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For loudspeakers.

For loudspeakers.

If you are planning to equip a home theater in your apartment or private house, one of the issues that will have to be closed is the placement of rear speakers behind the viewer..

Audio speakers can be placed on floor stands, but it is safer to hang them on the wall on special brackets. In addition to reliability, a serious advantage of placing speakers on brackets is the ability to tilt and swivel the speaker for precise sound direction.

In addition to the obvious saving of space in the sounding room, a wall mount for speakers may well improve their sound, due to good vibration isolation.

Not all speakers can be mounted on the universal brackets. Look for information about mounts in the instructions for your technique..

There are two types of wall brackets for acoustics:

Choose brackets based on the weight and size of your speakers. If in doubt, call us! Our managers will expertly advise, and experienced installers will be able to carry

out the installation of your home theater.

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