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Nissan Patfainder 1994 – the owner’s feedback.

Taki came to write deployed review about Nissan Terrano 1. The first tens of thousands of kilometers of Russian directions have already been completed, during which we looked at each other with him, after which Tirka is baptized by a new name – brother. And the brother must be helped in everything; So I climbed (the dentist gambling), in the Rye hodovka sent by caries. Mom you are mine! Well, he did not like him so much! Urgently ordered and inserted new steel teeth bolts and the silent blocks are sealed into its broken slot of the levers.

They were also cleaned and squeezed by therapeutic balm bleeding guilty of gas tank. And what did you think – the wild cat’s walk has changed – the posture became beautiful, and the gait of an elastic. The muscles game of his suspension is now both delivering a b-aa-a-a-and-smoom.

A little later, soaring the wrench, the abdomen of cats – I asked him: And what kind of friend, did it go, whether it was time to replace the brake cogs. Tyrque really liked this idea, and we quickly replaced claws on all four of its paws. Since then, Kotyar has become an equal partner in non-hard games with other road predators.

From the traffic light, trustly, he begins energetic running around, if necessary, it is easily changing the rhythm and running line, while always ready to stop quickly and gently. new steel

And the financial side of the case is:

Front suspension Code Details Manufacturer Quantity Price Name Details 54507 – 54506-B9500 _____ Nissan __________4 pcs _207 __ rub. (Silent Upper lever unit) 54536D – 54508-B9500 ____ Nissan __________4 pcs _100_RUB. (Washer Silent Upper Lever Blocks) Nissan __________4 pcs. X_277 __ rub (Silent block on the “stretching” of the bottom lever) 54479 – 54479-50W00 _____ Nissan __________2 pcs. X_104 __ rub. (Internal sleeves Sat on “stretching” of the lower lever) 54560 -54560-01G00 ______ Nissan __________2 pcs __515 __-2 Front Lower Lever) 54419 -54419-VK80A ______ Nissan __________2 pcs. x_323 ___ rub. (Front Lower Lever Bolt) 54617 -56112-V0100 ______ Nissan __________8 pcs. x__33 ___ rub. (Rubber racks) 54613 -54613-88G00 ______ Nissan __________2 pcs) 54634 -54507-B9500 ______ Nissan __________4 pcs ____82_ub. (Inner puck Silent block of the upper arm) 56110k -56110-46g25 _____ Nissan _________4 pcs Shock absorbers) 54622 – 56113-60U05 ______ Nissan _________8 pcs. x_33 __ rub. (SPU rack puck) 54618 d – 54630-02e00 ____ Nissan __________1 pcsh__89 __ rub (remote sleeve on the stabilizer rack) 54472 – 54477-T6000 ______ Nissan __________4 pcs x_77_rup (puck plug compression)

Rear suspension 55045 – 55045-41G00 _____ Nissan __________ 4 pcs. X_665 __ rub (Silent block long longitudinal traction) 55046 – 55046-41G00 ______ Nissan__________ 4 pcs_450 __ rub (silent block short longitudinal thrust) ?? – 56243m – 54613-41 G00 _ NISSAN___________ 2 pcs x_148_rub (rubber sleeve SPU) ?? – 56243 – 54613-41 G00 __ Nissan ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ __________ 4 pcs _148_rub (rubber sleeve SPU) 55020m – RA5707_________ Kayaba __________2 pcs _1379 __ rubles (spring) 55135 – 55135-1100 -_____ Nissan ____________1 pcs _246_rup. (Right Silent Block transverse traction) 557

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