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Review of Nissan Nissan Altima 2002-2006 (2003)

Good day. I am writing my first review, so do not judge strictly.

Acquired Nissan Altima in January 2010. Before that, there was the Subaru Forester 2.0Turbo. In general, I’m tired of small problems and Frester’s immoderate appetite.

It was decided to buy a car a year fresher, so as not to bother with constant repairs. Initially, I still wanted to buy a Camry 30, but at this point there was no decent option for my money. In general, I succeeded as always: I followed one car and bought a completely different one.

I was bribed by the extraordinary appearance, comfort, and of course the price.

The very first trip brought a lot of positive emotions! Sufficiently soft suspension, hides all minor irregularities. By the way, immediately after the purchase, I changed the boot on the front shock absorber, the tie rods with the tips (the backlash was felt in the diagnostics, but not critical).

There is nothing to say about the suspension arrangement, nothing outstanding was found there. The only drawback of Altima is its “weak” front drive. A month later, the front shock absorber knocked.

No matter how hard I tried, but I could not find a duplicate in our city, the original is worth it.

$ 180 apiece. As it turned out, spare parts for the rear running gear are in short supply. As the sellers of original spare parts explain: “It doesn’t break – we don’t carry it!”

On the body: there is a feeling (did not check) that the metal on the body is strong enough, in contrast to the Forester, on which you can leave a dent with your elbow. I got a very nice color – pearls. It shimmers beautifully in the sun, no dust is visible, which is also a very big plus, my car is much less common. Altima has, in my opinion, a very interesting design, especially recognizable taillights.

By the way about all kinds of lanterns. The main light is just great! Despite the fact that the headlights are not “lenticular”, the upper border of the light beam is very flat, which gives the maximum illumination area, while not dazzling oncoming people. When you turn on the distant one, it generally becomes like daylight.

In my version, foglights were installed in deep niches in the lower part of the bumper. I was very afraid that I would split tumanki with stones in the very first month, but God had mercy, and for a whole year I have left on it and everything is in order. But not without a fly in the ointment. the headlights are plastic, so they get cloudy pretty quickly, I thought only I had such a problem, I asked around the altimovodov – almost everyone suffers from this problem. When buying, strained one point: the mirrors do not fold automatically or manually. They are made in a monolith with a mount, that is, if you hook on something solid with a mirror, then it will not fold, but will fly into pieces.

Fortunately, ebay mirrors are sold in large quantities, you can also order folding ones. By the way, the ebay has a lot of interesting things about this car, these are non-standard radiator grilles and lenticular headlights and

a bunch of pleasant things, at quite reasonable prices.

After lifting the car onto the lift, it was found that the bottom was slowly covered with corrosion, and the year 2003, and already rusts, is common. I recommend treating with anticorrosive immediately. tie rod

The cabin is very comfortable. There is a lot of space both in front and behind, I am 186 cm tall and I can easily fit in the back seat with the front seat shifted back. Unfortunately, only the driver’s seat is “electronic”, the passenger was left deprived and forced to pull the levers.

There is no heated seats, but it is not needed, the interior is velor, and if there is an alarm with the car factory in winter, you always come and sit in a warm car.

Soundproofing on top! You close the windows and plunge into complete silence! There is no noise of winter tires on the asphalt, no engine noise (I even tried to “start” the already started car twice, after which I installed Push-Start, which does not allow such freaks).

After a month of operation, a rattle appeared in the driver’s door to the beat of the bass of the tape recorder. Well, that’s it, I think the speaker broke! I take off the door trim and precipitate. The entire inner part of the door (where the glass goes and the window lifter is installed) is closed with a metal partition screwed on with bolts.

Now I understand how such noise insulation of doors and high sound quality of the speaker in the door is achieved!

The stock Clarion audio system deserves a separate topic of conversation. Camry is resting, even Prado 120 nervously smokes on the sidelines. The sound quality amazes with the fullness of the frequency range, the purity and loudness of the sound. The thought of buying a subwoofer disappeared after the first turn on of the radio. The very tight and rich bass vibrates the “fifth point” of the seat.

A pair of tweeters in front gives a pleasant shade to the sound without blockage in any range, which is often the case for standard acoustics. The only negative is the CD radio (although there is with mp3) after several hours of wielding with a soldering iron and an mp3 from a flash drive appeared in my car!

The car is very ergonomic, the steering column is adjustable in two axes: up and down and towards itself – away from you. Convenient multifunction steering wheel. Beautiful instrument panel with adjustable amber illumination. But I don’t understand what they were thinking about when they placed the emergency gang button, in order to reach it – you need to deviate to the right, which is unsafe while driving.

The plastic of the panels leaves much to be desired: not only is it tough, it is also painted on top. The insert around the automatic transmission lever turned out to be very delicate; scratches quickly began to appear on it. Six months later, the plastic on the bad road, of which we have many kilometers, began to creak.

A bunch of nice little things, such as illuminated mirrors in the visors, two lampshades, etc.

Very pleased with the trunk! At first, when you look at the car, it seems that it is tiny, but when you open it. You can freely place a person there, and if you try, then two! And in a dismembered form. :))) If you put the rear seats down, a bicycle with a 22nd frame will fit freely.


Engine: I was very surprised when I saw an inline-four under the hood, not a V-6. Then he wanted to pogazovat, pulling the gas pedal cable, but did not find it. It turns out that the gas pedal is electronic!

Over the year, no problems have arisen, it works stably, it starts up in frost without problems. It works roughly compared to Toyota, but this is due to the timing chain drive, which is also a big plus in reliability. The engine is very dynamic and flexible, 174hp. Another pleasant discovery was the consumption: with a volume of 2.5 liters, the consumption in the city was 11 liters of 92nd gasoline.

I did not check how much he eats on the highway, but they say that it fits into 7 liters!

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