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Opel Agila.

Opel Agila is functional, maneuverable, dynamic minivan. The car is positioned as the smallest in the model row of the German brand. Compactness, a small reversal radius, economical fuel consumption make a model ideal for the city.

The car was made from 2000 to 2015. During this time, two generations of minivans were published: A (2000-2007), B (2008-2015). Opel has developed a car in cooperation with Suzuki.


Agila dimensions are quite compact: length – 3740 mm, width – 1680 mm, height – 1590 mm. Wheel base – 2360 mm. High landing and a large area of ​​glazing guarantee the driver maximum visibility when maneuvering.

The volume of the trunk is 225 liters. This is enough for weekly procurement in a supermarket and trips to nature. With folded back chairs, the container increases to 1050 liters, which significantly expands the functional of the car.

Clearance model – 145 mm. Road clearance allows it to confidently move around the city and light rough terrain. Weight – 1050 kg.


Minivan is offered in several versions. The initial modification of Opel Aguil is equipped with an electric power steering, which makes it easier to control the machine, heated rear window. Disk (front) and drum (rear) brakes are responsible for safe and efficient braking.

The maximum comfort when moving provides an independent suspension MacPherson.

Optionally, an ESP system is installed on the machines, which will help maintain the trajectory of the car movement in the complex road atmosphere and will not allow driving, electric mirrors, central locking with Du and fog lights.



Opel engineers have provided a special fastening of the elements of the car: its feature is that in a collision of the part (for example, pedals) disconnect, which minimizes the likelihood of leg injury.


Designers of the brand made a bet on large memorable elements. Outdoor view of the model forms a large and elongated optics, and the back of the huge lanterns decorate. The radiator grille is framed in the style of Opel – minimalism, chrome finish, a small emblem.


Elegance The car gives a smooth line of the roof, a large area of ​​glazing, perfectly even hood without clear profiles and expressive sidewalls. And the strength and power add massive wheeled arches. Original presented blocks of fog lights.


The salon attracts materials, ergonomics and practicality. There are many compartments for the smallest things you need. You will see a new design solution on the dashboard – a separate “well” tachometer. The radio control buttons appeared on the steering wheel, and the PPC lever moved above.

The luggage compartment is located the hidden compartment for storing small things.

Safety. 1050


Minivans of generation B are offered with gasoline and diesel motors of 1, 1.2 and 1.3 liters. Power – up to 86 hp You can choose a car with a classic manual transmission on a 5-steps or a box of machine to 4 bands. Fuel consumption is no more than 5.9 liters per 100 km of way.

Drive – on the front wheels.

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