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Reviews of materials.

Reviews of materials.

Reviews and descriptions of various materials for creativity – markers, paper, paints and everything else.

Great view of pastel pencils.

By ★ Letta August 25, 2015, 09:33 PM.

The pencils did not appear immediately. At first, I drew with crayons on large formats, with large spots and did not need clarification, the problem surfaced when I wanted to add not only colors, but also subtle details to my drawings. This is where pencils are essential.

Not everyone uses them, for example Tatkina says that she hardly draws with pencils, while others, on the contrary, work only with them. I will talk about the brands of pencils that I use myself and briefly about their advantages and disadvantages. The main criteria that are important to me are the quality of the lead itself and the wood of the pencil, the color palette and softness.

I do not presume to give prices, I will only say that the pencils are arranged in order of increasing cost. So I am using:

Gioconda by Koh-i-noor set 24 colors.

My very first pencils. I bought it without going into details and still use it. Not a very successful color palette, few natural, natural shades (it seems this is the problem of the entire pastel line of this manufacturer). But a good range of cold light shades. Good quality wood – pencils are easy to sharpen, pieces do not fall off the wood layer.

Rather medium in softness, closer to soft. Packaged in a convenient iron box, so they rarely fall and break. This manufacturer also produces separately the most consumable colors such as black, sepia and white – I always buy them separately..

And here is my set – the pencils that I bought in addition lie at the bottom. Despite the fact that the colors seem unreal, they are exactly what they are..

Derwent Pastel pencils in single colors and a set of 24 colors.

At first I bought individual pencils – I especially want to draw attention to the dark tones in this line. They are great. It is difficult to find dark colors in pastels, both in crayons and pencils, but this manufacturer covers this problem well for me.

Regarding the quality of the pencils themselves: I am confused by this burgundy coloring of each pencil and a tiny piece of color – sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable shade, especially when the pencils are standing, so you have to lay out and store somewhere, which increases the risk that the pencil will fall and break … Rather average in softness. The wood of the pencil itself depends, in my opinion, on the quality of the batch and full randomness. I came across pencils from which a piece of wood was chipped off, and on some pencils the quality of wood is such that I want to sharpen and sharpen.

I would also like to say about the excellent package bundle – for me the shades are ideal. Palette from the Internet:

My set with purchased flowers.

Pitt pastel by Faber Castell selected colors.

When I realized that I still lacked individual shades, I bought myself several Pitt pencils and the first feeling was oh my God, how hard they are! The pencils are really harsh, but they sharpen perfectly and it is convenient to work out the edges and very fine details with them. I am pleased with the color palette of this manufacturer – you can find something complex and picturesque. Here’s a rough palette I found on the internet:

Pastel pencils by Conte a Paris selected colors.

The brand is extremely difficult to find in Russia, I got pencils by a fluke. If I had the opportunity to buy a set, I would have bought it without hesitation. They are perfect in everything.

Firstly, the pencil itself is thicker than the rest of the marks and the lead in it is also thicker. Secondly, they are soft and this is just a masterpiece. Soft enough to work out the details and not crumble at the same time. Thirdly, all pencils are painted entirely in their color and the painting almost flawlessly matches the color of the lead – it is very convenient to quickly select them from a pack.

I read that they do not

have a very wide color palette, but for the quality of the colors – they are complex and beautiful – I can forgive that. Probably someday you will have to order them as a set, and if you see somewhere – take it without thinking. Palette from the Internet:

Everything that I managed to buy, I regret that it is so little.

Separately, I draw your attention to the box – just a find from under Swiss chocolate. And tasty and healthy. Here it is in close-up.

I also want to say about crayons from Faber Castell – maybe they saw them in the store. They are great. Not too hard, not too soft, great colors.

You can hatch with a chalk plane, if you slightly erase the varnish layer with which they are covered. In general, super crayons, from the “recommend” series, finish off the missing shades for me. This is how they look – they were whole, but the cat broke into pieces. It has even become a little more convenient.

Colors 149 and 168.

And all the riches in a bunch, I use an old box from under watercolor pencils.

Of those brands that I would like to try, but have not yet got my hands on: Caran D’Ache, Bruynzeel, Cretacolor, Van Gogh and Stabilo. Something like that)

UPD: Added small color pencils, which were discussed in the post. The procedure is the same as in the photo of pencils. The difference between the naturalness of Derwent flowers and the madness of Gioconda is clearly visible, and the colors from Conte are clearly visible.

I did not show the works drawn with pencils, because usually I do not draw with one thing and I use both crayons and pencils, often everything that I showed.

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