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Nine vegetable oils and their unique properties that are important to know about.

Nine Vegetable Oils and Their Unique Properties You Should Know About.

You should not use exclusively sunflower oil for cooking. There are a lot of vegetable oils, and each of them has its own unique properties, which can and should be taken into account when planning to emphasize certain advantages of various products..

Despite the fact that all vegetable oils are similar in composition and contain useful polyunsaturated fatty acids – the very ones that are very important for building cells, regulating fat metabolism and healthy skin, hair and nails – there must be at least several types of oils in the kitchen, so that your diet is complete and the menu is varied.

In a new review, we talk about the most popular types of vegetable oil, which we often undeservedly deprive of our attention..

Peanut butter.

Unrefined peanut butter is a storehouse of useful substances and vitamins necessary for the body (first of all, a complex of B vitamins). It is also rich in vegetable proteins, which add special nutritional value and satiety to dishes (vegetarians, pay attention!).

Peanut oil is a low-calorie product, and unlike vegetable oil, it is not so intensively absorbed into foods when frying, and the dish is cooked faster. By the way, due to the high combustion temperature, it is very economical to use peanut butter: for cooking you will need several times less of it than sunflower oil..

In addition to all these impressive benefits, peanut butter does not absorb the odors of the food being cooked in it, which allows you to use it again..

Where can one buy?

You can easily find peanut butter in all major supermarkets (eg Lenta or Metro). The cost of a bottle will be about 450 rubles per 0.5 liter.

Olive oil.

Olive oil is the most popular among all housewives after sunflower oil. Having once tried to replace the latter with olive oil for cooking and as a dressing for salads, few people returned to sunflower oil, preferring since then to always have a bottle of more delicious, aromatic and healthy olive oil in the kitchen..

The unique composition of this oil (antioxidants, vitamins A, E, K, omega-3 fatty acids, its beneficial effect on the digestive and cardiovascular systems and, of course, its unique taste, color, consistency and delicate aroma make it an indispensable product in the diet of all who looks after their health and tries to eat right


Use Extra virgin olive oil to create sauces and dressings, add it to salads and ready meals. Other types of this oil are also perfect for frying or stewing..

Where can one buy?

You can find a wide range of quality olive oils in large supermarkets today. The price of the product will vary from 180 to 400 rubles per 0.5 liter.

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