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LCD Pearl of Zelenograd.

LCD Pearl of Zelenograd.

Current prices in the residential complex Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd on 07/02/2021.

General information about the complex and the developer.

Residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd” is a new comfort-class building of panel and monolithic houses with a height of 8 to 18 floors, the construction of which was carried out in 2017-2020. The construction of the facility was carried out by the PIK Group, a major metropolitan developer. In addition to the houses, the project included its own infrastructure – a kindergarten and a school.

The houses of the residential complex include studios, one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments with and without fine finishing..

Features of the residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd”:

panel and monolithic houses; Moscow registration; Kryukovo railway platform, 2.8 km; near the forest and the river.

In the Zelenograd urban district to the north-west of the main metropolis of Russia, there is a new residential area from the PIK Group. A mixed new building of panel and monolithic buildings was erected according to the PIK-standard concept. Residents of the complex are provided with social infrastructure, landscaped courtyards, modern entrance lobbies.

Geographically, the facility is located about 25 km from the capital. The new building is adjacent to a forest and a river.

Location: Moscow (ZelAO), Kryukovo district.

The Zelenograd Administrative District is a separate territory geographically remote from Moscow, but at the same time being a part of it. The residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd” is located away from Zelenograd itself – in the 17th microdistrict of the neighboring Kryukov. This is a fairly large settlement, which consists of Novy Kryukov in the south and Old Kryukov in the north. They are separated by Georgievsky prospect, through which you can go to Pyatnitskoe highway.

Zelenograd is located 5 km to the north-east.

Construction site sales office.

A sales office is located on the territory of the Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd residential complex. A separate building is located at the address: Moscow, ZelAO, Georgievsky prospect. Managers receive visitors daily, from 09:00 to 21:00, including on weekends. In the office, you can familiarize yourself with project documentation, a layout of a new building, advertising materials, choose and arrange the purchase of real estate, select a mortgage program.

There are also guided tours of the facility, it is possible to make an appointment to view the apartments.

How to get there by car and public transport.

It takes at least 40-50 minutes to get from a new building to a metropolis by car, and even more, taking into account traffic jams. The distance from the complex to the Moscow Ring Road is decent – about 24 km. The optimal route runs along the Pyatnitskoe highway.

During rush hours, it is almost always heavily loaded, since in addition to Zelenograd residents, motorists of Krasnogorsk also use it.

By public transport, you can get to the capital by taking a train on the Kryukovo railway platform, 2.8 km from the new building. “Lastochka” will take you directly to the Leningradsky railway station in about 30 minutes, a regular electric train – in 1 hour. The interval of movement of electric trains is approximately 10-20 minutes.

Construction progress: queues and deadlines for the delivery of buildings.

The construction of the Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd residential complex was carried out by the PIK Group. This is a reliable developer with an impressive portfolio of projects and experience in their field. The holding includes its own contractors and production facilities.

PIK Group of Companies specializes in the construction of economy and comfort class housing, such as the Lyuberetskiy or Orange Park residential complex, but the list of active projects also includes a business class, for example, Vander Park residential complex..

Current state of construction progress.

The project documentation indicates that the official developer of the facility is PrometeyCity LLC, one of the structures of the PIK Group. The construction of the residential complex was carried out in the period from 2017 to 2020 and is currently fully completed..

Construction technology. Architecture.

In the residential area “Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd” there are two types of houses – panel (PIK-1 and PIK-2 series) and monolithic. The latter are considered more durable, their service life is up to 150 years. Panel houses serve up to 130 years.

All buildings, regardless of their type, have plastic windows with double-glazed windows.

Architectural concept.

The new building is being built on a quarterly basis. The high-rise multi-section buildings are positioned to form spacious courtyards together. The cladding is in a modern urban style.

The facades of each of the houses are decorated with colorful geometric patterns. Infrastructure facilities are located in the central part of the ensemble – a municipal school and a kindergarten with an adjacent territory with a stadium and playgrounds.

The courtyards have been landscaped – they have been landscaped, zones for games, sports and recreation have been created. The territory of the new building is not fenced in any way. Private transport access to residential buildings is limited for safety and noise reduction reasons.

Also, the new building has a separate park area with gazebos, flower beds and benches for relaxation. Throughout the complex there are walking and cycling paths.

Entrance groups and halls.

Provides for the creation of barrier-free entrance groups. The absence of steps and ramps will make it easier for baby carriages, wheelchairs and heavy loads to travel. In front of the entrance to the halls, there is a vestibule with stained glass glazing. The hall space with modern decoration will be divided into a waiting area and a concierge area. Separate wheelchairs are also equipped.

Entrance groups of panel and monolithic houses are identical in functionality, have only minor visual differences.

Choice of apartments: from studios to 4-room apartments, with or without finishing.

The new building sells apartments ranging from 20 to 118 sq. m. There is a wide selection of budget small studios, standard one-bedroom apartments, two- and three-room apartments for young couples, as well as spacious housing for families of 5-6 people.

