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How to choose the right contractor for drilling water wells.

When planning to drill a well, its future owner is immediately faced with the question: Who should be entrusted with this difficult and important matter? There are dozens of advertisements on the Internet and on nearby fences with offers to drill a well quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. If you call on any of these ads, a nice girl or a polite young man will tell you that you are incredibly lucky that you dialed the exact number, that it is their office that drills the best and most reliable wells, that the water from these wells is the tastiest and healthiest.

Another number will tell you the same thing, and the task of choosing becomes simply insoluble, especially if you are not a hydrogeologist. clay

In the case of choosing a contractor for drilling a high-rate industrial well, the choice becomes even more difficult, since wells for enterprises and organizations require a large amount of permits, without which it is strictly forbidden to start drilling.

Of course, if your neighbor or friend has already drilled a well in his suburban area, or had experience in choosing a drilling contractor by the nature of their professional activity, and such a well has served faithfully for ten years, then consider yourself lucky! Recommendations from neighbors, friends, or colleagues are one of the most important criteria when choosing a drilling organization, especially if these recommendations are given by people you trust. But there are also pitfalls here, often a person who saved a lot on drilling a well is initially satisfied with this well, but this does not last long.

Choosing a cheap thin-walled pipe, saving on the number of casing strings, without opening the aquifer to a sufficient depth, using instead of a high-quality polymer pipe a secondary one made “in the gateway” by a handicraft method, it is not clear from what, it is really possible to significantly reduce the price of a well, but such a well in a few years will begin to produce water with sand and clay, with an incomprehensible chemical composition, or will stop working altogether. The recommendations of real specialists for the “treatment” of such a well will be very simple: the well must be abandoned, and in return, a new one must be drilled.

So how can you avoid problems and not be wrong from the beginning?

First of all, try to analyze the websites of the selected drilling organizations. Evaluate the quality of filling the site with professional information, clarity of presentation of materials and literacy of design. Of course, geologists and web designers are usually different people, and it is unlikely that on the site of a drilling company you will encounter the highest level of creativity and special effects, but if there is nothing but slogans, empty promises and typical pictures, this should make you think, but maybe they tell you that business owners are not ready to seriously invest in its promotion and, perhaps, do not count on long-term work.

If you are ready to get serious and can explore the websites of different organizations, look for duplicate pictures, photographs, or texts. Unfortunately, theft of unique content from sites with a long positive history of development is a frequent occurrence, and this is done mainly by those who want to quickly and inexpensively impress potential customers. As a rule, on these “unfortunate sites” prices for services are deliberately lowered.

With such a “brilliant” marketing move, the comrades hope to attract the maximum possible number of calls. After all, people are so fond of promotions, sales, special conditions, while forgetting that a well is a complex engineering structure and, by definition, cannot be cheap.

Pay attention to the age of the organization. If she has been working for decades, this does not mean that she has not had errors and problems during this time, but it definitely means that she was able to correct these errors and solve the problems. Outspoken bunglers do not live long, in any case, this is true for legal entities.

Look on the Internet for reviews of the organization’s work. Of course, there are paid reviews written by the site owners themselves, or vice versa by their competitors, but, with due care, such reviews can be filtered, they can be seen immediately by an excessive positive, or vice versa, a complete negative.

A serious argument when choosing a drilling contractor is the Completed Projects section, if this section exists on the drilling organization’s website and contains examples of completed projects in detail (with photos, descriptions and work dates), with letters of thanks and positive feedback from customers, then this the organization is worth paying attention to and the next step may be a visit to the office, or the invitation of the contractor’s representatives to the object.

Evaluate the seriousness of the customers (legal entities) declared on the website for which this or that drilling company performed the work. Usually large companies are careful in choosing contractors, although lately they have become susceptible to cheap prices. It is very effective to ask the representative of the drilling company for recommendations from clients who are serviced by this company.

Pay attention to the fact that the drilling organization has its own fleet of drilling equipment. This can be checked by requesting documents of ownership of the special equipment. If a company has enough of its own drilling machines, the risk of being in a situation where the drilling rig breaks down and has to wait a couple of months for it to be repaired is reduced.

In some cases, photos of drilling rigs on “unfortunate sites” have nothing to do with the owners of this resource, these pictures are either stolen from neighboring sites, or just outright fakes.

Evaluate the qualifications of the specialists of the company you choose as a drilling contractor, especially if you are going to drill a serious industrial well. In this case, the contractor definitely cannot do without a preliminary analysis of the geological and hydrogeological situation at the drilling site, and further monitoring of the implementation of all stages of drilling by a qualified hydrogeologist is simply necessary. In the case of private wells, the qualifications of the contractor’s engineering and technical staff must also be taken seriously. Private drilling sometimes throws up complex problems, which cannot be solved without the necessary education.

Serious drilling companies always have the right specialists on their staff, or cooperate with specialized partner hydrogeological organizations.

And, of course, when making the final choice of a drilling contractor, it is necessary to pay attention to the membership of the drilling company in professional associations. All the participants of the non-profit organization Drilling Union are subject to rather stringent requirements, compliance with which guarantees that all work will be performed at a high professional level, with high quality and on time.

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