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Nissan Bluebird Sylphy.

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy.

First impressions of the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy: comfortable, soft, spacious. Not a race. The given engine displacement and power is 109 hp. quite enough for a quiet movement from point A to point B. Rides, in principle, normally, but without “going to the point.” Accelerates to 160, have not tried it further. The speed of 110-130 is easy, further – it is difficult (two passengers).

It’s normal in the city, but it’s hard for him to play “chess”. For those who want to drive briskly – take 2 liters, but there is a mixed consumption of 12-13 liters. The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy has a chain engine. An ordinary machine, not a variator.

The 2-liter is equipped with a variator. What can I say – it doesn’t really “tupit”, in principle it normally performs its functions (4-stage). There is no sport mode.

City consumption in winter (frosts down to -25 C) – 9.5-10 liters with a fairly aggressive driving style. Route 100-120 km / h – 9 liters. But objectively I cannot say yet.

Salon – this is where the “Nissan” tried. For a car for the money, just great. Build quality and upholstery are good.

Generally satisfied. I like the car.

Pluses: comfort. Soft suspension. Salon.

Disadvantages: no.

Nissan Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, 2000.

Immediately struck by the softness of the suspension and the agility of the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy. The work of the variator was very pleasing

from the first kilometers of the journey. No jerks, no jerks – everything is smooth and quiet. The dynamics in city mode is very good for this weight.

The operation of the engine is practically inaudible, and the variator keeps the motor in optimal conditions. The wife and child immediately appreciated the comfort of the rear passengers. In fact, there is a lot of space in the rear seats and a comfortable fit. The driver’s seat is also comfortable and there are height adjustments, but for some time I could not find the optimal position for myself. And even with my height of 178 cm, the driver’s seat was pushed back to the maximum.

And there was still a lot of space in the back. If someone is under 2 meters tall, I think it will be cramped. The interior trim left a positive impression (fabric with wet leather inserts). The child spilled juice a couple of times, and the dirt was easily removed.

The car was equipped with an air ionizer, but how it works and “what it is eaten with” I really could not understand. Climate control worked perfectly and worked very well at long distances (Vladivostok-Khabarovsk). In general, in terms of comfort and for that kind of money, in my opinion, the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy is the best car..

Advantages: functionality. Practicality. Reliability.


Disadvantages: Penetrates the front suspension.

Nissan Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, 2003.

The interior of the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy is spacious, light, the wood inserts look fine, the torpedo installed in the middle is quite interesting, but it stuck out until I pasted over everything with a sealant for the windows. The optitron panel is cool, looks nice, the armrest in the back is also in the subject. Engine – mileage at the time of purchase was slightly more than 80 thousand km, now more than 84 thousand km. Pleased with the dynamics, with “muscle cars” you can not stretch, but with similar machines from other manufacturers in the light.

I didn’t bother much in terms of consumption, but I feel that it is within reason, the oil was replaced before the sale (not by me), it turned out to be quite thick and black. Recently I changed it to synthetics, put a Japanese filter, before that it was Korean, flushing naturally. I realized that the engine really likes good oil, it began to work quieter, and it seemed to me that it became a little faster, for joy. I haven’t changed the oil in the box, but I’m going to, sometimes it “dulls”, and so the box works well when it is necessary to 6500 (almost) accelerates the engine, when not required – switches to low.

The only thing that disappointed me a little was the suspension, namely, the absence of an anti-roll bar in my configuration, it (the stabilizer), it turns out, in general, is not enough for which modifications are installed. It is dangerous to enter corners at speed, the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy rolls heavily. The absence of a stabilizer also affects the softness of the front suspension, yes, without it it is softer, but there are more breakdowns.

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