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Liquid soap.

Liquid soap.

Liquid soap is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to intensive advertising campaigns by major manufacturers, consumers are increasingly choosing liquid soaps. For a long time, they have not chosen soap based on their ability to wash away dirt: regardless of the price, all brands do an excellent job with this task.


, soaps can dry out and damage the skin with daily use if they have an unbalanced composition or non-neutral pH. Our Liquid Soap Buyer’s Guide will tell you how to choose the right liquid soap..

Product-test experts analyzed the assortment of liquid soaps presented in retail chains in 9 large cities of Russia. The most popular brands were selected for the tests. We purchased samples from regular stores and tested them in an accredited laboratory Autonomous Non-Profit Organization «Perfumetest», to find out which soap is the best.

Test results.

Some well-known liquid soaps turned out to be just watered down! They have a high water content and a high salt concentration. Salt is usually added to thicken a product with a low target concentration. — detergents and moisturizers — components. Thus, the soap turns out to be thick, but this does not in any way indicate its high quality.

So, as part of the recipes of grandmother Agafia «Chamomile» a large amount of salt was found — as much as 6.4%. According to this parameter, the soap does not comply with GOST 14618.1-78, which prescribes that the amount of salt should not exceed 6%! Also, the soap has a high concentration of water (approx. 89%) and a poor set of target components — only 6%, which is very little. «Record holder» by the amount of water and volatile substances in our tests was Dettol soap — OK.

94%! This despite the fact that on average in the soaps we tested — 86% water and volatile matter. One of the best both in tests and in terms of price-quality ratio turned out to be the Velvet handles soap «Royal argan». According to the testimonials of the test participants, the soap perfectly moisturizes the skin, all this due to the high concentration of moisturizing components. Soap has close to neutral pH (pH 5.8), high amounts of targeted additives (14%) and relatively low concentrations of thickener — salt.

By the way, one of the most expensive soap in our rating is Dettol «Antibacterial with grapefruit flavor» received the lowest marks from our experts: it is significantly diluted with water, does not foam well and dries the skin. The viscosity of liquid soap does not indicate its quality: the most «liquid» Fa Nutriskin soap — contains a lot of target components (approx. 17.5%) and moisturizes the skin.

For detailed test results, you can see the ranking.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of use of the test results of goods presented on the site here.

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