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In search of the perfect wave: an overview of wakesurf clubs in Moscow.

In search of the perfect wave: an overview of wakesurf clubs in Moscow.

In addition to numerous boats of private clubs, residents of the elite residential complex moor their boats here, after which, in fact, the pier was named. In summer, in hot weather, the entire powerful armada of Sails goes out on the water, so the traffic in the area is incredible, especially on weekends. On the infrastructure: there is paid parking, changing rooms in the form of tents and a restaurant, where riders in wetsuits and board shorts are urged not to enter.

How to find: Aviation 79, building 1 (RiverClub Moscow)

A vigorous club with affordable prices. The head coach is @ yaskasurf, who has many awards in her arsenal, including the bronze of the World Championship in the Masters category (2020). Fleet: Tige Z3 with a flat but long wave and brand new Nautique GS 22 in tiffany. This is the Range Rover in the boat world – sporty and angry.

Plus, it looks cool on Instagram photos..

Price for a set of 25 minutes: from 2750 to 3500 rubles depending on the day of the week and the presence of a client card (boat Tige), from 3750 to 4500 rubles (Nautique) Registration: online at

The old-timers of the water area, led by the energetic @ wakestylevera. Guys, if necessary, will support dancing in the boat and teach you new tricks. Stern coach – @ dolchi, experienced rider, international judge and head of CWSA Russia.

In general, if you want to prepare for the competition, then this is also here..

Fleet: Wakestyle has five boats this year, from the low-cost Nautique 210 to the advanced Nautique G25.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 3000 rubles – the tariff for a budget boat, and 5000 – for the most sophisticated.

Recording: by phone in the profile header @wakestyle_club.

In 2007, not everyone was aware of what wake and wakesurf are, but in Wakeup Moscow they already skated on the boards. In a word, the club has no experience, good mood too.

Fleet: Nautique 226 LE and Centurion Enzo 24 SV (if these names don’t tell you anything, we can add from ourselves that both boats are quite stable)

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 3300 rubles, discounts are valid with a friend’s card (this is issued if you skate 15 sets in Wakeup Moscow) Recording: Wakeup_moscow_ at Taplink.

The guys have flexible pricing, if you want to save money, you can grab 25 minutes on weekdays for 2800 rubles (by the standards of a wakesurf, this is not enough, really not enough). By the weekend, the cost, of course, increases..

Fleet: Nautique Super Air 210, Mastercraft X-Star and Malibu VLX. All three boats are quite popular in the world of wakesurfing..

Price for a set of 25 minutes: from 2800 to 4000 rubles Registration: online on the website (but no one canceled messages to direct)

And this team has been in the water area for the first year. What does it mean? All equipment is in perfect condition: boards, wetsuits, and vests.

Fleet: brand new Nautique G23.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 4500

/ weekdays and 5000 / weekends Sign up:

The place can be attributed to the average price category. In addition, the club offers bonus and discount programs.

Fleet: Tugboat named Moomba Max and Nautique Super Air 210, reliable all-rounder for wakeboarders and entry-level surfers.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: from 3000 rubles (Nautique 210), from 3500 (Momba Max) Registration:

And this is the premium segment – a club with expensive rental boards, one of the most modern boats in the world and corresponding prices. The trainings are conducted by professional athletes @unlocal and @leformsurf (for two they have a very impressive list of achievements).

Fleet: Centurion Fi 23, just off the assembly line, built in 2021.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 5500 rubles / weekdays until 18:00, 6000 rubles / weekdays after 18:00 and weekends.


A spot familiar to cable wakeboarding enthusiasts in the iconic Strogino Wake Park. Boats appeared next to the winches this summer. It is pleasant on the shore, there is where to sunbathe and where to turn off after a gurney with a hookah and a cocktail (in this case, look for the restaurant “Coast”).

There is also a wave-ramp for surf skaters..

How to find: Isakovskogo street 37, building 2. The pier next to the reversible winch.

The club is run by @_argamak_ and @rudikgurevich. There is no separate trainer, but the pilots, if necessary, will give instructions and will lead during the set. By the way, ask them to give a single-fin to the ocean surf (this is one of the few clubs where such a board is available for rent).

Fleet: MB-52, reference shape and size.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: always 3500 rubles Registration: only on the website

This crew is easy to spot on the water thanks to the boat’s champion color. In addition to the gurney, you can sign up for functional training (good physical shape has not bothered anyone yet).

Fleet: Axis T23 2020 aka Bumblebee, Centurion Vi22 2021 (coming soon)

Price per set 25 minutes: welcome-set for new guests – 3500, for those who are not for the first time – 4500 on weekdays and 5000 on weekends.

Take note that only one of the Home Wave boats is based in Strogino, the other spot is in Myakinino.

Fleet: Axis T23 (Strogino), NAUTIQUE SUPER AIR G23 and G30 (Myakinino)

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 4500 / weekdays and 5000 / weekends (Strogino), 5000 rubles (Myakinino) Recording:

Home for a very WAVE boat of the Centurion brand. The main Moscow surfer seemed to like it.

Fleet: Centurion Fi23.


Popular pier 5-7 minutes walk from Myakinino metro station. In good weather, everyone sits on the grass opposite Surf Coffee or sunbathes on sun loungers by the pool overlooking the embankment and high-rise buildings in Krasnogorsk.

How to find: 66th km of MKAD, outer side, Shore House yacht club.

