge” (however, the trunk turns out to be purely symbolic), he just threw up his hands and sighed: “Well, they’ll think of it.”

But at the very sink, the “fawn” began to be capricious. When we were asked to fold the mirrors, we, not finding the appropriate button, decided that the electric drive was simply not there and folded them manually. But as soon as they turned the key in the ignition to drive a little closer, he suddenly “straightened” them back. Look what, you see, he does not like to “swim”!

True, we found the coveted lever, and the “fawn” no longer resisted.

He’s funny, this Peugeot 1007. Interesting, richly equipped and, most importantly, alive. This little weasel not only looks great, but also rides very well.

True, you will have to pay for the happiness of owning such a rare animal, and a lot – “our” test car in a rich configuration costs no less than 21 thousand dollars. But, despite the fact that for this money you can buy a golf-class car with not the poorest equipment, we are sure that it will find its buyers. After all, he, like no one else, knows how to bring joy and cheer up.

And it’s worth a lot.

Peugeot will give a thoroughbred car in good hands. The color is blue, the character is wayward, but playful. He does not eat much, is neat, does not require special care.

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