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Mother’s Choice Season 1 16.

Mother’s Choice Season 1 16.

Florist Elena loses her job and gets a job as a teacher at the school where 7-year-old Inna Marchuk is studying – a friendly but unkempt child, an outcast in.

Mikhail severely beats Inna, and she escapes from the house to Elena

. Mikhail threatened to kill her because she accidentally turned off the game console … How can a police officer beat a little girl?


The old orphanage, where Lena studied, no longer works. But Elena’s old teacher Rita, who lives there, gives them and Inna a roof over their heads and calls for a doctor. Polikarpov wants.

Elena turns to her mother for financial help without explaining the reasons. She wants to secretly take Inna abroad, but is forced to wait until the forged documents are ready. Lena asked her mother.

Galina’s house burns down, and her corpse is found in the ashes. Marina is interrogated at the police station and suspected of child abuse. Elena finds out what she could not do for her and.

Alexander brings Elena and Inna to his home. Evgenia hopes that Elena and Alexander have an affair. Marina suspects that Mikhail has fallen in love with Elena, arranges a scandal for him.

Denis learns that.

After a tough conversation with Anna, Evgenia becomes ill. Elena is worried about her, against the background of this, relations between the adoptive mother and daughter are gradually improving. Private detective on behalf of Eugene.

Elena convinces Eugene not to expel Anna from the city, but Anna wants to leave. Michael is watching Elena. Elena asks Anna not to leave.

Marina is trying to get Mikhail back. Mikhail rents a room above the salon.

Inna refuses to return to her mother. Marina is ready to yield to Inna Elena in exchange for the fact that she will not even come close to Mikhail. Evgenia learns that Elena stole the girl.

Inna overhears.

Elena and her family manage to get to Inna before Mikhail. They return the girl to the Potter’s house and make a plan – to put a bandage on the child’s face and take the child abroad using.

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