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Overview of DVRs in the rear-view mirror (models, comparative characteristics)

Overview of DVRs in the rear-view mirror (models, comparative characteristics)

Car DVR is a must in the realities of modern traffic. The number of cars on the roads is becoming more and more, accordingly, the number of not only inexperienced drivers is increasing, but also traffic offenders who do not always want to follow generally accepted laws and rules on the road. And to prove your innocence, sometimes your words or eyewitnesses are not enough.

It is for this reason that more and more drivers prefer to install DVRs in their cars..

What is a mirror video recorder?

Car DVR-Mirror is a car interior rear-view mirror with a built-in wide-angle front view camera, which automatically turns on when the car ignition is turned on and records high-definition video on the memory card inserted in the recorder. Recorded video files can be viewed directly on the mirror-recorder itself, since they are all equipped with a screen from 2.5 to 9.7 inches. Additionally, depending on the model, the mirrors are equipped with external cameras that can be used to record video inside the car or as a rear view camera..

What is a mirror-video recorder for??

First of all, a mirror-video recorder with a camera will help you prove your innocence in a controversial emergency. For example, if a car suddenly jumped out in front of you and braked (the so-called “teacher” on the road). Here everything will be against you, since it was you who drove into the back of another road user.

However, if a very inconspicuous video recorder in the form of a mirror is installed in your car, then you can prove your innocence during an accident registration or in a parsing group.

Additionally, the DVR mirror can be equipped with a rear view camera, which ensures safe parking. This is especially valuable for novice drivers, and just for those who have recently purchased a new car with unusual dimensions. The image from the rear view camera will transmit not only the remaining distance to the nearest obstacle, but also any dangerous object located in the parking area.

Some models of mirrors with recorders have additional security functions on board that allow you to record video clips while parking. This way, if your car is damaged in the parking lot, you can show the authorities a video proof of what really happened and who damaged your property..

The most advanced mirror recorders are equipped not only with cameras, but also with a GPS receiver. Together with the Android operating system, this allows the rearview mirror to be used as a full-fledged navigator in the mirror. Such mirrors are capable of supporting a telematics system that will allow you to view the location of the car in real time using a smartphone or tablet computer, take photos from the DVR cameras remotely, and also talk with someone in the car through the speaker and microphone built into the mirror..

A new trend in smart mirrors is the so-called stream mirrors. These devices are characterized by a large screen that occupies almost the entire surface of the mirror surface, and are designed to operate continuously with the screen turned on. The main advantages of streaming mirrors with dvr are:

wide viewing angle of the entire situation behind the car, completely excluding the appearance of a “blind” zone; a clear image in the dark (modern cameras have a high photosensitivity and allow you to get a picture that is much more informative than the usual reflection in the rear-view mirror at night); the ability to get a complete picture of everything that is happening behind on pickups, vans and other cars, where it is impossible to use a rear-view mirror inside (this situation is also relevant when the rear of the car is fully loaded, when the load obstructs the view through the rear window).

Options for installing a rear-view mirror with a recorder.

There are only two options for installing a mirror-registrar:

1. The first option is to replace the standard rear-view mirror with a mirror with a built-in video recorder. In this case, it is necessary to remove the standard salon mirror from the plate installed on the windshield and compare the standard mirror bracket with the bracket provided by the registrar. As a rule, DVR mirrors are equipped with standard brackets with the so-called “dovetail” mount:

In this case, on the windshield of the car, you should see a counterpart in the form of a small plate of the following type:

This will mean that you do not need to buy anything additionally, you will need a standard bracket that comes with most DVRs in the mirror, installed instead of standard rear-view mirrors.

If your bracket and counterpart look different,

then you need to additionally select a mount for your car. They can be found in our catalog, where fasteners for most modern cars are presented. All AVEL brackets are named AVS01SB, and the numbers of a specific model are indicated in brackets, for example, the AVS01SB mount (# 03) for installing a mirror with a registrar on VAG cars (Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi).

2. The second option is to install a mirror with a DVR on top of the standard one, i.e. the registrar is put on as an overlay, which are often sold in car stores in the form of panoramic mirrors. This is the easiest installation for vehicles with non-standard mirror mounts..

This type of rear-view mirrors with a registrar is installed in a matter of minutes and can be connected to the car’s power supply either covertly or through a 12V car socket.

Models and types of mirrors-recorders.

Let’s start our review of mirror recorders with the most popular model AVS0587DVR today. It is an advanced dual camera streaming mirror. This video recorder in the form of a mirror is supplied in two versions: model AVS0587DVR (Original mount) for installation instead of the standard interior rear-view mirror and cover in the form of a mirror AVS0587DVR (Universal) for installation over the standard.

This rear-view mirror with a registrar is able not only to record Full HD video in 2-channel mode (recording from the front and rear cameras simultaneously, the files are placed in different folders on the microSD card), but also can work as a streaming rear-view mirror. This means that an external camera, installed as a rear view camera or on the rear window of a car, constantly in ONLINE mode transmits high definition images to a large 9.7 ”screen built into the mirror. Thus, the image in the mirror is better, clearer and brighter than the usual one that you are used to seeing in your rear-view mirror.

This is especially true in poor visibility in the evening and in bad weather conditions. In the event of an emergency, this mirror will automatically (when the G-sensor is triggered) block the files from possible overwriting. Additionally, this device has a parking mode, which, in the event of a shock sensor triggered, turns on the mirror and records a 1-minute file from both cameras, which will allow you to see the cause or culprit of damage to the car.

We have prepared a large review, which consists of two parts, to familiarize yourself with this mirror model. You can see the complete set of the device, its operation and examples of recording in various conditions from the cameras of the recorder:

And since we started with the advanced models of DVRs in the rear-view mirror, the next I would like to present the top models on the Android operating system, which not only record video simultaneously from two cameras (one of which is remote), but also have in their arsenal those necessary for modern for a motorist functions as a navigator and a telematics system, and are also able to connect to the Internet using built-in Wi-Fi or via 3G / 4G networks, if you install a SIM card in them.

We present to you rearview mirrors with 7-inch touch screens, two-channel video recorders on the Android system AVS0333DVR for installation over a regular mirror and AVS0423DVR for installation in a regular place. These devices are identical in the stuffing. The universal AVS0333DVR model is more budgetary and differs from the second model in its mobile network: it only supports 3G, while the more expensive AVS0423DVR device is capable of receiving 4G mobile networks.

Both devices have capacitive touch IPS screens that do not glare and show a bright and juicy picture, support the installation of third-party programs from Google Market.

Remote GPS antennas included in the package, if properly installed, will provide reliable reception of satellite signals for more accurate determination of the vehicle’s location when using navigation programs. If you install SIM cards in these models of mirror-recorders, and special software on smartphones, you can fully use the telematics system, which will show where the car is located, and also allow you to see what is happening in the visibility range of cameras online.

How the telematics system works and about other features of these devices can be seen on our YouTube channel:

At the end of the article, I would like to mention the most budgetary mirror-DVR with a rear-view camera, the cost of which today does not exceed 3000 rubles. This is a model with a small 4.3 “monitor AVS0450DVR, which is installed as an overlay on a regular mirror.

The maximum quality of the built-in camera is Full HD (1920×1080 pixels), the portable camera records video files with a resolution of 480p (640×480 pixels). If the external camera is installed as a rear view camera and the activation wire is connected to the “+” of the reversing light, then the image from it will be automatically displayed on the screen when reverse gear.

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