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Nissan Rogue.

Nissan rogue.

Nissan Rogue SL 4WD 2008. Came from USA with 38,000 miles. I was a little late with the purchase, there was a turmoil associated with the increase in duties, so I think it was not cheap. Together with delivery, no duties, 19,500 “American presidents” came to the circle.

In Minsk, and in Russia, there are not many such cars, in any case, I met a couple of cars on the roads, no more. So what kind of car it is – I will explain that it is not Qashqai or X-Trail. The first one is too small and cramped, the second one simply did not go to the American and Canadian markets and the “Nissanists” simply stopped selling it there. The design of Nissan Rogue is a cross between Murano and Qashqai. In terms of dimensions and characteristics, Rogue rivals are Outlander XL, CR-V, an extended version of the RAV-4, Forester and even Mazda CX7.

When faced with a choice, I decided to stay on a compact crossover – a universal car for all occasions. At least for a feast, at least for peace.

I’m not overjoyed at the Nissan Rogue, I believe that this is a compromise of a decent level of quality, performance, functionality and comfort at a very reasonable price. Quite a moderate consumption of 9, 5-12 l / 100 km, unless, of course, you are “quick” at traffic lights. On my car, there is no

manual variator mode, but so far I just have not had a need for it. The response to the pedal is adequate and fast, there are quite enough “horses” (170 per 1, 6 tons of weight), the brakes are super, good maneuverability, the course is moderately soft, confidently keeps a straight line.

In motion, the car works as a front-wheel drive car, if necessary, four-wheel drive is activated. There is also a possibility of forced inclusion of AWD. Gasoline 92nd.

Yes, I almost forgot – the assembly is Japanese, not American.

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