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In alphabet order.

In alphabet order.

The novel is in two parts. In the first, the narration comes from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old boy, Julio, who, during an illness, falls on the other side of being and can subsequently exist in two worlds. On the reverse side, strange things happen: books leave the country, people forget words, and then get rid of the things that mean them, forget the letters and cannot speak normally, trade phrases and words on the black market. Each time Julio returns there, he meets more and more chaos, but starting to recover on the normal side of life, the boy picks up a dictionary and learns the alphabetical order. …

In the second part, we meet Julio 20 years later. Despite the fact that he leads an ordinary life, we are convinced that he still does not know where the reality is, and where the fiction is, he cannot …

Alphabetical order – Juan Jose Millas, novel Translation: A. Bogdanovsky.

Year of publication: 2014.

256 pages Format 70×108 / 32 (130×165 mm) Circulation 2500 copies. Hard cover.

Translator Alexander Bogdanovsky.

Age limit: 16+

More about the book.

Reviews 9 Quotes 26 Collections 31 Book Exchange – / 2 Readers 96.

August 10, 2018 00:58.

Incredibly inventive, witty, childishly naive and at the same time intelligent prose. The book will especially appeal to

linguists, philologists and lovers of specific humor. A wonderful find for everyone who adores the absurd and who is interested in modern literature.

I just read books. Yu.Ch.

September 19, 2016 13:50.

Flashmob-2016 9/13 I must say that I cannot imagine anything more complicated than describing my impressions of surrealistic works. Because they, too, are surreal to the point of impossibility. As a rule, in such literature, it is the images that are retained in my head by themselves, and they categorically refuse to form a single picture. And here, I must say, the images are incredibly strong.

The most affected, of course, were the books flying away and the disappearing words. The images of Death are also very strong, although I liked this topic less. But in the second part of the novel there is one image that I constantly remember now – the reification of an invented wife, her clothes in the closet.

In general, this parallel life of the hero, when he himself begins to believe in the existence of a fictional …

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