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Meet the Ocean Overview Exhibition

Meet the Ocean Overview Exhibition

In the framework of World Oceans Day, the Library Section has a book review exhibition. The exposition will feature many colorful, informative, cartoon and encyclopedic books, such as: Oleg Vladimirov “Meet the Ocean”, “Underwater World”, “Snail, Put Your Horns Out”, Donat Naumov “World of the Ocean”, Alexander Kochetov “Exotic Fish ”, Jacques-Yves Cousteau“ The Mighty Lord of the Seas

”,“ So that there are no secrets in the sea ”, Georgy Golovan“ On the bottom of the tropical sea ”,“ Sharks ”,“ Whales and other marine mammals ”, Andrey Klykov“ The Adventures of Karpik ”, Anton Lomaev “Lullaby for a Little Pirate”, “The Little Mermaid”, Heyerdahl Tour “Ancient Man and the Ocean”, Helmut Hanke “On the Seven Seas”,

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