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Jet ski for sports and recreation. Choosing the best one.

Watercraft for sports and recreation. Choosing the best.

The possibilities of equipment for recreation are growing every year. Now in winter they no longer ride from the mountains on ice, but ride snowmobiles and snow-scooters, in summer they do not walk on foot, but move on ATVs. And for fun on the water, there is a kind of equipment – a jet ski. “Riding” this unit, you can make your vacation at the sea or a summer cottage lake even more interesting and exciting.

Design and content features.

A jet ski is no less complex technical device than a motorcycle or snowmobile. In fact, this is a floating craft with a fiberglass hull, equipped with a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine, which ensures self-propelled transport. The jet ski was invented as a sports technique, but over time it gained great popularity among outdoor enthusiasts..

There are two types of watercraft construction:

Standing – sports aquabikes: light, maneuverable, developing speeds up to 120 km / h. Almost any modern sports jet ski is equipped with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination of the jet nozzle (water pump for creating jet thrust). This allows freestylers to perform difficult maneuvers such as jumping over water. Seated – recreational jet skis.

Most often they are two- and three-seater, less maneuverable and faster than standing ones, but at the same time they are more stable and safe. Ideal for walking. Also, the engine power of such jet skis can be enough to tow a water skier or parasailor..

Jet skis, like any other technique, have their own characteristics of maintenance, operation and transportation. Firstly, this is a “seasonal” vehicle, therefore, to store it in winter, you need to allocate space in the garage or a special box, as well as purchase a cover. Secondly, a trailer is needed to transport the aquabike to the place of direct use.

Thirdly, immediately when buying a jet ski, you should

purchase life jackets for each passenger and for the driver..

It must be remembered that a jet ski, whether seated or standing, is a small vessel and therefore must be registered with the State Inspectorate within ten days after purchase and must be paid transport tax annually..

Although the design of the aquabike has a shallow draft, it cannot be used in shallow bodies of water, as well as in rivers with fast flow..

Types of jet skis.

When choosing a jet ski, you need, first of all, to rely on the purpose of its use: whether it will be a sports jet ski for freestyle and professional training in water tricks or a car for recreational walks with the whole family.


Family constructions can hardly be called aquabikes: they are quite large in size and can accommodate up to three people. As a rule, family models are equipped with a trunk for storing spare life jackets and things that may be needed for a walk: blankets, food, water, etc. These units have increased stability on the water and the most simple operation.

A striking representative of family jet skis is the triple SPARK 3UP 900 HO ACE TRIXX.


Sports models of jet skis are most often standing. They, as mentioned above, are light and fast. Managing them requires certain skills, therefore, it is not recommended to start acquaintance with jet skis with this particular type.

Until recently, there was a shortage of jet skis of this type – they were not stable enough. This problem is now solved with the latest BRP solution with the Sea-Doo Spark, a ‘hybrid’ sports / touring jet ski that is light and manoeuvrable like a stand-up but comfortable and safe like a family. Also, this class can be attributed to the two-seater BRP RXP-X 300 jet ski.

It is already completed with additional equipment during production, which is subsequently installed on their sports models..


For tourist rides on the water, manufacturers have turned jet skis into whole vessels – roomy and equipped with a lot of additional parts, for example, folding steps for the convenience of bathers.


Jet skis for children are the safest designs, small but stable on the water. Management is minimized in designs for toddlers and is close to “adult”, but with a greater emphasis on safety, in aquabikes for teenagers.

The progenitor of the jet ski was the BOMBARDIER company, which developed the design of this watercraft back in 1968. However, then the inventors did not see the practical application of their discovery. The Japanese corporation Kawasaki Heavy Industries took advantage of the idea of ​​a jet ski, and after a few years the commercial potential of the project fully justified itself.

By the beginning of the XXI century, the jet ski became one of the most bought types of equipment for recreation.


In addition to the place and way of using your future aquabike, it is important to choose the right manufacturer: the comfort of the pilot and passengers, the speed and durability of transport and, of course, its price will depend on it. We will consider the most famous brands of jet skis and their features..


BRP jet skis have been produced since 1968 with the common name of the entire line – Sea-Doo. BOMBARDIER still produces the most innovative models of this technique to this day. For example, BRP brought the first jet ski with a four-stroke engine, as well as the first model with over 200 hp. The company has created a suspension that is adjustable in height and stiffness, and a closed-loop cooling system for the motor of water transport. Many developments still remain unique: for example, all models are equipped with the OTAS electronic steering system on the water, the iBR braking and reverse control system – this cannot be boasted by other manufacturers of jet skis.

According to many experts, BOMBARDIER is the main “trendsetter” in the market and determines the development of the entire industry..