Apartments in the residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd”:

studios; 1-room; 2-room; 3-room; 4-room.

The number of apartments on the floors of residential sections varies depending on the specific building. On average, there are 10 apartments on one site, there is a separate elevator hall with passenger and freight elevators, as well as a small room with a waste collection chamber.

Finishing and layouts.

Some of the apartments in the residential complex are being sold with finished PIK-standard finishing. It is carried out according to a standard design and provides for roughing and finishing works. The apartment will have white wallpaper, laminate flooring, interior doors, electrical and lighting.

They will also equip a bath and toilet, install plumbing. In apartments without finishing, all these works have to be carried out independently – the cost of housing includes only the installation of windows, heating batteries and an entrance door..

The new building has a wide range of linear, corner and swing apartments with a typical layout. It is possible to purchase a European type housing with a combined kitchen and living room. Some apartments have separate dressing rooms, but there are no balconies or loggias. Living rooms are either square or rectangular.

Bathrooms occupy 4-5 sq. m, large apartments have an additional bathroom.

Non-residential fund: commercial real estate, storerooms, parking spaces.

Along with apartments in the new building, non-residential, including commercial real estate, are also being sold. Premises for free use (for shops, offices and cafes) are located on the first floors of the buildings, on the same level with the entrance groups. They are equipped with a separate exit to the street and a place for a sign.

There is no decoration in them.

In building 9 of the new building, storage rooms are presented for sale. They are located on the underground floor and are designed to store the personal property of residents – bulky items, sports equipment, building materials, tools, etc..

Parking spaces: underground and aboveground parking lots, guest parking lots.

The project of the residential complex includes the construction of a separate multi-level above-ground parking. Also, in a number of buildings, underground parking will be organized. Residents will be able to leave some of their cars in free flat parking lots.

Infrastructure and ecology: developing microdistrict, minimum level of pollution.

Kryukovo has all the infrastructure necessary for life – 7 secondary schools, more than 10 kindergartens, a city clinic and a medical complex, a center of public services, numerous supermarkets, shops and cafes. Selgros Cash hypermarket is within walking distance of the Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd residential complex. & Carry, and on the other side of Georgievsky prospect there is the Vesna shopping center. In the neighboring Old Kryukovo there is a sports and recreation complex “Record”, a sports complex “Zelenogradsky” with a skating rink and a stadium, several small fitness clubs.

Its own infrastructure will be created on the territory of the new building. By mid-2020, a municipal school for 1,100 students will be commissioned. The kindergarten for 220 children will be opened even earlier – in the summer-autumn of 2019. The second one will be built by 2020.

The above-ground parking in the western part of the site is still at the design stage.

In Kryukovo there are several comfortable recreation areas – parks, squares, Mikhailovsky and Nizhny Kamensky ponds. There is also an extensive forest area to the west of the new building. Having driven to Zelenograd, you can walk along the central square of the city, which is a park with an embankment near the Bolshoy and Small city ponds.

In the summer, sandy beaches open up there, which are very popular among locals..

Ecological situation.

The residential complex is surrounded by forests from the west and south. In the south, there is an unfinished Soviet industrial site, which is now used as a warehouse complex. The Malino industrial zone is located approximately 2.5 km away, where the district heating station with a gas turbine unit and the Zelenograd plant of ventilation equipment operate.

In general, the residential complex is located in a favorable ecological zone. The number of factories nearby is minimal, but there is a lot of greenery. The harmful effect of Georgievsky prospect is minimal due to the fact that the new building is separated from the road by the building of the hypermarket and the neighboring hospice.

Conditions for the purchase of apartments: DDU 214-FZ, DKP, mortgage.

During the construction of the Zhemchuzhina Zelenograd residential complex, the sale of apartments was carried out in accordance with 214-FZ with the conclusion of an equity participation agreement (DPA). After the object is put into operation, housing can be purchased under a standard sale and purchase agreement (DCT).

100% payment for real estate is possible. If your own funds are not enough for the purchase, you can use one of the mortgage offers. The developer works with major Russian banks. In addition to the basic ones, there are also subsidized rates for young and large families.

Payment by certificates of maternity capital is possible.

Current promotions.

Summary: the pros and cons of a new building.

A solid 7 points out of 10, which were received by the residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd”, can be considered the optimal assessment for this new building. As a separate project, it differs little from most of the ordinary objects of the PIK Group – the same architecture, the same apartment design, the same infrastructure. But at the same time, the complex is located in an environmentally friendly zone near Zelenograd, there is a railway platform less than 3 km away.

– there are apartments with finishing; – favorable ecology; – railway platform 2.8 km.

– partially panel new building; – 24 km to MKAD.

The new building seems to be located far from Moscow, but at the same time it is officially considered part of it. Privileges in the form of registration are attached, which is quite a weighty argument in favor of buying real estate. Zelenograd is considered a rather prestigious destination due to its favorable ecology and a calmer life rhythm, which distinguishes it from the bustling metropolis.

Apartments in the new building will be of interest to those who are interested in clean air and a measured lifestyle..

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