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Features that meet modern requirements.

Capabilities that meet modern requirements.

With tremendous experience and potential in the field of universal control systems, MOOG has a strong reputation as a company that sets the direction of development of motion control devices around the world..

The solution of such problems requires the closest interaction between the developer and the consumer and is possible only if a systematic approach to the problem is provided. It is the development of system solutions that allows MOOG to achieve the results that put it in a leading role in this industry..


To maintain leadership in the field of control systems, MOOG is investing tens of millions of US dollars in

R&D and research in technology and applications. We also actively implement technical advances and innovations in both development and production. All this allows us to raise our products to an ever higher level in accordance with the requirements of the time..

Extreme working conditions.

From deep space to the darkest depths of the ocean, high-performance motion control devices are developed and manufactured by Moog.

Moog motion control systems operate in harsh and even harmful environments. Their design allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh shocks, constant vibration and a host of other potentially damaging factors. Machine manufacturers, engineers and end users around the world rely on Moog for these challenges..

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