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Lcd Scandinavian.

LCD Scandinavian.

The residential complex “Scandinavsky” is located in the village of Borodino, Mytishchi region. Monolithic new building of European type designed by Swedish architects. The residential quarter consists of four buildings from 8 to 16 floors. The Scandinavian project belongs to the comfort plus class. The construction of the house has already been completed.

The houses were put into operation.

Features of the residential complex “Scandinavian”:

the concept of “courtyards without cars”; there is a concierge service, a stroller, rooms for washing dogs’ paws; Mytishchi forest 300 meters away; high ceilings 2.7–3 m; six types of finishes from the developer; central boulevard with a shopping gallery; kindergarten and school from the developer.

There are 1,692 apartments in the residential area. There are studios, one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room and five-room apartments. Two-room, three-room and four-room apartments are still on sale.

Housing is sold with designer or rough finish.

The developer paid special attention to the improvement of the residential complex. Not a single square meter is used without benefit. Playgrounds are designed in the fenced area, the buildings have a storage room for bicycles and strollers, for washing pets after a walk, a guest area, walk-through halls, storage rooms and three underground parking lots.

It also has its own infrastructure: a kindergarten, a school, UP-365 service, shops and supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and beauty salons. The adjacent area and entrances to the entrances are under 24-hour video surveillance. The developer positions the Scandinavian project as an UP-quarter.

Location: Moscow region, Mytishchi district, Borodino village, three kilometers from MKAD.

The village of Borodino is located three kilometers north of the Moscow Ring Road, five kilometers west of Mytishchi. The village is very small. In 2010, about 256 people lived there..

The location in a small village has its advantages. The residential complex “Scandinavskiy” has a favorable ecological environment. Clean air is provided by the Mytishchi forest.

It is just 300 meters from the new building. It offers a beautiful view from the windows. You can also take a walk near the Pirogov reservoir. It is about 12 minutes away by car. The developer guarantees a kindergarten, school, commercial premises on the ground floors of the buildings.

Also at the service of residents is the necessary infrastructure of Mytishchi and Moscow itself..

How to get there by car and public transport.

The residential complex “Scandinavsky” is located relatively close to the Moscow Ring Road. The nearest metro station “Medvedkovo” of the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line can be reached by bus # 314 / 314k, 581, 419, 279, 1164, 170 and 199. The bus stop is located 400 meters from the new building.

In total, the journey to the metro will take 20-40 minutes.

It is much more convenient to get to Moscow by private car. The Moscow Ring Road is just three kilometers from the residential complex. Medvedkovo Metro Station is 4.6 km away.

The trip will take about 10 minutes.

Construction progress: queues and deadlines for the delivery of buildings.

The construction of the Skandinavsky residential complex is being carried out by the FGC Group. It is one of the ten largest developers in Russia and the top five socially responsible construction companies. The total volume of housing built by the organization is 6.2 million square meters. m. The company creates projects not only for Moscow, but also for the Kaluga and Leningrad regions and the Krasnodar Territory. To date, the developer’s portfolio includes 27 projects.

20 of them are located in Moscow and the Moscow region. Among them are the residential complex “Movement. Tushino “,” Mood “,” Skolkovsky “,” Yuzhnaya Bitsa “and others.

Construction progress as of 02.07.2021.

Project documentation.

All basic documents are in the public domain, including a building permit, design declarations for each of the buildings, a conclusion of compliance, a land lease agreement, etc., are presented on the official website of the new building. However, they are presented not in one section, but scattered over several. There is no separate section on the site related to documentation.

The construction of the residential complex was completed on time. All buildings were commissioned in 2018–2019. The developer has been issued a permit for commissioning.

Remaining apartments for sale.

Construction technology. Architecture.

The residential complex “Scandinavian” consists of four buildings from nine to seventeen floors. The Scandinavian ascetic architecture of the quarter is combined with reliable monolithic construction technology. The monolith provides good thermal insulation, as it has no joints or seams.

