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Nissan Cabstar.

Nissan cabstar.

I want to tell you about my new 2007 Nissan Cabstar truck, maybe it will be interesting to someone, since at the time of purchase I did not find a single review about this car. Cabstar was purchased to replace the Mercedes Sprinter 313CDI, year 2002, as it needed a larger body volume. After the “Sprinter” Nissan Cabstar it is as comfortable as a cart, with our roads you can beat off the whole saddle. There is not enough space in the cockpit, but with the growth of 180 cm, you can normally stretch out and sleep.

Once loaded 2500 kg – rushing like a tank, but it’s a pity, the car is not cheap, and the front suspension is rather weak: the transverse spring is the same as on the Sprinter, the levers and two ball on the side. In the fall, I installed a “wet” autonomy Ebeshpreher 5 kw, it turned out to be 47,000 rubles, but now in winter at -30 it starts up like in the summer, I installed new Velcro rubber – it turned out to be 25,000, put covers, a radio tape recorder, and so on for little things. Breakdowns: the branch pipe from the power steering reservoir to the pump leaked, it’s good that I got a spare one before, since the old look was alarming – the original was 1800 rubles, I changed the rear crosspiece – 5700. I changed the bushings and stabilizer struts – well, here are “pennies”. With the onset of cold weather began to “blunt” the power steering, it turned out that it was time to change the belts and everything worked as it should.

My fuel consumption is 13 liters, despite the fact that the booth is very high. I try not to drive, but if necessary, I go confidently to overtake, after all, the turbine and the Nissan Cabstar can be accelerated to 120-130 without any problems. In general, the car, it seems to

me, deserves attention when choosing a commercial vehicle..

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