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Since about 1996, car keys have been using a transponder to protect your vehicle. These small computer chips inside the car key fob interact with the car’s immobilization system (or IMMO system) and prevent it from being used if not there.

The introduction of transponders has significantly reduced the number of car thefts. However, it can also put you in a bad situation if you lose your key or it stops working properly. The key programmer allows you to reprogram keys, program new keys and set up the IMMO system to get back on the road.

If your car key fob is lost or broken, replacing it can be troublesome and, depending on which car you drive, it can cost a lot of money. With the automatic key programmer, you can make new keys yourself, saving you time and money.

Some automotive scanners have key programming features built in. However, these models are often targeted at professionals and carry a professional price tag. Standalone key programmer obd2

As with the scan tools, you will find different levels of key and key fob programmer that have different capabilities. Let’s take a look at the various auto key programming tools and what features they offer to decide which one is best for you.

Let’s take a look at the best editor picks.

The best auto key programmers of 2021.

* The price was updated on May 7, 2021. Sometimes it differs from the actual price.

Model Rating Price * Editor’s Choice Autel MP808K $ 9.8 / 10,799 USD Best obd2 Scanner with Key Programming ICARSCANNER CK-100 USD 9.0 / 10 USD 195 Best Available Keychain Programmer Autel MaxiIM IM508 9.5 / 10 1329 Best Car Key Programming Machine for All Cars Autel MaxilM IM608 $ 9.0 / 10 $ 3299 Best Auto Lock Programming Tool XTOOL X100 PAD $ 8.0 / 10 $ 499 Best Car Key Programmer with EEPROM.

Autokey programmer buying guide.


To save money. Replacing electronic keys at a car dealership is expensive. In some cases, buying your key programmer is cheaper than the cost of replacing one key by a professional, and you will have the opportunity to make as many keys as you need. More safe. Any lost electronic keys will start your car anyway, unless you turn them off.

With the key programmer, you can be sure that only the keys you own can start your vehicle. Solution of problems. Like any electronic system, your car’s computer can sometimes show strange errors or glitches. When these malfunctions occur on the IMMO system, you cannot start your car until the problem is fixed.

The car key programmer helps you identify and solve these problems at home, getting you back on the road faster.

The best brands.

There are quite a few different brands of key programmers, many of which have their own merits. However, with most home mechanical devices, two brands rise to the top for their consistency, performance, and value: Autel and XTool.

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