In this case, the load-bearing walls are inter-apartment and front walls, which allows the buyer to make a free layout in his apartment..

RC “Scandinavskiy” as an UP-quarter.

The developer of the project is building new buildings of the author’s format, UP-blocks. The concept includes the following mandatory standards: transport accessibility; unique and functional architecture; guarantee of the safety of residents; internal social infrastructure – kindergarten, school, playgrounds and sports grounds, parking lots; UP-365 service offers residents services from renovation to babysitting.

Architectural concept and improvement.

The concept of a European residential area was developed by the Swedish architectural firm Semrén & Månsson, known for his projects in Sweden, Poland and Russia. Residential complex “Scandinavian” designed in the tradition of Swedish design.

The laconic design of the facades emphasizes the functionality of the building. The exterior of the buildings is decorated with large-format windows and panoramic glazing. The houses are made in different colors.

The same body is painted in different colors – white, gray, yellow, brick red. At first glance, they don’t go well with each other. But thanks to this idea, the illusion is created that the same building consists of different houses built close to each other – as it actually happens in European cities.

Landscaping is also done according to Swedish standards. The residential complex “Scandinavian” belongs to the “comfort-plus” class. Modern playgrounds have been created for kids, a modern Lappset Outdoor Gym training complex has been installed for adults and children..

For the safety of residents, the designers have implemented the concept of a “yard without cars”. There are three parking lots on the territory – all underground. Also, for the safety of residents, the territory of the residential complex is fenced.

The house territory and entrances are under round-the-clock video surveillance..

Entrance groups and halls.

Entrance lobbies and halls – an individual design project using high quality materials. Each building has a through entrance, making it easier for residents to go out into the courtyard. Ceiling height 4-4.5 meters.

The entrance is located at ground level – without a porch and a lift, which is also very convenient, especially if you need to roll a stroller or bicycle. It is not necessary to lift them to the apartment – you can simply leave them in a special room, where round-the-clock video surveillance will work. Also, each house has a concierge service, a spacious guest area and a room for washing pets..

Choice of housing: apartments with and without finishing, rare formats.

The residential complex “Scandinavian” has studios, one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room and five-room apartments from 25 to 112.1 sq. m. There are duplex apartments on the upper floors. The height of the ceilings corresponds to the “comfort” class: from 2.7 to 3 m. Large-format windows are provided in all apartments. There are four to five apartments on the floor, depending on the block section.

Each house has one passenger and one cargo-passenger elevators.

Finishing types.

The apartment can be bought both without finishing, and with full finishing. Since the project belongs to the “comfort plus” class, the choice is not two or three design solutions, but as many as six: “dark”, “light”, “Bergen”, “Odonse”, “Stavanger” and “Elsinore”. Four of them are the names of Scandinavian cities. Of course, the design is thought out in the Scandinavian style.

Thanks to light shades, the room visually looks more spacious, and funny drawings on the wallpaper in the nursery are pleasing to the eye.

Apartment layouts.

The minimum area of ​​a studio apartment is 25 sq. m. The maximum area of ​​a five-room apartment is 112.1 sq. m. m.

The residential complex “Scandinavian” is dominated by Swedish apartment layouts with functional square rooms. Places for built-in wardrobes are provided.

The developer also offers European apartment layouts – with a spacious kitchen-living room. The residential complex “Scandinavian” is focused on the comfort of residents and functionality of use. For these purposes, the designers have designed an additional window in the bedroom, two windows in the studios, spacious and bright nurseries, made panoramic glazing.

On the upper floors there are duplex apartments. Designers offer the buyer to distinguish between the personal space and the reception area.

District and internal infrastructure.

The residential complex “Scandinavsky” is far from the city infrastructure. Municipal schools, kindergartens, clinics are located in Mytishchi or Moscow itself. The nearest metro station “Medvedkovo” is 20-40 minutes away by public transport.