It looks like this club misses the ocean a lot – the place was named after the famous surf thriller On the Crest of the Wave. Wild spots, sandy beaches, adventures, bright sunsets. Have you presented?

Super, now we are returning from the cinema of utopia back to the Moscow region. Local Point Break is wake waves from Super Air Nautique 230 and Super Air Nautique G23, which, in general, is also good).

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 4000 on any day for any boat Registration:

Fleet: top-end Centurion VI22, Malibu M235, Nautique 230 (pier in Zavidovo)

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 3750 rubles on any Malibu tug, 5000 for a Centurion, 4500 – the cost of a set in Zavidovo.

Surf Like Pro was opened by Seva Shulgin, a famous conqueror of big waves, who was the first to introduce the capital to wakesurfing (it was, for a minute, back in 2005). As we can see, his work lives on!

Fleet: modern boats Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV, Moomba Makai 2019 and Malibu Axis 24.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 3500 / weekdays and 4000 / weekends (Malibu 247), 4000 / weekdays and 4500 / weekends (Moomba), 4500 / weekdays and 5000 / weekends (Moomba) Recording: /

DarkSlide prides itself on the exclusive Centurion Ri237 WWSC Edition. Sportsmen of the annual World Wakesurfing Championship ride behind a boat of this configuration. Do you want to feel yourself in their place?

Price per set 25 minutes: always 5500 Recording:

They also ride in the Navolne project for the Centurion RI 237. Coach at the stern – Alya Lapina @ me.inlovewithlife, a talented rider, multiple winner of domestic and international competitions.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 5000 / weekdays, 5500 / weekends Recording:

Fleet: Nautique 230 2018.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 5000 rubles, discounts on the Season Pass card (details on the website)


After the gurney in Serebryany Bor, everyone is posting pictures with the Zhivopisny Bridge in the background. The landscapes are greener here, the water is much cleaner and, if you wish, you can even swim in it.

How to find: Karamyshevskaya embankment, a 5-minute drive from the Third Transport Ring along the Zvenigorod highway. Navigator coordinates here .

A very popular place, recording is always jam-packed, but it’s worth looking for a free window. Coaches and pilots in Wake Division – top (see at least riding @xoxotuna or @anastasiaromanova).

Fleet: High-spirited Supreme ZA-232, good old Mastercraft.

Price per set 25 minutes: 3700 / weekdays and 4000 / weekend (Mastercraft), 4300 / weekdays and 4700 / weekend (Supreme)

The club was opened in June 2021 by @vitaly_official and @chudnovart, famous riders and strong trainers. In order not to be unfounded, let’s leave a link to the video where Vitaly leaves the first FS Big Spin in Russia .

Fleet: Axis T23 (neck wave!)

Price per set 25 minutes: 4500 always.

Registration: prepaid 100% through your account.

They call themselves not a club, but a wakesurfing school. The guys have developed a special program for their students, including theory, exercises on balance boards and training exercises on the shore..

Price: 7000 rubles for a full workout and 25 minutes of skiing Recording: direct.

Cozy club with affordable prices.

Fleet: Moomba Mobius LVS.

Price for a set of 15 minutes: 1700 rubles / weekdays and 2000 / weekends Registration:


They say that sand is brought here from the Maldives, and very respected businessmen moor yachts at the berths. To be honest, we don’t know – we didn’t check it … but we can say with confidence that the gurney in the Royal club is pleasant, the shores of the Khimki reservoir are wide, and the competition for flat is small.

How to find: Leningradskoe shosse, berth N17.

One of the few clubs that offers group lessons for beginners. For the pros there is, of course, a workout too.

Fleet: Centurion VI 24, Mastercraft X30.

Price for 30 minutes of rent (20 minutes of skiing): 6000 rubles (Centurion), 5000 (Mastercraft), training in groups from 3500 rubles Registration:


A separate pier, located approximately at the point where Descending flows into the Moskva River. Cozy, there are cafes and poufs by the water.

How to find: Letnaya street, 99.

In WakePeople it is pleasant to ride and just relax. The club includes a veranda, where film screenings, concerts and gatherings are sometimes held.

Fleet: five boats including the new Centurion, Malibu 23 LSV and Nautique.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 4500 rubles, 4250 during happy hours from 12 to 16:00 on weekdays Recording:

WakeStart positions itself as a club for beginners and intermediate riders (self-explanatory name). Wakestart is also actively promoting boat wakeboarding, which has recently been losing popularity to surf..

Fleet: wakesurfing here behind the Malibu Wakesetter and Tige 22V boats. There are 4 boats in total – there are two more wake tugs.

Price for a set of 25 minutes: 4000 / weekdays, 4500 / weekends Recording:


We are talking about quarries where sand was previously mined for the Lyubertsy mining and processing plant. In the mid-2000s, all industrial work ended, and the quarries turned into a popular recreation area with clear turquoise water..

How to find: Dzerzhinsky, Ugreshskaya street, 19.

Ollie Wake works in Dzerzhinka on an exclusive basis, there is no other wakesurf club here! This means that no one will kidnap your flat..

Fleet: Nautique 220 and Malibu 23 LSV.

Price per set 15 minutes: 1950 / weekdays and 2250 / weekends (Nautique), 2550 / weekdays and 2700 / weekends (Malibu) Recording: 8 (926) 060-47-00.

We hope this list comes in handy. If it doesn’t have your favorite club, write the name in the comments.

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