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Hydrogel film – what is it and what are its benefits?

Hydrogel film – what is it and what are its benefits?

Today it raises a lot of questions from potential buyers who are eager to get acquainted with its properties and advantages of use. How good it is and how to use it, we will tell further..

Features of the hydrogel film.

The hydrogel film is made of a polymer material that absorbs and retains moisture. It has high strength, is able to protect the smartphone screen from scratches and scuffs.

Advantages of the hydrogel film:

Resistant to mechanical damage. Completely transparent, does not affect the color rendering. Easily adheres to the phone screen, and is quickly removed. Does not impair sensor sensitivity.

Complemented with perfect speaker cutouts, middle button. Does not emit harmful substances, it is absolutely safe. The surface is protected from fingerprints. Long lasting to use.

Affordable price. Glossy Matte Glossy anti-blue light Anti-spy Gradient film on the case cover.

The easiest way is to read the reviews. A stated film thickness greater than 0.16 mm is desirable. An oleophobic coating is required.

For gluing at home, you will need a gluing kit, check with the seller for availability and equipment. Visual instructions for applying the film. The gluing method from different manufacturers can be radically different, it would be nice to see this in the application instructions before buying..

A characteristic feature of the hydrogel film is the self-healing property of the surface. Minor scratches are completely “tightened” within 24 hours. The deep ones shrink, but do not disappear by 100%.

Most of the hydrogel films on the market are anti-reflective. Images on the screen are perfectly visible, even in the open sun. At the same time, it is not “dried” in air and under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Such a film has high wear resistance, retaining its primary properties throughout the entire service life..

It is very easy to care for the film. Since there are practically no fingerprints on its surface, it can be cleaned with ordinary napkins or a soft cloth..

What devices can I apply the hydrogel protective film to??

Most asked questions:

Glass, polyurethane or hydrogel film, whichever is better?

Will it protect the display from falling? Which film is best for the display? How to buy and how much does the delivery cost?

The hydrogel and film have an oleophobic coating?

Most hydrogel protective films on the market have an oleophobic coating. There are more than 100 brands and OEM manufacturers, brand awareness does not guarantee a high-quality oleophobic coating on the film, you should study customer reviews or ask a question to the


What is the difference between a glossy film and a matte film?

How long does it hold on the display?

On phones with a very good oleophobic coating, there is a chance that the film may slip or come off on the sides. The technology of gluing, in addition to the standard gluing, you may need to heat the edges with a hairdryer, followed by pressing. The quality of the adhesive layer of the film itself (depends directly on the manufacturer).

How long does the application process take? How is the hydrogel film removed? Do traces remain after removal?

The entire phone can be protected?

Currently, we have the opportunity to make a hydrogel and polyurethane protective film for the display and the back cover of the phone, the ends remain open.

If you want to cover your phone completely with a protective film, use our service for the production of texture films. How to stick the hydrogel film?

We have made detailed instructions available at the link.

Should you buy a hydrogel film??

It is up to you to decide whether to buy or not. It so happens that there are simply no protective glasses anywhere for the gadget model of interest. In this case, the hydrogel film will come in handy. It is elastic, perfectly protects your device from scratches on the screen, and is almost invisible on the display.

However, it should be understood that nothing can protect your gadget 100%. (except for the insurance company).

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