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PeterBilt 579 got a huge sleeping bag.

The icon of the American “Traking”, Peterbilt Motors is known for its conservatism. It suffices to remember that its classic model 359, which appeared in 1967, lasted on the conveyor until 1987. And I changed it by PeterBilt 379 exactly the same twenty years.

But in recent years, the firm in order to keep up with competitors, is forced to update the models much more often. Over the past ten years, Gamma has changed almost completely, and in it, along with the classical appearance, the Aerodynamic flagship 579 appeared in 2012.

And the other day they presented a new integral sleeping compartment of increased volume by the name Ultraloft. Until now, such sleeping bags have been produced and offered specialized companies for tractors. According to the director of Peterbilt Motors, specifically, this sleeping bag was developed and tested in close cooperation with customers.

The new sleeping bag has the largest bedrooms in the industry: the sizes of the lower bed – 215×106 cm, and the top – 208×91 cm. The sleeping bag also provides additional amenities like the “largest” microwave oven and a place to accommodate a 32-inch television.

In addition, the new Ultraloft due to the specially “product” appearance provides for a two-percent improvement in aerodynamics, which should increase the efficiency of the machine. microwave oven

Now the Ultraloft sleeping bag is already available for order, and the production of tractors with it should start in summer.

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