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Nissan Lafesta.

Nissan Lafesta.

I bought a 2005 Nissan Lafesta with front-wheel drive and a range of 30 thousand kilometers.

The body is silvery, the complete set includes a panoramic sunroof, a rear-view camera and an adjustable low beam xenon light. The steering column is height adjustable. Excellent visibility from the driver’s seat. The seat itself is adjustable in various directions.

Compared to the Opel Vectra, the front pillars are slightly wider, there are blind spots. The turning radius really pleased. The mirrors can be adjusted from the passenger compartment. The mirrors themselves are huge and very informative. Although I have a strange suspicion that the left mirror distorts the distance a little, I almost cut the rear cars a couple of times.

You need to be extremely careful. The salon is made of high-quality finishing materials, which are quite pleasant to the touch. The Nissan Lafesta salon is transformed into several options, very convenient.

All three rows of seats are tilt-adjustable. There is enough space in any row, comfort is up to the mark. Seats in the second row even have attachments for child seats..

The Nissan Lafesta’s suspension is pretty reliable. I have 16-inch disks from the factory, although there is information on the Internet that only 15-inch ones come from the factory. For those who do not have a service book, I can assure you that Hyundai Tusson and Mazda Tribute have similar disks. The chassis does not knock or rattle yet, in comparison with the Opel Vectra it is very energy-intensive, it “swallows” all the irregularities of the roadway without any problems.

The ground clearance is 160 millimeters, although the size of the disks is the same as on the Nissan Xstrail. Japanese engineers could make the ground clearance bigger and adapt it for our broken tracks..

Advantages: visibility, maneuverability, quality materials, additional compartments, spacious interior, dynamics. body design.

Disadvantages: I do not see.

Nissan Lafesta, 2004.

In general, how I got my license, I drove only left-hand drive cars, this is the job. And somehow I reluctantly wanted a right-hand drive, but a car with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission turned up. The wife, by the way, got the license and rode, there are a lot of children, the car cost an affordable price, and we bought it.

Spare parts for Nissan Lafesta are expensive original, probably because of the name only. The car goes well, smartly, it changes gears imperceptibly, but in principle there is nowhere – there is one forward and backward gear. The Nissan Lafesta CVT is a good thing, just press the pedal, and it does the switching on overtaking. In sport mode, in first gear for beginners – just the right thing.

Reverse gear is rather weak. And the transmission heats up for a long time after a frosty night, the engine, on the contrary – after a couple of minutes it is already blowing warm.

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