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Fortified murano.

Enriched Murano.

I ended the first part of the story about the test drive of the long-awaited (for myself) Nissan Murano with the thought that the car came out not quite what it seemed in absentia. But that’s okay: expectations tend to diverge from reality literally … always. And, since reality is a rather clumsy person, a person usually has exactly two options: to get upset or to adjust. Having decided that I was somehow too lazy to be upset for two weeks in a row, I chose the second option.

And that’s what came of it.

We have mastered 1155 kilometers with Murano in a month of living together.

Despite the wonderful 350Z engine and solid power reserve, the Murano is not a thrill to drive – we have already decided on that. This is a comfortable, imposing car for those who need to be smooth and stress-free in the city, and calm and confident on the highway. And all would be fine, if there were not two inconveniences: the power steering connected “on the contrary” and too nervous reaction at the beginning of the accelerator stroke.

I confess how to solve the problem of a difficult (when not necessary) and empty (when also not necessary) steering wheel, I have not come up with. But I figured it out with the accelerator! To do this, I had to strangle my inner petrolhead and for the first time in my life press a button with the inscription: “NEVER PRESS THIS BUTTON.” After all, this is exactly how, if I don’t confuse anything, the letters Eco are translated from the language of marketers..

It helped! The desired smoothness appeared in the reactions, the last detail of the Nissan character clicked into place and the car turned into … “Camry” of a healthy person. In the sense that Murano relaxes just as well and does not burden its inhabitants with anything, but at the same time it does not forget to delight their sense of beauty with an interesting design and excellent interior..

And what kind of “music” is there! The Bose audio system is available starting from the “second” High trim level and plays no worse than the acoustics of many premium cars. I specially moved to the Infiniti Q50, which was living with us on a parallel long test, and I speak as if in spirit: yes, there is also Bose – but, judging by the sound, with cardboard-foam membranes.

And here everything is deep, detailed and rich.

13.7 l / 100 km was recorded on the Murano on-board computer. But it was given at the cost of great efforts..

And you know what? No matter how authors we consider ourselves to be, no matter how we dream of something daring, bright and tickling our nerves, in the capital, worn out by repairs and traffic jams, we essentially

have nowhere to enjoy the drive. And there is no time. But from chic armchairs, soft suspension and your favorite music – please. At your disposal – all 55 hours from home to work.

And another 63 hours of the way back. Or am I just starting to get old, once I hit this reasoning?

The only thing that we have not managed to adapt to is fuel consumption. Even in Eco mode, even when handling the gas pedal in such a gentle way as if a kitten was sleeping under it, I never managed to go below the 13.7 l / 100 km mark. That’s not much for a nearly two-ton car with a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6, but more than you’d expect from a car that promotes measured driving with all its manners.

It’s good that the old-school engine does not disdain 92nd gasoline – this makes visiting gas stations a little less painful..

In terms of applied costs, Murano turned out to be a completely humane guy. As always, we calculate the costs for the first year of operation for a Muscovite who is lucky enough to live to be 22 years old and spend at least three of them in the status of a driver..

Nissan Murano owner’s expenses in the first year of operation.

– OSAGO 12,080 p. CASCO 111 000 rub. Transport tax 18 675 rub. TO 7 889 rub.

Fuel 103 600 rub. Total 253,244 p. Kilometer mileage (fuel only) 5.18 rubles. Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, including hull insurance) 12.66 r. Kilometer mileage (including all expenses, except CASCO) 7.11 r.

The numbers are quite democratic, but here we must remember about the service interval of 15 thousand kilometers – which means that the second year of life for the newly made muranovod will be much less joyful. If Nissan’s TO-1 is considered “small” – oil and all that for 7,889 rubles, then on the “big” TO-2 all filters, candles, pads and brake fluid will be replaced, which will cost more than 27 thousand rubles. True, now dealers offer a rather tasty “combo”: the first three MOTs can fit in 29 thousand rubles, if you pay for them right away.

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