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Nissan Maxima: without excess pathos.

This model has never claimed the rank of better in business class. The main thing is that it lack, & ndash; prestige. Otherwise it is difficult to complain about it.

This model has never claimed the rank of better in business class. The main thing is that it lack, & ndash; prestige. Otherwise it is difficult to complain about it.

The geography of the release of the fifth generation Maxima (A33 Body) was slightly expanded. The production of Eurumborsia from Japan was postponed to England, which also had home to other Nissan models for the European market. However, the Japanese Maxima (A33), intended for the Asian market, are found. In addition, there are American versions collected in the United States.

They differ from & laquo; Europeans & raquo; and & laquo; Arabs & raquo; And we are rare.

Nissan Maxima (A33) 2000 & ndash; 2006 in. from $ 16,800 to $ 29,800.

Body car galvanized and he does not have any characteristic places subject to & laquo; red & raquo; Diseases.


Most Maxima in Ukraine were sold by official dealers. Thanks to good consumer qualities and acceptable cost, this business sedan is often acquired for managers of organizations. And it is not surprising. Even the basic 2.0-liter versions are well equipped. Here is a leather interior decoration and decorative wood, heated front seats, climate control, power windows and outdoor mirrors, front and side airbags, active front headrest, adjustable steering column, GUR, central locking, immobilizer, audio system with CD changer And alloy wheels.

Often there are also xenon optics, the electric drive of the front seats and the rear window curtains, the memory of the position of the driver’s seat and cruise control.

All Nissan Maxima (A33) & Laquo; unfars & raquo; Very good, no exception and basic versions of the model.

The quality of plastic in the salon is high & ndash; Even on old cars inside nothing creaks. Seats in moderation elastic and remind home sofas. But in versions with a leather trim, the lateral cushion and back cover is sometimes crackling.

From behind, three small passengers will be comfortable. People of another complex will not be quite comfortable, since the rear sofa pillow is very rounded & ndash; Cropped around the edges, and if you sit close to the doors, then the legs of the passengers sitting on the sides will be without a fallen support.

Hergonomics of a driver’s seat is good. Remarks are only for visibility, which is a bit of a little, Laquo; eats & raquo; Left Front Stand, and when moving back, limit high & laquo; feed & raquo; And big rear headrests.

All versions are equipped with FINE VISION instrument shield, which even during the day & laquo; enlivens & raquo; Illumination, but only when the ignition is turned on.

In & laquo; base & raquo; It is used multi-power with the remote control buttons for an audio system, onboard computer and cruise control (if any).

Over time, the door hinges squeeze, the doors are thrown and closed worse. As a rule, the problem arises from a frequently used driver’s door.

What is buzzing there?

The line of power aggregates Maxima consists only of gasoline V6. Four them, and the motors of 2.5 and 3.5 l were intended for & laquo; Americans & raquo; And we did not come to us. The rest are borrowed from the predecessor Maxima (A32).

The 2.0-liter has not undergone special changes, and in 3.0 liters upgraded the fuel injection system and engine control, which increased the power to 7 liters. from.

In general, the engines of European and Asian versions have proven themselves from the good side, but over time, there are still malfunctions. In old machines, an old-sample air flow meter (symptom & ndash; increased fuel consumption) comes into disrepair. When installing a new node, the problem disappears.

Sometimes the engine control unit was burned due to the failure of the idle regulator, which increases the load on the ECU. At the old cars come into disrepair costly (1 pcs. & Ndash; about 3.5 thousand UAH.) Hydroat fasteners with electronic control engine operating in 2 modes: hard & ndash; with a trogger from the place and braking, as well as comfortable & ndash; With ordinary ride. The breakdown occurs due to the lubrication of the valve and is accompanied by a constant buzz of the actuator trying to change the position of the valve.

You can not change the pillow to save money, and turn off the power supply from them. flow meter

If there are more than 100 thousand km on the odometer of the car, you should prepare for expensive maintenance of the timing. Between 100 and 200 thousand km, the GRM metal chain is drawn out, which is accompanied by an increased noise of work. Repair costs expensive: first, you need to remove the motor, and in the second & ndash; change not only chain, but also asterisks, tensioner, sedative and & laquo; shoe & raquo; (work & ndash; about 2 thousand UAH, spare parts & ndash; 7.5 thousand UAH).

In the ignition system, candles with platinum tips are applied

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