By private car – 10 minutes. It’s the same to Mytishchi by private transport, and about an hour by public transport. Getting to the district infrastructure is not a problem if you have a car.

There are many shopping centers and hypermarkets nearby. “Auchan” and “Leroy Merlin” are just four minutes by car or 20 minutes by bus. Seven minutes by car to the Ryady wholesale hypermarket. 14 minutes to the shopping center “Vesna”.

Within walking distance to the new building “Azbuka Vkusa”, KFC and the shopping center “All for Dacha”.

For sports, you will have to travel to Mytishchi or Moscow. The nearest fitness clubs are located there. In 20 minutes by car you can also reach the sports and recreation complex “Solaris”.

There you can rent an ATV, go karting, play laser tag, paintball, airsoft and billiards or go horseback riding.

The residential complex “Scandinavskiy” has a developed internal infrastructure. A kindergarten for 240 and a school for 500 children will open soon. On the ground floors of the houses there are cafes, restaurants, a beauty salon, bakeries and pharmacies.

A distinctive feature of the developed infrastructure of the UP-quarter is UP-365. The service offers cleaning, grocery delivery, laundry, ironing, sewing studio services, assistance with cargo transfer, landscaping, recruiting household staff. Family residents have already appreciated the service “babysitting for an hour” and accompanying the child. This service is very convenient if parents, for example, do not have time to pick up their child from kindergarten.

UP-365 employees can also walk the dog or look after the pet when the owner is away. Thus, the service provides all the necessary services..

Non-residential fund of a new building.

The non-residential fund of the Scandinavian residential complex includes commercial premises on the first floor of the building, storage rooms for storing seasonal or general items and sports equipment, as well as three underground parking lots for cars and motorcycles.

The commercial premises on the ground floors have a separate entrance. The height of the ceilings is 4–4.5 meters. Electric power – 0.2 kW per sq. m. Premises are sold for finishing.

The cost of one square. m – 112 thousand rubles.

Pantries ranging in size from 2.5 to 6.4 sq. m are located in the first, second and third buildings on the minus the first floor. The cost of a room for storing seasonal items or sports equipment is about 300 thousand rubles.

There are three underground parking lots on the territory of the residential complex. A parking space for a car costs from 700 to 850 thousand rubles. There is also a ground guest parking.

As for the non-residential common use, the developer has provided a guest area in the halls of the first floor, rooms for storing strollers and bicycles, rooms

for washing pets of pets, playgrounds.

Ecological situation.

The ecological situation of the residential complex “Scandinavskiy” can be called favorable. Mytishchi forest is located 300 meters from the new building. It offers a beautiful view from the windows of the apartments. It is pleasant to walk in the coniferous forest at any time of the year.

There are ski slopes from 1.5 to 5 km in length. On the territory there are many shops, places for recreation, picnic areas, bike paths, children’s and gym grounds. Last year, the lighting of the walking areas was adjusted.

To the east, a few kilometers away, is the Pirogovsky forest park, which also contributes to the purity of the air. Pirogovskoe Reservoir is located 12 minutes north by car. The length of the reservoir is 7 km.

Here you can go fishing, swim and just take a break from the bustle of the city..

Conditions for the purchase of housing: purchase and sale agreement (DCT)

Previously, apartments were sold to a preschool education institution – an agreement on equity participation in accordance with Federal Law No. 214 “On participation in shared construction …”. Since now the houses have already been completed and put into operation, the remaining apartments are sold under a standard sale and purchase agreement (DCT).

Developer sales office.

The sales office of the FGC group of companies is located on the territory of the Scandinavsky residential building, in the village of Borodino, Mytishchi district. It works seven days a week from 09:00 to 21:00. Here you can get advice, get acquainted with the documents of the developer and the new building, choose and buy an apartment.

The central office of the company is located at 13, Myasnitskaya Street, bldg. 1.

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