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Mercedes Viano 2005 – owner review.

There were many cars between the reviews, so I decided to write another review about the car that appeared. Today it is a Mercedes Viano 639. The car was purchased for personal use for the family, as well as to prepare for a big trip. I hope everything will turn out exactly as planned.

I do not own it for long, so now we will begin to describe, and then we will add …

So, about the car: Gasoline 3.7 liters. 231 h.p. The consumption of the highway is 12.5 liters. City 15.8 – 17.3 liters.

Why not diesel? You may ask … There is also Hyundai Stareks diesel – a cargo van used for work. So all the savings on fuel flew to nowhere in the event of a breakdown of the fuel equipment: the injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps counted us for 106,000 rubles, but we brought them from abroad, which cost us 43,000 rubles. along with tickets

Acquisition: When buying, diagnostics were made, which showed that there were no complaints about the engine and gearbox, the chassis needed to replace the front bushings and stabilizer struts and wedged the brake caliper, that’s all. The salon should be dry-cleaned. The hood, because takes on a lot of everything that flies from other cars on the track, requires touch-up, and possibly tightening in film. heating element

Operation: New Nordman 4 winter wheels were purchased, from experience they hold the road perfectly, but they are a little noisy. Soon I will do a partial soundproofing of the cabin, I will post the pictures. While getting used to the car, to the size and pleasure from the cabin.

Happy children walk around the cabin without bending over, growth still allows. The near light is dull, a little lacking, but if you turn on the tumanki, then it’s better … In short, the near and far need to be improved: change the bulbs.

In the base there is a regular heating element under the driver’s seat – it hums like an airplane during flight, and a pleasant sound of an airplane turbine stopping when the ignition is turned off. There is plenty of room in the car. Recently I moved my small private kindergarten, I had to make several trips. All the furniture and little things got in.

When the rear axle is loaded, the compressor turns on and levels the machine using air bellows. Recently replaced all 4 brake discs and brake pads. There was no need, but for myself and my family it was necessary to do it. Also changed the right front caliper. The cost of the caliper is 6800, the original is in the FTE box, in Alpina (Chelyabinsk) they were very surprised by this fact.

The waiting period is 4 days. The caliper bore the BOSCH designation, the original number and the Mercedes sign. I changed the filters all well, and so far all … we go for a drive.

I will gradually supplement the review.

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