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Old checked grapes Ladies finger.

Old checked grapes Ladies finger.

Despite the fact that today a huge number of new grape varieties have appeared, many summer residents still prefer to grow Ladies Finger grapes..

Such people are usually not stopped either by the difficulties in care, or by possible plant diseases. They are willing to go to great lengths in order to harvest some of the most delicious varieties of berries..

Ladies Fingers has been cultivated by winegrowers from the Mediterranean for many years. As the old description says, from there this variety got to the Crimean peninsula and soon it spread throughout Ukraine and some regions of Russia..

Ladies’ Finger got its name due to its unusual appearance (the berries of this variety are large and have an elongated shape). Its real name in scientific viticulture is Khusain Belyi. Despite the fact that caring for this variety is quite difficult and the plant can be subject to many diseases, the lady’s finger still continues to be grown, since no scientist has yet been able to bring out the best taste and higher yield of grapes.

Unfortunately, this grape variety could

not be distributed in many regions. This is due to the fact that for the ripening of the berries of this variety, a lot of heat and sun rays are required. This grape ripens for a long time.

And this means that if it is grown even in central Russia, then it simply will not have time to give a crop..

Description of fruits.

Purpose of the table variety A characteristic feature of the variety is the wax bloom on the berries Bunch weight from 400 to 500 g Berry weight 6 – 10 g Berry color yellow-green Taste ideal classic ratio.

The bunches of this plant variety almost always have different sizes, which means that it is impossible to name their exact parameters. Most often, they reach 20-50 cm in length and 15-25 cm in width.In this case, the highest yield of this variety can be obtained from countries with a moderately warm climate, however, with proper care and application of fertilizers, good results can be achieved everywhere.

On average, the weight of each bunch of a lady’s finger is 400-500 grams. The berries of this variety have an oblong shape, they are present in large quantities on the bunches, although they do not fit too tightly to each other. Each Lady’s Finger berry can reach about 2.5-4 cm in length and 1.5-2 cm in width.

Of course, today there are grape varieties whose berries have a greater weight, however, Ladies’ Finger also has good indicators – 6-10 grams. The color of these berries is yellow-green, and with a lot of heat, they can acquire a pinkish tint..

A characteristic feature of this variety is the presence of a wax bloom on the berries. At the same time, the skin of the berries is not too thick. It breaks easily during meals and has no effect on the taste of the berry..

Many summer residents grow Lady Finger also thanks to its excellent taste. So, when ripe, the amount of sugar in berries significantly exceeds the level of acidity. It is Ladies’ Finger that is the ideal flavor characteristics of grapes..

Lady’s Finger has a delicate and refined aroma that perfectly stimulates the appetite and stimulates the production of gastric juice. As a rule, seeds are found in the berries of the Lady’s Finger, although in some cases large seeds may still be present in the berries, painted in brown.

Description of the characteristics of the crop.

With good care of the plant, Lady Finger can give just a huge yield for grapes – about 40 tons per hectare.

That is why Ladies Finger has proven itself well in commercial cultivation. However, the harvest of this grape takes a long time to ripen. So it takes about 3 months for the plant to grow..

The disadvantage of the bush in this case is its unstable yield. The crop from this variety can also be harvested not soon after planting. It usually takes about 5 years for this..

Description of the disadvantages of grapes.

Unfortunately, Lady’s Finger also has some disadvantages. That is why this variety is not the most popular among winegrowers..

So, this plant variety is extremely unstable to unfavorable weather conditions. So already at a temperature of -10 degrees, the plant may already die. This means that without good insulation, Lady Finger will not be able to spend the winter even in the warm Crimea.

In addition, Ladies’ Finger is extremely sensitive to fungal diseases. This is especially evident in hot weather..

It is necessary to process grapes from fungi of various types constantly, including autumn and spring..

Nevertheless, if any signs of a disease occur, the gardener must be sure of the nature of the disease and only after that start treating the plant..

It is also worth noting that excess moisture and heat often lead to berry rotting. And although fungi reproduce poorly and therefore practically do not infect the plant in rainy seasons, rotting can still spoil a significant part of the crop..

In this case, summer residents must remove rotting berries. This is necessary so that rot does not pass to healthy berries..

Description of planting grapes.

The advantages of the Lady’s Finger include the ability to transplant it any time of the year, with the exception of winter..

However, the landing period can still be very delayed. It depends on the method by which the gardener decided to plant the plant..

So if the summer resident decided to plant cuttings of this plant variety, then the most suitable time for this is mid-spring or autumn. In order to plant grapes with seedlings or shoots, you will have to wait until the end of spring or even better – the beginning of summer.

Absolutely any time can be suitable for grafting this variety, but it is especially good to carry out this procedure in the middle of summer. So, the grafted grapes are almost instantly strengthened and by autumn they begin to grow actively. It is allowed to propagate grapes using the layering method both in the spring and in the summer and autumn seasons..

Layers in this case almost immediately begin to take root and grow well, and this, in turn, allows them to be transplanted in the shortest possible time..

When transplanting a plant, special attention should be paid to the soil. The more fertile it is, the better. If there is poor soil in the area in which the grapes will be planted, then the grapes will have to be fertilized constantly, thus enriching the land many times over..

However, if possible, then for planting Lady’s Finger, preference should be given to light soils..

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