The general concept for BOMBARDIER products is a combination of reliability, ease of use and reasonable price. Sea-Doo’s range of jet skis are tailored to suit every user need: Sport, Heavy Duty, Cruising, Lightweight and Exclusives.


The company launched its first jet ski in 1986 and has been constantly developing this direction since then. Powerful motor, adjustable steering wheel, enlarged rear-view mirror and interesting design – what attracts the attention of many water riders..

YAMAHA jet skis are less common than BRPs, but they have their loyal connoisseurs. Mainly, the sporty single-seater stand-ups are popular, although there are also classic family models in the range..


Fans pinned great hopes on the jet skis of this large Japanese brand – they expected super-reliability and innovative solutions from expensive and powerful models of jet skis. The expectations were partly justified: the Honda aquabikes had good driving characteristics, high-quality motors and performance comparable to those of the market leaders. However, there were also enough minuses – an unregulated steering wheel, a too high price and an incompletely thought out purpose of the models. Constructive flaws and the presence of strong competitors put an end to the release of “water” products Honda – since 2009 the company has closed this direction.

However, if desired, models of jet skis from this company can be found on the secondary market..


The company began producing jet skis in 1973, shortly after BRP. Kawasaki owes its position and popularity in the market to powerful racing “stand-up” – models intended mainly for athletes, and it is these aquabikes that have been the “calling card” of the company for many years. However, the trends have changed – more and more people began to choose the most comfortable water transport, and in recent years Kawasaki has been producing mainly classic seated models, however, with a constant “sporty” bias.

At the moment, most of the jet skis are produced by the company in the luxury segment. In addition to the high cost, the Russians consider the disadvantage of Kawasaki aquabikes to be significant difficulties with spare parts – problems with availability and their considerable price.


The aquabikes of this company went on sale only in 1991. The company failed to win the trust of customers – problems with engines, spare parts, poor technical characteristics of jet skis – Polaris did not compare with the market leaders. The production of water transport was discontinued by the company in 2005.

Jet ski cost.

The range of prices for aquabikes is quite wide and depends on the class, type and manufacturer. Most companies offer both simple economy options and exclusive powerful cars. However, the characteristics of the transport for the same amount may be different.

Of the BOMBARDIER jet skis, the Spark is the most budgetary option today. The price-quality ratio is really pleasantly surprising – a high-quality modern model of a full-fledged aquabike will cost about 699 thousand rubles. There are no analogues to such a proposal on the market at the moment..

The average price for BRP jet skis will be from 900 thousand rubles to 1200 thousand – in this category the assortment is widest. There are also more expensive options – the Sea-Doo GTX LIMITED 300 will cost the buyer about 1,599 thousand rubles.

The cost of YAMAHA jet skis will be from 650 thousand for a fairly simple sports model Yamaha SuperJet or a touring VX700S. The premium class is already much more expensive – FX Cruiser SVHO has a price of about 1,400 thousand rubles. But, unfortunately, Yamaha has suspended the import of jet skis to the territory of the Russian Federation, and you can buy them only in the capital..

Kawasaki practically does not produce budget versions of jet skis, their main range is from 700 thousand to a million rubles..

Additional costs will include transport tax, purchase of a trailer for transportation, fuel and oil, accessories, and maintenance. The tax depends on the region, but in most cases it is 125 rubles for one horsepower, if there are no more than 70, and 250 rubles for each – with more power.

The trailer costs about 45 thousand rubles for a simple open version and about 250 thousand for a closed type “stalker”. The choice of accessories for a jet ski depends entirely on your personal preferences, but do not forget about the necessary – life jackets, which will cost about 1000 rubles apiece.

The cost of maintenance of a jet ski depends on the selected manufacturer, but it will be approximately 3.5 thousand rubles with a two-stroke engine, and about 7 thousand with a four-stroke.

A jet ski is a useful unit for many purposes: it can be used both on the farm and for entertainment or tourist purposes. It is important to choose a model that matches the characteristics and purchase it from an authorized dealer of the company – this way you can count on free service and originality of spare parts..

Where can you buy a jet ski?

To find the right jet ski, you should seek professional advice. For example, the FORMULA 7 company has been the official distributor of BOMBARDIER in Russia since 2014. It provides advice from highly qualified specialists.

The company’s employees have practically tested most of the current models from a leading manufacturer and will certainly help with any questions that arise..

If you have already decided to buy a Sea-Doo jet ski – in FORMULA 7 you can pick up both the jet bike itself and many accessories to it. The dealerships of the distribution network sell only original parts for Sea-Doo and provide service – both warranty and post-warranty.

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